FIFA 4 patch #23, outside foot shot nerf and passing changes

FIFA 4 patch #23, outside foot shot nerf and passing changes

EA is about to release a new update, Title Update Patch 4, which should significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of the very popular outdoor foot shot on FUT. In addition to this important change given the Meta, EA should also improve a few points on passing, goalkeeper animations and player responsiveness on dribbling and ball touch. We therefore hope that this Patch (as well as the previous one that nerfed the constant pressing) will really improve the gameplay and the gaming experience in FIFA 23 FUT mode.

Footnotes : this Patch #4 should be deployed Tuesday afternoon on PC and potentially a little later on consoles.

Nerf shooting outside the foot!

This is the most important point of this Title Update #4 since shots using the outside of the foot had become extremely popular due to their effectiveness. So the patch should reduce the accuracy of shots using the outside of the foot by 30%. On the other hand, players with the “outside of the foot” trait will only suffer a 10% reduction.

In our opinion, this nerf is deserved but we would have preferred a change in defense before seeing a nerf to the outside of the foot, which is one of the only ways to beat a player who puts 10 defenders in the box. Besides, there's nothing to say that this nerf will have an impact on passing with the outside of the foot, an element that we find ridiculous when you see a silver goalkeeper succeeding outside of the foot to Cancelo on 40 meters.

Upcoming changes to FIFA 23 goalkeepers

The second big part of this Title Update #4 concerns the guardians and more precisely their animations. Thus, EA says it has found a solution to fix weird goalkeeper animations, especially when your goalkeeper jumps to stop a ball but his animation (and his arms) seem to stop at the last moment.

Additionally, a fix has been developed to improve the automatic placement and replacement of guardians after being manually selected. This will have an impact on corners but certainly also on lobs.

Improved passes

A priori, this patch should improve the logic of selection of the target and the precision of the passes. So be careful because here, EA only specifies that only assisted through passes will be affected by this change.

However, knowing the updates on FUT, it is possible that several elements of the passing game will be affected or that they will be in the near future.

Some changes to ball touch and responsiveness

EA announces that it has made some changes to the responsiveness and calmness of players in certain situations. We will mainly note the tackles which tend to send the ball flying into the feet of another player of your opponent. This point seems to have been improved to easily a little more manual defensive work.

Some bugs a priori fixed on FIFA 23

EA has listed some major and minor bug fixes. Without specific indication, this hotfix will affect all players on all platforms and versions of the game.

  • Problems with Camera and Controller settings that reset to default regularly or even at each match
  • Crashes related to certain matches in Moments Mode
  • Problems for the launch of FIFA 23 on PC
  • A solution to the problem of a controller that scrolls menus without movement on the part of the players

Concretely, this Patch #4 of FIFA 23 should have a rather major impact on the Meta, especially if the nerve of the outside of the foot is as important as it seems. You can find all the news and our FIFA 23 guides on

FIFA 4 patch #23, outside foot shot nerf and passing changes
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FIFA 4 patch #23, outside foot shot nerf and passing changes
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