FIFA 22 how to do Jul celebration

FIFA 22 how to do Jul celebration

An info on the new FIFA 22 Patch, it will be possible to celebrate Jul on the game, we explain how. The Marseille rapper has been linked to FIFA 22 for a few weeks, notably following a publication by EA with the artist on the cover of a special version. If some believed that the character would be present in the game (via the VOLTA mode) it is finally via a celebration that he will be celebrated on FIFA 22.

How to do the Jul celebration on FIFA 22?

If the celebrations are purchased on the FUT mode, it is generally possible to activate them via special commands and keys. But there are also celebrations specific to players or situations.

Here, Jul's celebration falls into the second category since, at least for now, it's only possible to do it with a few players.

Effectively! @IamFrench_ when we approach the cameraman with payet, he makes the sign @jul

— 🇷🇪| Funzyy. (@Funzouilleee) October 6, 2021
Jul's celebration on FIFA 22 posted by Funzyy.

To celebrate Jul by scoring on FIFA 22, you have to play with Payet or Mahrez and run towards the pitchside camera just after the goal. If you do not pass the celebration, the player will then perform the famous gesture specific to the rapper. Note that it is sometimes necessary to do it several times to achieve it.

No information for the moment as to the presence of this gesture in celebration to buy on the FUT mode.

So much for our guide on how to do Jul's celebration on FIFA 22. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 how to do Jul celebration
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