FIFA 22, the MOTM cards, Man of the match

FIFA 22, the MOTM cards, Man of the match

Here is the list of player cards that make up the new MOTM team, Man of the Match for the FUT mode on FIFA 22. As usual, the selection is made by EA based on the results of the matches of the past week. As a reminder, the different cards will be lootable in the Packs from Saturday 19 p.m. until next Saturday.

Update : Updated from Thursday June 2 at 19 p.m. The MOTM team 9 is available. Once again, the list corresponds to our leaks.

List of MOTM cards, Man of the Match

FIFA 22, the MOTM cards, Man of the match
The team 9 of MOTM

You can find the full MOTM team on Futhead.

Among the players selected to obtain new MOTM cards on FIFA 22 are players from all walks of life. Among the best cards this week we will notably distinguish Courtois among the players selected by EA. As a reminder, MOTM cards count for the boost on live cards like OTWs and Headliners.

As a reminder, the MOTM cards on FIFA 22 will be unveiled on Saturday at 19 p.m. (except exceptionally for team 7, Wednesday May 11 and team 9 on Thursday June 2).

How do I get MOTM cards?

MOTM cards are rarely interesting at high levels because they will rarely fall on Meta cards. However, it is possible to obtain interesting cards, therefore it is necessary to know how to obtain these MOTM cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the transfer market, where you can find a player's MOTM cards in special versions of their cards. Be careful, however, because the IF cards sell for much more than the basic version.

A second source remains the Game Gold Packs, which have these special cards for a few days (from Saturday to the following Saturday at 19 p.m.). So be careful because once this period has elapsed, it will be impossible to drop them in packs.

Finally, MOTM specific packs could be present during the season in DCE, although the latter are often unprofitable because totally random.

Here's our up-to-date MOTM, Man of the Match team list for FIFA 22. You can find all the news, DCE solutions and advice on the FIFA portal at

FIFA 22, the MOTM cards, Man of the match
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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