Fortnite Season 12: All the news and news

Fortnite Season 12: All the news and news

Since Fortnite season 12 is fast approaching, it's time to dive into the various news and news about it. In the end, we know quite a few things about this new season at the moment. Between release date and new physical system, the only indications left by Epic Games are mysterious. So what can we expect this season 12 on Fortnite?

Fortnite new season launch date

With the teaser appearing on Monday, February 17, 2020, confirmation regarding the launch date for Season 12 also presented itself. We now know that this new season will be launched on Thursday, February 20, with its share of novelties and changes. At the moment the time is still unknown, but in all likelihood the update should be launched as early as 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. Maintenance, meanwhile, should end 1h30 to 2h later, allowing us to discover season 12.

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All the info on season 12

Little information is circulating about season 12. However, we can look at one of the first confirmed new features: the Chaos Unreal Engine. In the few news and novelties officially presented by Epic Games on Fortnite season 12, this new physics engine was the big announcement. With the latter, all destruction effects become more realistic, without creating any graphical problems.

For the rest of the novelties, it seems that this new season is turned around a secret agency, and that gold is omnipresent. Unfortunately, we don't yet know what this means, but new technologies could appear. However, we can expect to see the return of detailed patch notes, which were lacking in season 11. Similarly, new weapons will be added to the list of those already present.

Season 12 Battle Pass and Challenges

For once, the Battle Pass will of course be back with this new season. Its price should also remain the same, namely 950 V-Bucks. Again, skins, cosmetics, emotes and many other gifts await you with the latter. But who says Battle Pass, also says weekly challenges!

Weekly Challenges are expected to stay, but their format may change. After having done many tests since season 8, a new format for the challenges could see the light of day. Unfortunately, we won't learn more until the season is officially released.

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