FIFA 22 example best team Meta on FUT

FIFA 22 example best team Meta on FUT

Discover here our formation for the best Meta team without limit of credits for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. Obviously the idea here is to allow you to have a formation to evolve at a high level in Rivals and in FUT Champions. As a reminder, the Meta concerns the strongest cards according to the current patch and the most effective way to play to win.

Be careful because here, the idea is to use the best cards in the game but without using icon cards. The icons being quite specific, we consider that it is more interesting not to use them since they are very specific in game. In addition, even if the price is unlimited, the icon cards are often worth far too much for their result .

Note that this training will be updated according to the patches and also the arrival of new cards. You can also find our guide for the best Meta team at 1 million credits but also our best Meta team at 500k credits.

Up to date : This team is current as of Friday, March 18. We will continue to update this article in the weeks and months to come.

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Important : If you need help with your training, you can always put a comment with your questions, your needs and your request for advice. We will take the time to analyze your team to suggest several areas for improvement.

The current Meta for FUT on FIFA 22

After a Meta very focused on ranged shots, FIFA 22 returned to a game close to the previous edition. Thus, the attackers must favor efficiency in the box more than long shots and therefore stars in weak foot. Also, versatility is usually a must in midfield, with overall stats to be able to change tactics mid-game. Finally, a strong passing level is a plus.

Therefore, we most often take precedence here on cards with 5 stars of technical gestures or weak foot, while the midfielder is very versatile.

Important : an option without TOTY cards is offered as an alternative.

The best meta team on FUT

Our example for the best (ultimate) Meta team with no credit limit on FUT. No player is from a DCE.

Our FUT Ultimate Team example with TOTYs.

This team made on the creator of Futbin (in English) is proposed in 4-3-3 (4) only for collective questions. The formations in play are listed below.

Possible replacements:

So to start, know that our logic here was to have the best players in the most important positions, without using Icons or cards from a DCE. Thus, in BU, Ronaldo and Mbappé are, in our opinion, the two references currently, with unique and extremely strong physics in play. On the other hand, Neymar is almost only there for linking reasons, his Winter Wildcards being much better but in a central position. In addition, the duo of central defenders is also very strong but the presence of CR7 and Cancelo requires the use of Dias who is considered strong but less interesting than Lacroix, Varane or even Rudiger.

It would be possible to replace Neymar with Ginola or any AG or AD icon (at 7 collective). The latter is more of a BU but in this formation, he will be aligned in MOC alongside Messi.

Tchouaméni is one of the very best MDCs in the game, but it is possible to replace him. However, pay attention to the level of links and therefore of the collective. Renato Sanches RTTF, Firmino FUT Birthday or Bellingham FS are excellent alternatives in MC box to box.

Some possible alternatives:

A similar formation, with CR7 Fut birthday.

An Ultimate Training Alternative

An alternative without TOTY, without Premier League players.

An alternative without TOTY and Premier League

Here, Ginola is mainly there for questions of links. In the same way as the training presented above, Mbappé and Neymar will be aligned in BU, Pedri and Torres in MOC. Torres is also able to evolve in BU with Neymar in MOC on a triangle formation.

Varane could come to replace Varane, while it is totally possible to replace Lacroix and Hernandez with a Militao Adidas and Lodri RTTK combo to form a group with two leagues: L1 and La Liga.

Note that if Lafont is cheap, he is an excellent goalkeeper on FIFA 22.

In terms of styles:

  • Kante: Basic
  • Neymar Jr: Eye of the Lynx
  • Ronaldo: Engine
  • MbappĂ©: Sniper, Gunner, Eye of the lynx
  • Messi: Lynx Eye or Basic
  • Cancellation: Ancre
  • Judge: Sentinelle
  • Chuameni: Shadow
  • Marquinhos: Ancre
  • Ruben Dias: Shadow or Engine
  • Donnarumma: Basic or Glove

Notes : Honestly on TOTY cards, styles won't matter. Only Marquinhos (Anchor seems fundamental to us compared to Shadow) or Messi (a speed and physical boost) are important.

From the point of view of tactics and formations

This team is playable according to several tactical schemes. This is also the strength of this group, since depending on the game situations, you can easily adapt without making replacements.

In 4-2-3-1 for a balanced game

Here, you will have the choice between Mbappé and Ronaldo to play up front. We prefer to play Ronaldo in front but both options are possible since CR7 will play with Engine, the level of passing will be excellent.

At the level of the MDC, one like the other will be able to go up. However, Kanté seems to us the best choice given his stats, both in speed and endurance since he will have to constantly go up and down in defense. Same question about the full-backs, which we recommend keeping in a defensive position.

Due to the nature of this formation, the leading scorer must be in "stay in front" to maintain a threat in front while one of the two CAMs (if Mbappé is in the lead, prefer Neymar Jr here because of his 5-5 ) could be “free and attacking” with an “in the box” for support on crosses.

Note that similar tactics are applicable in 4-1-2-1-2 (2) for a very dense game in midfield. Only the choice of the second MC will be difficult since potentially, Messi or Neymar will have to be lower. CR7 is also an option but it's a shame not to play with a BU 5m in front...

In 4-2-2-2 for more defense

Here, place Mbappé and Ronaldo in front in BU. Neymar and Messi will be your MOC with the possibility of taking advantage of finesse shooting on the Argentinian to shoot from a distance. The four players are perfect in such a configuration, with the possibility of having Neymar with the option "in the box" and Messi close to the box.

In front, you can apply "in the back of the defense" to the two scorers with an "axial rest" in both cases. Neymar or Messi would be (your choice but we slightly prefer Neymar here) usable in MOC with "free and offensive" to create spaces for the two BUs.

Again, one of the two defensive midfielders (Kanté and Tchouaméni) can move up while the other stays behind in attack. However, depending on your style of play, you can definitely opt for both MDCs in “staying behind in attack” and thus use this formation when you want to slow down the tempo of the match and defend.

If so, leave the two defensive ends behind and only hold one attacker to “stay in front”.

In 3-5-2 for more attack

Another very popular formation last year on FIFA 21, the 3-5-2 is a very aggressive option. Prefer it if you are behind in the score or you have trouble passing the opposing defensive block.

Here you can choose to place Neymar on the MOC, Cancelo on the left wing and Messi on the left wing. Hakimi and Kanté will be in MDC. Conversely, if you prefer Messi in MOC, Neymar will play on the left, while Hakimi will be on the right with Cancelo and Kanté in MDC.

Players on the wing will have to have the option to "come back to defense", which will affect their stamina (so be careful if it's Neymar). Same options as above on the BU with "in the back of the defense".

Defensively, we recommend placing Tchouaméni in DC. We love Fofana with the beautiful foot so our choice would be Lodi in DC. Again, one of the two defensive midfielders can go up while the other must have “stay behind in attack”.

So much for our best Meta team without credit limit on FIFA 22 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 example best team Meta on FUT
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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