FIFA 22, knowing how to evaluate a good card, a good Meta player on FUT

FIFA 22, knowing how to evaluate a good card, a good Meta player on FUT

If FIFA 22 FUT mode has several thousand cards and players, knowing how to rate a card and find a good Meta player is not easy, here is our guide to learn right now. Note that here we will discover how to evaluate and analyze a card, allowing you both to find a player more easily to improve your team, but also to know how to evaluate the price of the card. The idea will also be to be able to allow you to analyze the interest of future special cards and thus to know which DCE to achieve.

What is Meta in FUT?

The word “meta” or the phrase “he's not a meta player on FUT” is often heard on streams and other FIFA chat rooms. For the uninitiated, the Meta shows which players are the most efficient way to play at a high level. Thus, a Meta card is a card with characteristics allowing it to be a good player for users seeking to play FIFA competitively.

Therefore, a Meta player is mainly evaluated on his attributes as well as on his nationality/championship. However, an excellent card from a Swiss player playing in China will not be very usable...

For example, a Meta card for an attacker must be able to perform the majority of the best and most effective technical moves, to score in many different situations and also be able to win his duels in defense.

How to rate a card on FIFA 22

When you see a card, the first visible elements are:

  • The quality of the card
  • its rarity
  • The nationality of the player
  • His championship
  • In position
  • Take global notes
  • The main attributes

For the moment, the majority of these elements there have more interest to evaluate the price of a card than to know if it is a good player. The few interesting points are therefore the position and the main attributes.

Our advice here is therefore to pay attention to the values ​​put forward at first glance. While a 94 player is certain to be a good or excellent card, the overall rating doesn't mean much.

Indeed, an attacking midfielder with 86 overall rating but 66 speed and 75 shooting, will be a less Meta card and certainly less strong for the majority of players, than a card in the same position, but with 82 speed and 83 in shooting.

So of course, everything will depend on your style of play and your desires. However, if you want to play competitively, in Rivals or even at a high level in Team Battles, good stats will make the difference.

So the details to analyze are:

  • If card values ​​are Meta (see below)
  • The number of stars for technical gestures and bad foot
  • Potentially the player's physique (height/weight build)
  • Player performance (attack/defense)
  • The characteristics (traits) of the player

How to identify a good card at the start of FIFA 22?

After seeing the first elements, let's go into the details. Evaluating a card therefore consists of looking precisely at the details of the card in order to check whether the values ​​correspond to the Meta but also to your style of play. Note that the position of a player can change, a very important element when he is is to evaluate a map.

The evaluation of a card changes according to the position of the card but also, your style of play. On this second point, it is difficult to help you concretely. Everything will therefore depend on the players you are used to using and your way of playing. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to compare your current cards, to see what are the strengths of your best players in order to reproduce this pattern on your new cards.

Stats to look for in a player:

For several years, Speed ​​(Pace in English) has been in all the somewhat basic analyzes of a card. Regardless of a player's position, low speed will make FUT fans skittish. Is this a good criterion? In the majority of cases, speed (the overall rating, not just the map detail) does have an impact on the player's playability.

Pay attention to the details of the stats. In the speed part, acceleration is very often the main stat, especially in defense, rather than speed. Endurance is important compared to aggressiveness, the penalty level is not necessarily essential if you already have a shooter dedicated to this position.

The performance of a player:

This element has an impact in the activity rather controlled by the player's AI. Thus, a high defensive performance will push the player to be more present in defense and therefore more effective.

It will generally be recommended for a BU to have a High/Low performance (attack/defense) against a High/High performance for a CM, or even a rising MDC.

The stars in technical gestures and weak feet:

This is a point very often forgotten or not known by beginner players. To perform some specific skill moves, you will need 4 or even 5 stars in skill moves. Thus, for an experienced player, it is extremely important to have offensive players with at least 4 stars of skill moves.

The weak foot is an important stat at all positions but for different reasons and measures. For example, an attacker must have at least 3 stars at the start of FUT and quickly 4 or even 5 in FP. Conversely, the weak foot is much less important for a central defender but 3 or 4 stars could greatly vary the value of a DC compared to 2 stars.

Characteristics (traits):

This element is more to be considered as a bonus, a way to decide between two very similar cards. Here, you should know that all traits presented with a message in parentheses (only AI) have no impact when playing on FUT. On the other hand, certain characteristics such as Finesse shot, Flair or Outside of the foot will offer a real plus to a player.

From then on, Finesse Shooting will be a characteristic to look for in a CAM or a BU but only to decide between two Meta cards.

Our example here: Lucas Moura on FIFA 21

We could have taken many other examples, but Lucas Moura is a good case to analyze on FIFA 21 last year.

The example of the map of Lucas Moura on FIFA 21.

The first things to note:

  • Excellent speed, with more acceleration than speed
  • In terms of shooting, balanced stats, easily boostable with an element like gunner
  • A strong point in dribbling, with a lot of agility and balance, two important stats in attack
  • In physics, stats not necessarily ideal with a low level of strength (hence a necessary boost via gunner) but 75 endurance (a minimum for a player on the wings)
  • Beyond the rating statistics, it is important to list:
  • 4-4 in stars, allowing it to be used in all attacking positions
  • A High/Medium yield, again effective for a CAM/MD/BU
  • Flair in features

Finally, if the stats confirm that the player is Meta, what about his overall value?

  • Meta player confirmed by stats, ratings and characteristics
  • Brazilian and Premier League player
  • Tottenham player
  • Right midfielder

If the nationality is already very good, playing for Spurs in the Premier League adds value to the card. Indeed, the Premier League is used a lot by FUT players due to the presence of very good high level cards throughout the season.

Thus, it will be possible to easily place Moura in a Premier League formation but also within a group composed of Brazilian players.

Finally, the position of Right Midfielder is both a plus but also a point that could limit his interest. On the one hand, the advantage of the DM lies in the lack of options in this position in the Premier League on FIFA 21 (concretely, Moura was the best option before…Mohammed Salah or to use an MG in DM with a penalty in collective). On the other hand, an MD will always be less flexible than a BU or MC, since these positions can be more easily modified (from BU>AT>MOC>MC>MDC).

The exception of Icon cards

Icon cards (which should return via DCEs this year on FUT 22 like last year) have a few specific advantages which generally explain their very high value. First of all, the card can be linked with all the other leagues, thus allowing them to be integrated without any problem into your club.

In addition, these cards often have somewhat hidden attributes, since the scores for technical moves and weak foot are generally quite high. Finally, many players will tell you that at the same level of overall rating and attributes as other cards, Icons often have a "little extra" that makes them better.

Thus, if their price is often very high, the acquisition of these cards should not be neglected. Even when the attributes don't seem as interesting as for a more classic card, their versatility justifies investing a little more.

The novelty of Hero cards

New for the FIFA 22 season, FUT Hero Cards bring a bit more flexibility and card differences. Thus, the latter will give a strong link with all the cards of the same league, whatever the club or the nationality.

It would therefore not be surprising if the latter are worth much more than cards of the same level but in Rare Gold version.

Be careful though, the ratings of these cards are usually quite average. Only Ginola stands out with excellent stats, making it a very desirable card at the start of the FUT season.

So much for our guide and our advice to know how to identify a good card and a good Meta player on the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, create your starter team but also follow the news and the TOTW of the game.

FIFA 22, knowing how to evaluate a good card, a good Meta player on FUT
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