Fortnite: Annual Battle Pass 2020, dates and info

Fortnite: Annual Battle Pass 2020, dates and info

With Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games came up with the idea of ​​creating a new style of Battle Pass: the Annual Battle Pass. Unfortunately, despite the launch of the second season and the many news about it, this Annual Pass has not yet seen the light of day. But in the end, what is the Annual Battle Pass, and when will it come into play?

Fortnite: Annual Battle Pass 2020, dates and info

What is the Annual Battle Pass?

You already know the Fortnite Battle Pass. At the center of each season, it unlocks exclusive skins, bonuses and especially weekly challenges. With the annual Battle Pass, Epic Games' goal is to allow players to have Battle Passes for all upcoming seasons in the year. But this is not the only advantage, since 25 levels of each season are offered to you, in addition to exclusive cosmetics.

At the price of 7 V-Bucks, this annual Battle Pass on Fortnite allows players to invest only once a year in the game. As you will have understood, this initiative from Epic Games offers regular players a much more profitable Battle Pass. Unfortunately, we will probably have to wait until 800 to see it happen.

  • Annual Battle Pass Bonuses:
    • 3 exclusive cosmetics;
    • All Passes of the year are offered;
    • 25 Tiers for all Passes.
  • Cost of the Annual Pass:
    • 7 800 V-Bucks (55 €).

Annual Pass release date

Scheduled for Chapter 2 Season 2 (Season 12), the 2020 Annual Battle Pass has been canceled in Fortnite. Without more information from Epic Games, there is therefore little chance that season 13 will see it happen. We can, however, expect that the year 2021 will allow us to discover this novelty. We must then wait until January or February of next year to find out for sure. Epic Games should also communicate on this by November or December 2020 to present this project.

For the moment, the year 2020 seems quite empty on Fortnite with the absence of the Annual Pass or the Fortnite World Cup. But we are only at the beginning of the year, and Epic Games may well have many surprises in store for us.

Fortnite: Annual Battle Pass 2020, dates and info
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