FIFA 22, Changes to OTW Maps, A Watch

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Every week, EA unveils new features on FIFA 22 with this time, changes to the OTW (Ones To Watch) or A Surveiller cards. These cards have been present for several seasons on FUT, are given to players who have changed clubs during the summer transfer window. But EA has opted for a fairly major change since these could evolve even faster during the season... Thus, with a particularly busy summer in superstars, OTW cards should be eagerly awaited by FIFA players.

Changes to OTW Maps

After having obtained a lot of information concerning the great novelties of the FUT mode (see chapter below), EA revealed the changes specific to the OTW cards. Indeed, the latter can progress by one overall rating point if the player's team wins 5 of its first 10 games of the season.

Thus, the cards will be able to evolve for the first time via this new system but will also continue to evolve if the player obtains a place in the team of the week (TOTW).

OTW card prediction for FIFA 22.

Note that for the moment, the transfer window has been incredible with in particular the five-star recruitment of PSG. We can already anticipate cards like these among the OTWs (prediction made by FutXFan).

OTW cards are usually the first special cards to appear on FUT, they are obtained mainly in packs but also via DCE.

Summary of new features for FUT mode

You can find our summary of all the new features unveiled for FIFA 22 FUT mode on our dedicated article. On the program, changes to Rivals and FUT Champions, more customization for your team, new cards with FUT Heroes and a new co-op game mode.

FIFA 22 release date

So FIFA 22 release date has been officially announced, so the football game will be released on October 1st. An early release date will be offered as early as September 27. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5. Note that the game will be available on the EA Play Pro, allowing early access to FIFA 22.

So much for the main modifications and changes on the FIFA 22 FUT mode OTW cards. While waiting for the release of the new football game from EA, you can find all the news and our FIFA 21 guides on

FIFA 22, <a name=Changes to OTW Maps, A Watch" src="/images/posts/9db14e2159bdf48dab0e7c9cac316868-1.jpg">
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