FIFA 22, summary of the presentation of the gameplay on July 20

FIFA 22, summary of the presentation of the gameplay on July 20

Check out our recap of the FIFA 22 gameplay preview from July 20 at 19 p.m. EA has therefore unveiled the first official images of the gameplay of the game with in particular the importance of the implementation of hypermotion technology.

FIFA 22 gameplay video summary

After a somewhat disappointing reveal trailer (both in terms of the announcements and the fact that the content will be reserved for next-gen consoles), EA should therefore have unveiled videos of the gameplay of FIFA 22. However, the 30-minute presentation did not directly show gameplay videos of the game but only the tools allowing it to evolve…

More realistic movements

Hypermotion technology, the technology used by EA for FIFA 22, uses motion capture as well as machine learning technology to create more real movements by directly using movements recorded in match.

AI Changes

The AI ​​is often the most problematic point of FIFA. From then on, EA announces that it has made many modifications, in particular using the power of next-gen consoles which makes it possible to add many more strategic options for each player. In addition, the defensive aspect should also evolve, something that EA seems to be struggling to improve year after year.

News on ball movements

EA used new technologies to record ball movements during a match, in order to achieve better ball movements. Thus, the speed as well as the changes in direction of the ball should be closer to reality.

Real differences with FIFA 21?

If EA seems to have invested a lot with new technologies, the real question is whether the game will really be different from FIFA 21 in terms of gameplay. So it is difficult to decide without having had the game in hand. However, the majority of announcements resemble what we are used to hearing before each release of FIFA.

Only the arrival of hypermotion technology really changes the usual announcements but it is impossible to say if it is really a revolution as announced. Therefore, everything lies on this point: is hypermotion technology a real revolution and if so, in a good way? Potentially, the gestures could be more realistic but with an even more frustrating AI and still unbalanced movements (you remember bridges and directional nutmeg from FIFA 21 right?) or this new technology could change everything... So we will wait for get your hands on the Beta to get an idea.

What's new for FIFA 22?

The novelties of FIFA 22 (unveiled during the trailer but also leaked):

  • Hypermotion, which reproduces player movements as faithfully as possible but only on PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia
  • Better control of aerial battles for the ball
  • Changes to AI scripts, defense and attack
  • Modifications on the control of the ball before shooting (foot of call and control when approaching the shot)
  • Smoother ball control
  • New icon cards
  • Club heroes cards, an intermediary compared to icon cards

We should therefore discover more information about FIFA 22 during the EA Play conference on July 22.

FIFA 22 release date

So FIFA 22 release date has been officially announced, so the football game will be released on October 1st. An early release date will be offered as early as September 27. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 22.

That's it for our complete summary of the first FIFA 22 gameplay video. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 21 guides on

FIFA 22, summary of the presentation of the gameplay on July 20
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FIFA 22, summary of the presentation of the gameplay on July 20
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