FIFA 22, summary of what's new in FUT mode

FIFA 22, summary of what's new in FUT mode

After a fairly quick trailer, EA unveiled in detail (source in English) the main new features of the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode for FIFA 22. Discover here our summary of all the changes and new features planned for the main FIFA mode.

FIFA 22 FUT Mode Trailer

After a somewhat disappointing reveal trailer (both in terms of the announcements and the fact that the content will be reserved for next-gen consoles), EA is starting to reveal more and more information about the new FIFA 22. Here, we find the Ultimate Team mode, usually at the heart of the game's various opuses.

How often, the video trailer seems short and a little empty, but don't worry because more information has been published in a Pitch Note that we have summarized for you below.

Summary of new features for FUT mode

Find here all the new features unveiled in the video as well as the Pitch Note published by EA. Note that some elements could still change before the release of FIFA 22.

New for Rivals

The Rivals division is getting a makeover with a progression system that will be reminiscent of games like League of Legends. So, your progress will be made through victories and not points. You will need to win to progress from level to level.

In case of winning streaks, your progress will be accelerated. Conversely, fixed bearings will avoid a descent into hell in the event of a slump.

The new rewards system will be based on wins and not total matches played.

There will no longer be a need to play 30 games a week, but theThe rewards will be unlocked on a level of victories during the week. Thus, you will need to win a number of matches determined in advance to obtain the first rewards, but it will be possible to unlock more rewards if you continue to play. Note that the rewards will be evaluated according to your division.

At the launch of FIFA 22, all players will be placed in Division 10. The best players will be able to enjoy an Elite League with a public ranking.

Additionally, the system of Rivals will now be in season, following the seasons of FUT (about 6 weeks), which allows you to unlock additional rewards according to your progress and your results. Players will experience a slight ranking reset at the end of each season, but no more than one split per refresh.

Several changes to Fut Champions

The model of Fut Champions changes with a qualifying model over several matches before becoming a points-based competition during the weekend.

Qualifying for Fut Champ will continue via a point-earning system in Rivals, similar to previous years. Once enough points have been accumulated, you can participate in the playoff system.

The Playoffs will be limited in number of matches, which means that to play in Fut Champions, you will need to win the majority of your games. In case of failure, you will again qualify for the Play-offs, allowing you to try your luck again. On the other hand, the number of attempts will be limited over the duration of the season (about six weeks).

The final phase of Fut Champions will again be played during the weekend, from Friday to Monday morning, as on FIFA 21. It will again be possible to register whenever you want, depending on your availability, once your victory in Play-offs obtained.

The rewards will be obtainable as soon as all of your matches have been completed. and not on Thursday morning. If you don't play all of your Fut Champions matches, your rewards will be available on Monday morning when the competition ends.

Friendly co-op game mode

A brand new game mode has been created on FIFA 22, allowing players to play in a less competitive but two-player mode. The idea is to be able to find a teammate automatically or via your friends list and play games against other tandems.

Note that the teams will be created by FIFA, avoiding situations where the two players would like to play with their own FUT formation. This will allow players to try out new maps and tactics.

Fut Heroes

New cards of former players, allowing to link players of the same league with a strong bond. These emblematic players from the various championships will be available as soon as FIFA 22 is released.

You can find the official list of Fut Heroes cards on the EA website.

Stadium customization

New to FIFA 21, My Stadium will include many more customization options. For example, there are more crowd options with banners, flags and VIP areas in your FUT stadium.

More customization in your FUT stadium.

We will also find all the options already present in FIFA 21, with again, more choice via new cards, from the launch of FIFA 22. In addition, special objects will be linked to the different seasons with a common theme, allowing to standardize your FUT stadium customization.

FIFA 22 release date

So FIFA 22 release date has been officially announced, so the football game will be released on October 1st. An early release date will be offered as early as September 27. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 22.

Here we reveal the main new features of the FIFA 22 FUT mode, presented in a trailer as well as an official Pitch Note. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 21 guides on

FIFA 22, summary of what's new in FUT mode
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FIFA 22, summary of what's new in FUT mode
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