FIFA 22 Prime Moments Icon Cards

FIFA 22 Prime Moments Icon Cards

Like last year, FIFA 22 will feature Prime Moments Icon Cards, a fourth version of the Legend Player Cards. These cards are really special since the boosts will be much higher than compared to the Mid and Prime versions. Thus, some players with low Meta in Prime could become Meta in Moments. As a reminder, Moments cards will be lootable in the game's classic packs as well as in DCE until the end of the FUT season.

Update : Updated from Saturday March 12 at 19 p.m. EA should have released the second part of Icon Moments cards.

Card List Prime Moments Icons

Prime Moments Icon cards will be released in two waves. Discover the first team available in the packs from Saturday March 5 at 19 p.m.

Team 2 Icônes Moments

Transcendent talents.

The remaining ICON Moments in #FIFA22 are now available in #FUT.


Team 1 Icônes Moments

The very best from the very best.

The first ICON Moments of #FIFA22 are now available in #FUT.


Big updates on the Moments cards?

That's what the leaks all seem to be saying: Prime Moments Icon cards should get a big boost over last year. So, while on FIFA 21 the Moments were generally Prime + versions (the same stat gap between Mid and Prime), this year we should see some nice changes on the majority of the cards.

Leak par HamzFUT.

For example, Zidane's Moments card gets a +15 agility boost compared to its Prime version. Such an evolution is really incredible in view of the Icon cards since generally, these have a lot of stats (even on the low Meta versions). A specific boost like here could make a lot of players much more interesting in-game.

Besides significant boosts in stats, it also seems that star improvements are to be expected. So, the main rumor is about Puskas and Maradona, who are set to earn a weak footed star in Moments version.

Prime Moments Icon Cards Release Date

Prime Moments Icon cards will officially drop in packs on Saturday, March 5 at 19 p.m. Previously anticipated on Sunday February 27, the release therefore seems to have been postponed by EA in order to make it coincide with the release of FUT Birthday.

How do I get Icon cards?

Icon cards are often interesting at a high level because they allow easy links within Hybrid formation on FUT. In addition, many icons are Meta or even Ultra Meta (among the top 5-10 cards at their position), so it is necessary to know how to get these icon cards on FIFA 22.

The first source is obviously the transfer market, where you can find a player's different Icon cards. Be careful, however, because the Moments versions are generally in a specific category. But you can directly find the different cards of an Icon player by searching for his name, without specifying a rarity.

A second source remains the Game Gold Packs, which have these special cards for the entire period of the FIFA 22 FUT season. Be careful, however, because the Base and Mid versions are leaving the packs.

Finally, Specific packs Icons will be present during the season in DCE, although the latter are often not very profitable because they are totally random. In addition, Icon exchanges allow you to obtain packs but also Icon players offered by EA. Finally, EA will regularly offer DCEs for specific players (about 2 every 10 days).

That's it for all the information about the Prime Moments Icon cards in the FUT mode of FIFA 22. You can find all the news, solutions to DCEs and our advice on the FIFA portal of

FIFA 22 Prime Moments Icon Cards
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