FIFA 22, launch of the Beta, how to play it?

FIFA 22, launch of the Beta, how to play it?

While EA should unveil the new features of FIFA 22 during its conference on July 22, the first images of the Beta of the football game have started to leak, we explain here how to play the Beta of FIFA 22. Indeed , a month before the EA Play conference which should reveal the main features of the football game, the first images of the Beta of FIFA 22 have leaked (source in English).

Update : Updated July 28. A new wave of keys should be distributed in the coming days as the FIFA 22 Closed Beta continues to roll out among pro players.

FIFA 22 Beta Footage Leaked

The first images of the FIFA 22 menu would therefore have leaked today, several relatively reliable sources having published these screenshoots of the game. We see in particular the presence of the Volta mode, present for a few years on FIFA.

Fifa 22 beta Image 😍🔥#fifa #fifa22 #beta #news #nextgen #ps5

— Arcade-Fut (@FutArcade) June 23, 2021

For the rest, nothing really new for the moment, this first phase of Beta should not reveal many new features. We will note all the new features of FIFA 22 in a future article.

How to get FIFA 22 Beta?

Currently, Beta codes are sent out to fairly well-known pro gamers and community members (including streamers). However, the different waves of Beta should follow one another with, at the end, an Open beta at the end of August or even the beginning of September.

To be eligible to participate, be sure to check the box that says "Yes, notify me of EA products, news, events, and promotions via email" in your Origin/EA account options. You can also add FIFA games to your list of favorite games in your EA/Origin account options (see image below).

Increase your chances by selecting FIFA games from your favorite games.

In addition, pre-ordering the game usually allows access to the Beta shortly before the open access phase.

A release date for FIFA 22?

We now know the official release date of FIFA 22 since the football game will be available on October 1, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Note, however, that for EA Play Pro users as well as for players who have pre-ordered FIFA 22, the game will be available from September 27.

We are therefore awaiting more information concerning new waves of keys in order to be able to play the Beta of the next FIFA 22.

FIFA 22, launch of the Beta, how to play it?
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FIFA 22, launch of the Beta, how to play it?
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