Fortnite: Destroy "No Dancing" signs, Boogie Down season 10 challenge

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One of the Boogie Down challenges asks you to destroy 3 "No Dancing" signs. So you will have to find them in order to get there. We were able to identify 8 present on the island, all scattered around the map, making the task a little more difficult to achieve than expected. To help you, we have nevertheless prepared a map indicating the location of the signs that we were able to find.

Where can I find the "No dancing" signs?

Destroy "No Dancing" signs

Map made with

No Prestige version for this challenge, but a path can easily be cleared to try to do it in a single match. While the best solution may seem to start at Junk, descend towards the mountain, and end at Loot Lake, the mass of players wishing to do their challenge will make this task complicated. You will therefore have to be cunning, and favor little visited corners. So the best route to choose is to start at Loot Lake, before taking the rift in the center, and glide to the south of Frosty Flights. Few people will go there, so this will be your chance to try to complete the challenge quickly.

As a reminder, it's easier to complete this challenge in Team Rumble, then with respawning, you won't have to worry about dying.

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