FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players

Check out our detailed opinion on the special player cards from DCE on the FUT mode of FIFA 23. The idea is to give you details about the card and thus, help you make a decision to do or not to do a challenge. team creation around a player. Here we will list as many special cards as possible, with as complete an opinion as possible. Obviously, only current DCEs will be present. If a player is missing, usually this indicates that the map is clearly too weak to feature (or that we are still working on a review), feel free to ask us questions in the comments if there is a map missing that you would like complete.

Update : Updated from Saturday May 13 at 12 noon.

Important : do not hesitate to comment following this guide if you have specific questions or need an opinion regarding your training or your style of play. As usual, we will take the time to answer you in order to help you in your team choices and evolutions.

FIFA 23 Active DCE Player Card Reviews

Here we give you our opinion and our feedback on player cards from active DCEs in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Note that you must always take into account that a DCE leads to a loss of cards and therefore , credits indirectly. Whatever the price of fodders, the calculation should not be "I spent 0 credits so the card is free" but rather, to have invested credits on one DCE rather than another.

Marco Reus ALL Moments

An extremely complete player, able to play in MC which rises, MOC, AG (and AD) and BU thanks to a 4-5 in stars and complete stats. In the end, we preferred him in MOC on the left with Finisher and in BU with Eye of the Lynx. A very good finish in the area and great finesse shots (even if a lot of bars) in both cases. An ideal secondary BU role in duo with a stronger player to take advantage of his passing game and the possibility of stretching the defense by shooting from afar. A unique in-game physics that makes him a bit stiff without a Finisher, but still relatively agile given his strength level.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Our detailed review of Marco Reus TOTS Moments.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes. A very complete card that will shine in almost any hand. Playable at multiple positions, Reus is clearly a solid option and is priced right.

Our solution for the DCE Marco Reus TOTS Moments.

Rafael Leao POTM Serie A

Leao is quite an odd player on FUT due to being quite tall for pretty decent agility. Thus, we are in the presence of a relatively irregular card on the fluidity in play, a big weak point especially if you mainly play with the left stick. Fast and powerful, he will be effective in front of goal, especially with a style like Finisher, in a role of BU or AG who transplants towards the center. However, we still feel a lack of stats at this stage of the game when comparing Leao POTM with some TOTS under 150k.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Rafael Leao's POTM card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Only for Serie A Objectives. Honestly, the map is outdated but still fun to use. We are therefore not in the presence of a super-sub but rather a good option for TOTS Serie A objectives.

Our solution for the DCE Rafael Leao POTM Serie A.

Erling Haaland POTM Premier League

Haaland is Haaland on FIFA, a big, very beefy physique with great speed and quite an aggressive AI. In game, you have to like Lengthy cards otherwise the player is quite useless as his agility is limited in small spaces. An excellent game at the head but above all a very good finish in the area. The 4 stars of weak foot allow use at this stage of the game although the OTW (3-3 in stars) is still credible. On the other hand, a relatively mediocre passing game, especially since it is not recommended to use Engine in style.

Do you have to do this DCE: Meh. If this POTM makes it possible to use a version of Haaland more Meta than its OTW and cheaper than the TOTS/TOTY, it is less effective than a Kane TOTS yet half the price.

Our solution for the DCE Erling Haaland POTM Premier league.

Allan Saint-Maximin ALL Moments

A rather unique card due to a beefy physique on a short stature, making him sometimes very nimble and sometimes a tad stiff. A very aggressive offensive AI that pushes him to make deep calls and sometimes shifts him a little on the wing (when used in BU). Pretty good on ranged shots despite sometimes a bit random finishing, whatever the style. A player capable of playing on the wing as well as in a central position, ASM is probably a better BU (in a two goalscorer setup) than MOC due to his aggressive AI.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Our analysis of the ASM TOTS Moments card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes, but. A very good card, but not necessarily in all hands, requires a rather particular game pattern to really take advantage of the aggressiveness of its AI.

Our solution for the DCE Allan Saint-Maximin TOTS Moments.

Luis Figo World Cup

A rather unique player, with a long physique that reduces his fluidity, even with the Engine or Finisher style. A good passing game with quite effective offensive AI due to high/low output. On paper, this AI would make him a better player on the wings but his stats are pushing for MOC use. A fluidity limited by his size and which also plays on his touchdowns which are sometimes irregular. A good finish on shots with Finisher, Lynx Eye or even Hunter but quite limited with Engine.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
The Icône World Cup card by Luis Figo.

Do you have to do this DCE: No. Without being a bad card, Luis Figo World Cup is quite special due to his in-game physique and dribbling stats (agility/balance). The concern being that the price of DCE is twice as high to justify such a card at this stage of the game.

Our solution for the DCE Luis Figo World Cup.

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback is a very classic DC on FUT. Indeed, the Italian player is tall and powerful enough to allow him to win a duel via his physique. But he is also very good on his placement thanks to a very good defensive AI. If we don't have the same presence as a Maldini or a VVD, Bonucci is very effective in all defensive arrangements. Also, his in-game agility is better than the stats would suggest. Note a good head game on corners although we are not on a Ramos.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
La carte Flashback by Leonardo Bonucci.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes. Very usable given the wave of Meta cards bringing Juventus / Italy links: Rabiot, Pogba, Chiesa, Barella or even Marchisio and Gattuso. A good DC card with a fair price since you will have to change it given the number of options during the TOTS.

Our solution for the DCE Leonardo Bonucci Flashback.

Claudio Marchisio Titans Trophy

Claudio Marchisio Trophy Titans is an excellent box-to-box, ubiquitous on the field due to his high/high yield. Very complete, he is able to defend as well as attack although he is more of a relay MC. Indeed, his success on shots is irregular but his striking power allows him to surprise his opponents from a distance. Defensively, it's a good complement to a bigger and more powerful Vieira-style MDC. However at this stage of the game, we would have liked a little more stats or identity to a card which is a slight upgrade compared to the World Cup version available since November.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Our analysis of the Marchisio map.

Do you have to do this DCE: No. Unless you really need Serie A/Italy links, Marchisio is a notch too expensive for what he brings to the game. Barella RTTF is a four times cheaper alternative while the World Cup version of Marchisio was 40% less expensive on the day of the release of the DCE.

Our solution for the DCE Claudio Marchisio Trophy Titans.

Christopher Nkunku FUT Birthday

Christopher Nkunku FUT Birthday is quite a unique card on FUT as it plays much better than its stats suggest. It must be said that the French player is very flexible despite an average physique in play. In addition, his shots are much better than the stats announced (with an offensive style like Hunter or Eye of the Lynx). Finally on the defensive level, Nkunku is again relatively effective despite stats under 70. Therefore, it is difficult to choose the position and style on the RB Leipzig player who is concretely capable of playing all BU positions at MC box-to-box.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Christopher Nkunku's FUT Birthday card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes, but only if you can afford it. Like Kanté FUT Birthday, Nkunku FB is very expensive for a card that will be exceeded or equaled by a lot of TOTS cards.

Our solution for the DCE Christopher Nkunku FUT Birthday.

Roy Keane Icones Trophy Titans

The prototype of the MDC on FIFA this year, Roy Keane is clearly a Meta card without being ultra Meta. On next-gen, the Shadow style gives him Lengthy, which helps with his speed and movement. His defensive AI is excellent which allows him to be generally well spent. Aggressiveness and base strength wins a lot of duels, making the map effective for those who manually play their defenders but also those who are afk in defense. On the other hand, the lack of agility is sometimes felt (on the reminders in particular), especially if we compare to a Kanté for example.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Roy Keane's Titans Trophy Icon card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes, but. Keane is excellent in MDC, better than a Gattuso FUT Birthday for example. However, it is below a Kanté because less versatile (lack of fluidity in particular). Also, his ties are very limited, which means he will limit your hybrid team's potential.

Our solution for the DCE Roy Keane Trophy Titans.

Raphaël Guerreiro POTM Bundesliga

An extremely complete card, playable rather in MC which goes up, in box-to-box even in MG in a formation style 3-5-2. Great acceleration and explosiveness due to his stats in speed, dribbling but also his physicality in play. Very good shots in finesse from a distance even without an offensive style. His passing game is also excellent while his dribbling is very fluid. We also appreciate his defensive AI, which allows him to occupy a relatively defensive role even if he is better in a rather offensive role. Really ideal in a setup with 3 MCs (a real MDC, a Box-to-box and Guerreiro going up) with the possibility of playing a little more on the wing. His main weakness lies in his 3 weak foot stars more than in his strength, since this is quite compensated by his defensive AI and his explosiveness.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Raphaël Guerreiro's March POTM card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes if you play with Bundesliga players, typically in addition to a Belligham TOTY or Hummels/Meunier. Not expensive for what it brings into play, a specific hair in its use despite everything.

Our solution for the DCE Raphaël Guerreiro POTM Bundesliga.

N'Golo Kante FUT Birthday

Kanté remains that unique card type in FIFA, where the stats don't tell half the story. Thus, the world champion is very fast and agile in play, thanks in particular to his stats but above all, to his physique in play. Although small, his presence is incredible, thanks in particular to a great aggressiveness and a top-level defensive AI. We are therefore on an MDC which intercepts more than it repels the opponent. Therefore, if you are looking for a card for a solo MDC in a three MC system (2 MC and 1 MDC) or an MDC in addition to a Vieira or a Touré, Kanté is the man for the job. Note that his level of passing is quite sufficient in his role as MDC, he is not there to restart the game on the front.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
N'Golo Kanté's FUT Birthday card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes, but only if you can afford it. We are talking about formations at 4-5 million to justify an MDC at 1.7 million. Otherwise, it makes more sense to aim for a Cruyff MID or cards like the TOTY Icons (Alonso, Hernandez).

Our solution for the DCE N'Golo Kanté FUT Birthday.

Rivaldo Icone FUT Birthday

A card more oriented BU/MOC than AG due to a yield that is not well suited to a position on the wings. Effective in shots, especially in finesse from a distance, Rivaldo is particularly good in the area. On the other hand, his size and his physique make him a card that is not very agile and fluid at times. This is quite compensated with the Engine style but it's a bit of a shame given the formatting of its stats. The Brazilian was more effective for us in MOC just behind two BUs or in BUs with a player capable of relaying in front (a fairly agile BU and good passer) like Di Natale or Mbappé.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Our opinion on Rivaldo.

Do you have to do this DCE: No. We find Rivaldo expensive and not very fluid for its price. When a Jairzinho Mid completed for 1.1M three months ago, justifying 1.4M for Rivaldo is difficult for our taste.

Our solution for the DCE Rivaldo Icone FUT Birthday.

Johan Cruyff Icône Mid

A great Ultra Meta card, Johan Cruyff boasts excellent in-game physicality as well as a 5-5 star rating. Above all a BU, the Dutch player is also playable in MOC thanks to good passing stats. If the Hunter style seems suitable, we prefer Lynx's Eye or even Finisher/Engine to make up for the two main weaknesses of this card: the lack of firepower and balance. In the end, Eye of the lynx makes it possible to transform Cruyff into a monster on ranged shots, including on finesse shots despite the absence of the trait. It must be said that the legendary Ajax striker has special shooting animations, which allows him to score in all positions. On the other hand, the lack of balance might not please everyone, his dribbling being sometimes a little rigid.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
Johan Cruyff's Icon Mid card.

Do you have to do this DCE: Yes, but take your time. Since it's available until May, use your doubloons to gradually complete it. Unless you have very good BU (1M+), Cruyff will be an important upgrade for your team.

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So much for our opinions on the special player cards from DCE in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
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FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
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FIFA 23 card reviews, DCE FUT players
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