FIFA 22, schedule and date of events and Promo FUT

FIFA 22, schedule and date of events and Promo FUT

Discover here our calendar and our forecasts concerning the events and promo (and the date of the latter) for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Thus, you will be able to find here the complete calendar of the events to come on FUT, with a predictions aspect in order to to be able to prepare for the market. Note that the majority of the content of this guide is taken from leaks and predictions, changes and surprises may occur.

Update : Updated from Friday July 15 at 19 p.m. After the TOTS team of the season and the Metamorphosed, the next big event will therefore be FUTTIES from Friday July 15 at 19 p.m.

What are events and promos for FIFA 22?

Promo Events are specific times in FUT where EA offers special cards around a particular theme. For example, during the holiday season, the studio offers an event taking up the Christmas theme with daily DCEs, special cards and many objectives.

The idea is to constantly offer content but above all to inject new cards into the market, in order to develop the teams of FIFA Ultimate Team players.

Calendar and date of FUT events and promos on FIFA 22

Here we will list all the past and present events but also try to predict the next events and their date. The idea is to be able to create a complete calendar in order to anticipate the content to come on the FUT mode of FIFA 22.

Important : the events noted with the mention (prognosis) in the title relate to promos which could be completely modified on FIFA 22. The other events are classics which should not be completely altered.

OTW Ones to Watch

The first event of the season on FUT, OTW celebrates the summer transfer window. Ones to Watch cards are particularly sought after due to the possibility of seeing them evolve via selection in the Team of the Week.

  • Reserve : from Friday October 1 to Wednesday October 13 at 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : Cards of players exchanged during the Mercato, which can evolve during the year according to their performance
  • List of cards : the list of OTW cards

RTTK, Road to the Knockouts, les compétitions UEFA

Tease since Wednesday October 13, the event linked to European competitions is back. The idea is to offer several lists of special cards that can evolve according to the results of the teams within the different competitions. Note that last year, a Team 3 was offered in mid-December after the end of the first round of the Champions League and the Europa League.

  • Reserve : between October 15 and October 29
  • Special Cards : Cards of player members of teams present in European competitions, which can evolve according to the results within the competition
  • List of cards : the list of RTTK cards

Rulebreakers, Halloween sur FIFA 22

Formerly called Halloween Ultimate Scream, the event based on the Halloween period had been renamed Rulebreakers on FIFA 21. Therefore, it is not known exactly what name this event will bear. Last year's special cards had some pretty special stats, including a lot of physics.

  • Reserve : from Friday October 29 to Friday November 12 at 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : cards with a boost in physics and reversed notes
  • List of cards : the list of Rulebreakers cards.

Adidas Numbersup

A new event on FIFA 22, Adidas Numbersup appeared for a single week on FIFA 22. The concept is to list players under contract with the Adidas brand, wearing specific crampons. Depending on these studs, special cards will see a stat scale up to 99. Boosts will take place in December and April.

  • Reserve : from Friday 12 November to Friday 19 November 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : cards with a boost depending on their stud, up to 99 in April
  • List of cards : the list of Adidas Numbersup cards

Black Friday, Club Signatures

Usually, Black Friday is a kind of mini-event during the season on FIFA, placed right during the week of Black Friday (third week of November). EA offers very limited-time DCEs and a best-of of cards in packs for a few days. Also, it looks like an event called Club Signatures has been datamined.

  • Reserve : from Friday 26 November to Wednesday 1 December at 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : Yes, named Club Signatures in addition to a TOTW best-of
  • List of cards : the list of Club Signatures cards

TOTGS, Group Stage Team

Generally present over a week, the TOTGS (Team of the group stage) event, Team of the group stage offers special cards that are quite interesting but not scalable. A unique list of players who have performed well during the group stage of the Champions League and the Europa League.

  • Reserve : from Friday December 3 to Friday December 10 at 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : Special cards of players participating in European competitions, without possible evolution
  • List of cards : the list of TOTGS cards

FUT Versus, Fire vs Ice on FUT

The Christmas holiday period is particularly busy in DCE with one challenge per day during all the festivities. However, it was one of the worst events of the season on FIFA 21, with very expensive and rarely interesting player DCEs. But the Versus leaks look pretty amazing with two special versions for each card in the event, both in packs and for objectives and dce.

  • Reserve : from Friday 10 December to Friday 17 December
  • Special Cards : Special cards with two Fire and Ice versions, with position changes or star boosts
  • List of cards: the list of FUT Versus cards.

Winter Wildcards, the return of FUTMAS?

While we thought that Versus would be the replacement for FUTMAS and FUT Freeze, it is finally Winter Wildcards which should replace these two events. This promo will have many players' DCEs with some classics from the period, including Aouar, the player from Lyon.

  • Reserve : from Friday 17 to Friday 31 December at 19 p.m.
  • Special Cards : Special cards with position changes and star boosts (technical gestures and weak foot).
  • List of cardss: the list of Winter Wildcards

Headliners, Stars, a regular fixture on FUT

Following a FIFA 22 code leak, it looks like the Headliners event is back for another year on FUT. This promo highlights players who have performed well in real life since the start of the season. It thus offers special cards that can evolve with each TOTW (like the OTW) but also if the team wins 4 matches in a row.

  • Reserve : from December 31 to January 14
  • Special Cards : cards that can evolve with each TOTW and if the team wins 4 games in a row in the league.
  • List of cards : the list of Featured cards

Team of the Year, TOTY

EA celebrates the eleven type of the year 2021 via a vote and a promo spread over approximately two weeks. Note that on FIFA 21, TOTY was a disappointing event with very expensive DCEs and little content overall.

  • Reserve : between January 21 and 28, 2022
  • Special Cards : An exceptional eleven with cards generally close to 99 overall
  • List of cards : the list of TOTY cards

TOTY Honorable Mentions

This event, which follows the TOTY, celebrates the players who had a good year 2021 but did not win the votes for the team of the year. Thus, we will find very good Meta players as well as more popular but less strong players in the game.

  • Reserve : between January 28 and February 4, 2022
  • Special Cards : One team with very good players
  • List of cards : the list of TOTY MH cards

Future Stars, young people in the spotlight

One of the best events in special cards last year, Future Stars honors the stars of tomorrow through a promo offering cards for players under 23 years old. In recent years, these cards are among the best in terms of promo.

  • Reserve : between February 4 and February 18
  • Special Cards : Cards on promising young players, usually a great event in cards (at least on FIFA 20 and FIFA 21)
  • List of cards : the list of Future Stars cards

Road to the Finals RTTF

While this year we were treated to RTTK (linked to the group stage) and TOTGS (to celebrate the best players in the group stage), it seemed logical to have RTTF (Road to the final). Our prediction was therefore correct, although the release timing of the event was rather odd (between two weeks of matches). RTTF maps evolve as players' teams progress, culminating with a final boost upon winning the finals.

  • Reserve : between February 18 and February 25.
  • Special Cards : Cards of players evolving in a club qualified for the final stages of European competitions, with a boost with each progression.
  • List of cards : the list of RTTF cards

Stars Argent

An unpredictable novelty, the Silver Stars event came at a bit of an odd timing. The concept of this promo is to offer a large number of special Silver cards for the different objectives and Silver game modes. Although the cards are incredible for this level, the timing (end of February) has somewhat limited the interest of this event…

  • Reserve : between February 25 and March 4.
  • Special Cards : Silver cards for stars and young players
  • List of cards : the list of Silver Stars cards

FUT Birthday, FUT Birthday

The FUT Anniversary is an annual event celebrating the debut of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. This event brings a DCE of one player per day, usually a card that has been used a lot in previous FIFA games, as well as two lists of special cards with a boost in skill moves.

  • Reserve : between March 4 and March 18
  • Special Cards : Yes, with cards having 5 stars of skill gestures and/or weak foot
  • List of cards : the list of FUT Birthday cards

Fantasy FUT, an event that replaces What IF

New to FIFA 21, the What IF event brought a new batch of upgradable cards based on team results. However, this event is replaced this year by Fantasy FUT. The concept is the same with cards that can evolve according to three criteria: a victory, three starts and a goal or a match without conceding a goal in the next five matches.

  • Reserve : between March 18 and April 1
  • Special Cards : Cards that can evolve three times depending on the results of their team
  • List of cards : the list of Fantasy FUT cards

Fut Captains, FUT Heroes

The FUT Hero card system is new to FIFA 22. Very popular at the start of the FUT season, these cards begin to be luxury fodders, allowing cards to be linked at the lowest price. Thus, this Fut Captains event falls at the right time since it will offer, for two weeks, boosted versions of the current cards. Your cards will not be improved, so you will have to reloot or buy Ginola...

  • Reserve : from Friday 8 April to Friday 22 April
  • Special Cards : Several teams, taking over the Fut Heroes cards with a boost and special cards
  • List of cards : the list of Fut Captains cards

TOTS, Team of the Season

This is the Hype event for the second part of the season! Each week, the TOTS event features a special team celebrating the best players of the season in each league. So every week, FUT turns to a new league, offering a new list of special cards, player DCEs, and FUT Champions rewards tied to that league.

  • Reserve : from April 29, over a period of two months
  • Special Cards : Yes, for each league, one major league per week
  • List of cards : the list of TOTS cards

The Shapeshifters, Shapeshifters

Generally an event that appears much earlier on the FUT mode, the Shapeshifters will therefore be available after the TOTS. The event highlights cards whose position has been changed from reality.

  • Reserve : from June 17, over a period of four weeks
  • Special Cards : Yes, with a change of position
  • List of cards : the list of Metamorphosed cards


Futties is usually an event that serves as a recap of the FUT season. Thus, we will find a best-of of the best special cards of the year but above all, DCEs and objectives on the most popular cards of the season.

  • Reserve : from Friday July 15, potentially for a month
  • Special Cards : Only in DCE and objectives, otherwise a best-of special cards of the season
  • List of cards : All info about the FUTTIES event.

Player Days, Player Days (Prediction)

Probably one of the least anticipated events of the year on FUT, Player Days has been present since FIFA 20. Usually offering a best-of of special cards (this was the case last year), it is an event of transition with TOTS.

  • Reserve : end of April
  • Special Cards : No, a best-of special cards from FIFA 21 last year

Festival of Football (Prognostic)

Festival of Futball is normally linked to a major international competition. Last year, the event was based on the Euros and the Copa America but this year, the World Cup will be played at the end of the year… Therefore, EA will have to find a way to offer content during this period. Why not a best-of from previous World Cups?

  • Date: End of June
  • Special cards: Potentially Flashback cards related to old international competitions


The last event of the season on FUT is usually Pre-season. This allows you to be able to create enthusiasm for the next game, in particular by offering DCEs and objectives allowing you to give free rewards on the next game.

  • Reserve : early September 2022 before the arrival of FIFA 23
  • Special Cards : Only in DCE, otherwise a best-of special cards from FIFA 21 last year

Here are the details on the release date of the various events and promos for FIFA 22 FUT mode. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

FIFA 22, schedule and date of events and Promo FUT
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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