FIFA 22, date and list of players Adidas, Numbersup

FIFA 22, date and list of players Adidas, Numbersup

Discover the fourth event of the FUT season with Adidas Numbersup, for which we already know the release date and the list of Dont stop till you are 99 players for FIFA 22. This is the first time that this promo has been present on FUT. This concept takes up a bit the idea of ​​the Halloween Scream event, players will receive a regular boost on a stats (three boosts in total, including two on all the notes), this one will go up to 99 here the end of the FUT season. Note that the players will surely be linked to Adidas, via a personal contract or by being the club's equipment supplier.

Update : Updated from Wednesday, December 22 at 16 p.m. The first boost of Adidas Numbersup cards should arrive at 19 p.m.! All cards will get a +5 in the special stats (speed, passing or dribbling depending on the card) and +1 in the other stats.

List of Adidas Numbersup Cards

Here we still have no idea about the number of teams offered by EA. Potentially, this event could only have one team, to make room for Black Friday. Thus, we can expect a team officially published from Friday, November 12 at 19 p.m.

First of all, it is important to specify that the event is linked to Adidas, therefore the majority of players should have a contract with the sports brand. In addition, the evolution of the cards should be done over several weeks, the special cards will not be at 99 as soon as they are released. In addition, three evolutions will take place on these maps.

The official Adidas Numbersup team

@Adidas footballers receive 9️⃣9️⃣ #FUT 🚀 boosts based on their cleats.

X = Speed ​​💨
Predator = Dribble ✨
Copa = Passes 🎯

Improve your skills with the right cleats for your game, find out more:

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) November 12, 2021

How Adidas Numbersup cards work

  • A first boost of the special stats (speed, dribbling)
  • A second boost end December special stat (+5 on this stat) and +1 on all other ratings
  • Third and final boost end of April, special stats increase to 99, other stats gain +1

Leaks and predictions on Adidas cards

We will present here various credible leaks as well as predictions on the list of players for the Adidas Numbersup event. The objective is to highlight cards in order to be able to invest in the market but also to plan in advance when to open your packs if you plan to accumulate them in anticipation of an event.

Leaks concernant la Team Adidas Numbersup

Team 1 fully leaked, imaged by Sckiler.

These cards are almost guaranteed to be in Team 1 on Friday at 19 p.m. or in the weekend mini-release.

Date pour l’event Adidas Numbersup

Normally this promo event should last two weeks from Friday November 12 at 19 p.m. to Friday November 26 at 19 p.m. However, some experts believe that a one-week event is possible, leaving room for a Black Friday event.

Here are the details about the start date and the list of players for the Adidas Numbersup event, which implements the Dont stop till you are 99 concept for the FUT mode of FIFA 22. You can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides at

FIFA 22, date and list of players Adidas, Numbersup
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