FIFA 23, crossplay and the World Cup in the spotlight

FIFA 23, crossplay and the World Cup in the spotlight

While we still do not know the future of the FIFA franchise, the future opus FIFA 22 is gradually being revealed with rumors and leaks concerning crossplay between platforms and the presence of the World Cup. Note that the entire content of this article depends on leaks and rumours, including elements published by Tom Henderson (source in English), famous journalist and leakers from the world of video games.

Up to date : February 28 update.

EA's next football game will be aptly named FIFA 23

Indeed, if the partnership between EA and FIFA seems to be coming to an end, the contract still covers an additional year. Thus, FIFA 23 should be the last football game from EA to bear this name. For those afraid to pass on a game having lost the licenses, know that the names of the players and clubs do not depend on FIFA but on national organizations.

Just as PES has official licenses with clubs and player associations (including MLS), EA has signed partnerships with the major football leagues. Therefore, even without the name FIFA on the box, the game will have all the players from previous editions. Only a few exceptions could arise but potentially, the end of the contract with FIFA could even help EA to obtain more partnerships.

For example, EA secured a deal with Serie A on FIFA 22, which explains the presence of DCE Player of the Month for the Italian league. We could therefore see more such agreements land, with leagues like the Liga NOS (Portugal) or the EFL Championship (England).

Crossplay between PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms

The main information obtained by Tom Henderson (source in English), concerns the presence of a crossplay system on FIFA 23. This means that players will be able to compete online, regardless of their medium. Be careful, however, because no information has been confirmed by EA. In addition, there is no indication that this feature is present on all game modes as well as on the FUT card market.

The generalized next-gen on PC?

On the other hand, this news should also confirm the arrival of the next-gen on PC. The platform had been a little snubbed this year by EA. The presence of crossplay would therefore indicate that players on Origin and Steam will be able to take advantage of Hypermotion Technology from FIFA 23.

The World Cup in the spotlight

With a World Cup postponed to Winter 2022, EA will be able to take advantage of the competition in the middle of the FUT season. FIFA 23 will therefore feature the World Cup in Qatar while the tournament will also be present for Men and Women in the game.

FIFA 23 release date

The FIFA 23 release date won't be officially announced until the second half of the summer. We can nevertheless speculate on a release date on Friday, September 30. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 23.

So much for our summary of new rumors regarding the presence of the World Cup and crossplay on FIFA 23. While waiting for the release of the new football game from EA, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on w88s .VIP.

FIFA 23, crossplay and the World Cup in the spotlight
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