Fortnite: Kratos joins the hunt for season 5

Fortnite: Kratos joins the hunt for season 5

As Fortnite season 15 has just been released, new teasers are being heard. Offered by the PlayStation account, a 30-second transmission prepares for the arrival of a unique cosmetic. Godslayer Kratos arrives to continue his hunt in Fortnite with Season 5 Chapter 2.

Incoming audio transmission from @FortniteGame 🔊

- PlayStation (@PlayStation) December 2, 2020

Clues and theories

If the name of Kratos is not explained in this transmission, the term of killer of gods leaves little room for imagination. It had to be a flagship license from Sony, but also stick to the hunting theme introduced in the new season of Fortnite. Kratos is therefore the ideal character, taking advantage of his legendary status as a beastly tracker and warrior. It is also an opportunity to highlight the character, who should be at the center of a new God of War in the year 2021.

It's also possible that it's not that character, but that's hard to believe. Whether it's because of the contract between Sony and Epic Games for this cosmetic, or simply because the dataminers seem to have found the presentation sheet. We can thus expect to see the skin arrive shortly in game.

Kratos will be a skin soon! (Reposted for a better image)

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) December 2, 2020

How to get Kratos in Fortnite

At the moment it is not indicated how Kratos should be introduced in Fortnite. The simplest solution would be to offer the cosmetic directly in the store, with a special pack including pickaxe, glider, cosmetic and why not trail and pet. However, it can also be a temporary or permanent exclusivity for Sony's console, which also has an exclusivity for God of War.

Fortnite: Kratos joins the hunt for season 5
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