FIFA 22, OTW Pre-Order Bonus Changed to Pack and not Player's Choice

FIFA 22, OTW Pre-Order Bonus Changed to Pack and not Player's Choice

The most informed players are probably pissed since EA has just communicated on the FIFA 22 pre-order bonus, evoking that the announcement of an OTW Player Choice was in fact a mistake on their part and that ultimately, we would be entitled to an OTW package. Indeed, EA communicated this morning (source in English) that its site included an error regarding one of the pre-order bonus items. A message that goes very badly within the English-speaking community since this error, having prompted players to pre-order FIFA 22, could even turn into legal proceedings.

FIFA 22 pre-order bonus 'changed' by EA?

This announcement will have a hard time getting through since for the past few days, FUT specialists (including us) have been communicating on the importance of the Ones To Watch event this season due to an incredible summer Mercato.

However, EA seemed to have put the small dishes in the big ones since on the English official site, the studio offered in exchange for a pre-order of FIFA 22, an OTW player choice (OTW Player Pick in English). In particular, you can see the message on the official EA site referring to a Player Pick Pack screen by La Joya before its modification.

FIFA 22, OTW Pre-Order Bonus Changed to Pack and not Player's Choice
EA's original message regarding an OTW Player Pick.

For the uninitiated, what are the implications of this change? Via FIFA 22 pre-order, FUT players thought they could get an OTW Player Pick. This pack should therefore allow, from October 1, to choose an OTW card from a random pre-selection of several players (usually 3 to 5).

These cards can be worth several million on the market (even if they are not salable in this pack) and drastically change the experience of lucky players depending on the star obtained. However, if EA usually offered an OTW Player Pack (therefore a single card, no possible choice, a completely random result), the fact of evoking a Player Choice then allowed FUT users to increase their chances of obtaining a Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi OTW. Better, the very fact of being able to choose between 3 or 5 cards could have made it possible to better build his team by giving the final choice to the user.

This choice and the increased chance of getting a better card were strong arguments for a pre-order bonus, which potentially caused many players to make a choice about their FIFA 22 early purchase…

A risk of legal proceedings for EA?

So on paper, yes, promoting a reward based on a pre-order to finally change the terms several months later unilaterally, in many countries (including France), is illegal. Thus, it would not be surprising to see consumer groups seek to attack the giant EA.

However, this story should not have significant repercussions on the launch of FIFA 22. On the other hand, players could hope (without really believing it) for a gesture from the studio, which nevertheless seems to be in good faith in his mistake. If players tend to easily criticize EA and its management of FIFA (sometimes rightly so), good communication from the group on this subject could have a very positive impact when FIFA 22 launches…

In the meantime, players who have pre-ordered FIFA 22 will surely be disappointed not to get a Player's Choice but an OTW Pack when the game is released... You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

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