FIFA 22, TOTW 29 predictions for Team of the Week

FIFA 22, TOTW 29 predictions for Team of the Week

New week and new predictions for the FIFA 29 TOTW 22 Team of the Week. As usual, EA will offer new IF cards based on the results of the best players from the past week. The novelty for FIFA 22 obviously lies in the presence of a Featured card, put forward by EA, which will give a double boost to a card 80 and below. We therefore present to you our predictions for the new cards which will be available in the packs from Wednesday at 19 p.m.

The gardians

Yann Sommer, M'Gladbach, Bundesliga

Team of the Week regular Yann Sommer could get his third FIFA 22 TOTW card here.

Samir Handanovic, Inter, Serie A

Again a player often present in the special teams (TOTW and MOTM), Samir Handanovic could be the player selected in the TOTW 29 following the duel between Inter and Juventus. With a 1-0 victory for the defending champions, several options are possible but our choice falls on the excellent goalkeeper of the club.

Defender Predictions

Jonny, Wolves, Premier League

The defenders selected in the Team of the week are generally in two categories: they scored a goal or their club did not concede a goal. Here, Jonny falls into the first category following his goal recorded in the 2-1 victory against Aston Villa.

Emerson, Tottenham, Premier League

With a wide 5-1 win, Tottenham should get a special card in TOTW 29. So our prediction is Emerson, the Brazilian defender had a great game by scoring a goal. However, his teammate Doherty could be selected here since he also scored a goal.


Joao Felix, Atletico Madrid, La Liga

Although generally aligned at the forefront, we place it in the middle here because EA likes to be unpredictable with its positions. If it is not known where he will be lined up, the young Atlético player should certainly be selected given his performance against Alaves. Indeed, Joao Felix was the author of two goals in Madrid's 4-1 victory.

Pedri, FC Barcelona, ​​La Liga

After Felix, place to another young prodigy of the Spanish league with Pedri. The Spanish player scored a very good goal against Sevilla (a match highlighted by EA in the Showdown event), thus obtaining the title of player of the match. Considering the importance of this match and Pedri's popularity, he should get a card in TOTW 29.

Which Attackers in TOTW 29?

Diogo Jota, Liverpool, Premier League

The excellent Portuguese player continues his great season with Liverpool by being the man of the match against Watford. Diogo Jota scored the game's first goal before netting the penalty for the second. If its Adidas version is excellent, this TOTW could be interesting for training on a low budget.

Kylian Mbappé, PSG, Ligue 1

Unlike a Jota 86, a new version of Mbappé will not be for small budgets. Author of an exceptional performance, the French striker scored two goals and three assists in the destruction of Lorient. Although he got a POTM and a TOTW recently, we think that line of stats will be hard for EA to avoid.

FIFA 22 Featured Card of the Week

Vitaly Janelt, Brentford, Premier League

One of the big new features of FUT mode on FIFA 22 is to implement a Featured card in the Team of the Week. For the TOTW 29, our choice is Vitaly Janelt. The German player from Brentford was decisive in destroying Chelsea 4-1, which should provide the Blues with a chance to return to the top pair.

How to get TOTW cards in FIFA 22?

TOTW cards are often interesting at high level but also for DCEs as well as to achieve specific objectives in friendly match mode. Therefore, even on players whose overall rating would be quite low, it is necessary to know how to get these TOTW cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the transfer market, where you can find a player's TOTW cards in the special versions of their cards. Be careful, however, because the IF cards sell for much more than the basic version.

A second source remains the game's Gold packs, which have these special cards for one week (from Wednesday to the following Wednesday at 19 p.m.). So be careful because once this week is over, it will be impossible to drop them in packs.

Additionally, Team of the Week cards can be obtained as FUT Champion (WL) rewards based on your rank. If this year, the rewards could change since it will be possible to obtain your packs at the end of all your matches (rather than on Thursday), EA should not remove the presence of the TOTW cards.

Finally, specific TOTW Packs will be present during the DCE season, even if these are often unprofitable because they are totally random.

Investments related to TOTW predictions on FIFA 22

If the cards of the players selected in the Team of the week are often good sources of investment, it is also possible to earn credits via the TOTW. Indeed, there are several methods to speculate on the market.

So, the easiest and regular way is to bet on the normal Gold cards of the current TOTW players. These are not present in the packs during the week, limiting the quantity of cards. If a player is looking to use these cards for DCEs or for their team, the prices can spike a lot. So buy the cards in anticipation of this rise, speculating on TOTW's predictions. This technique will mostly work in the early months of the game, until around the end of December.

In addition, another method is to analyze future good TOTW cards and thus speculate on the cards related to them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, it's likely players will be looking to incorporate him into their FUT roster. Thus, they will also seek to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players or even Norwegian players in order to create the best possible links. It is therefore possible to invest in cards allowing perfect links, just before the release of the new Team of the week. This technique will come in handy with the release of special maps later in the season, until around mid-March, before which time Team of the Week starts to look less interesting on FIFA 22.

Note that these two strategies require good anticipation of the market, but also finding the right timing. Often the cards to buy go up quickly, so you need to plan ahead who to buy. Also, this bull run won't last long, so it's necessary to play for a few days and quickly sell your cards.

So much for our predictions of the new FIFA 29 TOTW 22 Team of the Week players. If as often EA will seek to muddy the waters by selecting slightly more obscure profiles, we are confident that the majority of the players listed above will be available. as a special card from the launch of FIFA 22. As a reminder, the TOTW 29 will be officially unveiled on Wednesday at 19 p.m.

FIFA 22, TOTW 29 predictions for Team of the Week
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