Fortnite: All about cars and their release date

Fortnite: All about cars and their release date

Update August 4, 2020: Cars finally have a release date assigned to them in Fortnite. After the August 4 update, Epic Games officially announced their arrival for the following day, Wednesday August 5, 2020. Rev your engines, the asphalt will heat up on the island of survivors.

Own the Road.

Experience the #FortniteJoyRide Update on 8.5.2020

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 4, 2020

For several weeks now, cars have been the main novelty expected in Fortnite. Unfortunately, their release date has been pushed back, forcing us to wait a little longer before discovering these machines. Of course, this did not prevent dataminers from discovering the first information about the vehicles. Thanks to them, we know a little more about the cars, and their possible arrival in the game.

A collision? Don't panic with No Sweat. Out of gas ? Figure it out.

Our lawyers are looking into the details of our car insurance, the cars have had to be recalled for the moment.

We should pass the technical control in a few weeks, thank you #NoSweat!

— Official Fortnite 🇫🇷 (@FortniteFR) July 23, 2020

Technical sheet and specificities

If we are to believe what the dataminers have found, a total of 4 different vehicles will come into play. Thus, we should find small cars, medium cars and large cars, determining their life points and tank size . In addition to this comes the trucks, whose statistics are not yet known. But the size of the car is not the only difference to consider. There are also several types of vehicles, such as the articulated truck, the taxi car or sports cars. This is of course only a cosmetic, and does not affect the capabilities of the vehicle.

Cars run on gasoline, and the tanks are not infinite. Gas stations and jerry cans are therefore scattered all over the map to prevent breakdowns. This of course does not prevent your opponents from firing into a sensitive area of ​​the vehicle, and spilling gasoline. If this happens, then the vehicle takes damage every second.

A dataminer has recreated the design and gameplay of Fortnite cars on Unreal Engine 4.

When will cars be available in Fortnite?

Originally scheduled for the July 26, 2020 update, the cars were eventually shifted. After the August 4 update, the date finally fell. If you can't take advantage of the cars yet, they will still be available from August 5th.

  • Car release date: August 5, 2020
Fortnite: All about cars and their release date
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