Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 Turnaround, all the info

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 Turnaround, all the info

A brand new adventure begins for Epic Games' Battle Royale. With its Chapter 3, Fortnite benefits from many new features, but above all from a new engine. For the first season, the Turnaround, Spider-Man is in the spotlight, as well as his web-weaving abilities. But a whole new way to play also arrives with the addition of slides to make the clashes more dynamic.

A brand new game engine

Introduced in May 2020, Unreal Engine 5 has finally arrived for Epic Games' Battle Royale. Chapter 3 of Fortnite is therefore an opportunity to discover the full potential of this new game engine and its particularities. Capricious weather, fluidity or even improved interactions with the environment are the work of this system. But the possibilities are still many, and future seasons of the Battle Royale should allow us to discover them as we go.

Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 1: Turnaround

A new island to visit

Since a new island is available for players, the places to visit are also reviewed to provide diversity. Most of the map is currently covered in snow, but it should melt as the season progresses. But in these places also hide new weapons with which to take the advantage in combat. If you need a break, new activities are possible.

  • New localities
    • greasy grove
    • Logjam Lumberyard
    • The sanctuary
    • Daily bugle
    • Circuit Chonkers
    • Condo Canyon
    • Butter Barn
  • New weapons
    • Stalker Assault Rifle
      • Powerful at medium range
    • Mark 7 Assault Rifle
      • Powerful at medium and long range
    • Assaulter's Specialized Shotgun
      • Powerful at close range
    • Automatic shotgun
      • Powerful at close range
      • Low damage
      • High rate of fire
    • Fist gun
      • Powerful at close and medium range
    • Stinger Submachine Gun
      • Powerful at close and medium range
      • Effective against buildings
    • Single Shot Hunter Rifle
      • Powerful at long range
  • New activity
    • Camping –
      • Requires a tent found on the island
      • Deploying the tent to enter it allows you to heal yourself
      • Possibility to store up to three objects
        • Dropped items can be picked up in the following parts

More mobility for more possibilities

Mobility is greatly improved with Fortnite Chapter 3. It is now possible to perform slides, obtain Spider-Man web shooters or simply hit the road. There are many possibilities, and each has its advantages.

  • slide
    • Possibility to build and shoot at the same time
    • Activates by holding the crouch command while sprinting
    • Works on all terrains
  • Spider-Man web shooter
    • Ability to swing from building to building
    • Available from December 11
  • Jet Quads
    • Quads are back to provide greater mobility on the map

A capricious weather

Great novelty of this first season, a weather can come to strike each part. In addition to the Storm already representing some threat, Tornadoes may interfere with the players by sucking them up before throwing them away. But the lightning could also fall on someone, without giving them the chance to become Flash.

Combat Pass

As always, a new Battle Pass is available at the start of the season. The latter honors Spider-Man, but also includes many other surprises. There are new characters like Shanta, Lieutenant John Lama and Native. But at the end of the season, it's none other than the leader of the Seven, the foundation, which can be retrieved.

  • Battle Pass Skins
    • Shanta, the Lotus Walker
    • Ronin, the Wanderer
    • Lieutenant John Lama
    • Gumbo
    • Harlowe, the optimistic outlaw
    • Native, born to defend the island
    • The Foundation, leader of the Seven
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