FIFA 22, EA tests crossplay on next-gen

FIFA 22, EA tests crossplay on next-gen

Scheduled to land from FIFA 23, crossplay should be tested by EA (source in English) on FIFA 22 next-gen platforms in the coming days. Indeed, the American giant has planned to deploy this option for friendly matches of the football game, without affecting the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode. The idea being to be able to test this technology during the coming weeks, with the objective of being able to deploy it as soon as the next opus of the franchise is launched.

Crossplay tested on FIFA 22

As a reminder, crossplay consists of the possibility of linking players of the same game but on several different platforms. Thus, a PS5 user will be able to face a player using FIFA on Xbox Series.

However, this trial has two limitations: the first is that this feature will be limited to specific game modes in friendly matches outside of FUT. The second is that it will only be available to players using the next-gen version of the game (PS5, Xbox Series X and Stadia).

Also note that it is possible to deactivate the feature if you do not want to face players on other platforms, via the game options.

A feature at the heart of EA's communication on FIFA 23

If this functionality is currently in test, it is already mentioned as one of the main novelties of the future FIFA 23. Thus, many expect that the FUT mode will be impacted by crossplay, both in terms of meetings and in the transfer market.

If for the moment, no official information has come to confirm the presence of crossplay on the FUT mode of FIFA 23, this evolution seems necessary in view of the current market.

However, this first test period seems to indicate that this functionality will be limited to the next-gen version of FIFA. Thus, the PC version of the game will potentially be deprived of crossplay next year, unless there is a transition to the next-gen a year behind the consoles.

EA is therefore using the next few months to test the crossplay functionality on the next-gen version of FIFA 22 before a larger implementation on FIFA 23. While waiting for the release of EA's new football game, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

FIFA 22, EA tests crossplay on next-gen
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