FIFA 22 Best Midfield Lists, Meta Cards For FUT

FIFA 22 Best Midfield Lists, Meta Cards For FUT

Here we list the best backgrounds and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level in the game of football. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (TOTW, POTM etc) will be present here.

The only exception is Icon cards which will have their own list of best cards for FIFA 22.

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Update : Updated Wednesday, July 27. The arrival of the FUTTIES Metamorphosis cards has been taken into account.

List of best midfielders for FUT on FIFA 22

Here we list complete cards, Meta, which correspond to the needs of players at the highest level. Note that we separate attacking midfielders, box-to-box MCs from defensive midfielders.

The best defensive midfielders MDC

Here, the idea is to present the best options in MDC, almost purely defensive midfielders. Thus, some players who are very strong in MDC will find themselves in Box-to-box because we consider that they are more useful in this position.

N'golo Kanté Metamorphosed, Chelsea, Premier League

After an incredible TOTY, Metamorphosed N'golo Kanté is clearly the ultimate MDC in FIFA 22. If some prefer to play him in front, we have a strong argument for moving him to his usual position: his unique defensive animations. Indeed, the Frenchman is a real demon in midfield and you will lose this ability to intercept the ball by playing him in front. Like a Metamorphosed Kimpembe, the two players are able to play more offensively but without specific traits, we consider that their unique physique will be more useful in defense.

Kanté's Metamorphosed card on FIFA 22.

Recommended Style: Basic or Anchor.

Presnel Kimpembe Metamorphosed, PSG, Ligue 1

We have to admit, as soon as we saw the leaks on the summer 1 exchanges, we knew what to choose… Kimpembe SS is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in FIFA 22. While his RTTF version had us a little left a taste of unfinished, this Metamorphosed is just incredible. His in-game physique makes him a powerful and long player capable of intercepting balls while his high/high output makes him absolutely ubiquitous. Note that we enjoyed having him play as an up-and-coming MC, but an MDC role seems a little more logical for him. Note that if you like to raise one of your defensive midfielders, opt for the Basic style for the agility boost.

Recommended Style: Basic or Anchor.

Sergio Ramos Metamorphosed, PSG, Ligue 1

So it's going to sound weird but we love Sergio Ramos in MDC rather than in MC box to box. Despite a high/average performance, the PSG player is an excellent MDC in a duo of two defensive midfielders (with Ramos rising a little). This is mainly down to his unique in-game physique, which gives him an incredible presence in midfield. In addition, his speed makes up for his average defensive output a little, since he will recover quickly. Also, his size, stats, and powerful head trait will make him a threat in aerial play. Note the excellent links possible via PSG, which really makes it an ultra Meta card at the start of summer.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Fernandinho FDE, Manchester City, Premier League

As for his FUT Captain, Fernandinho FDE is an excellent MDC who combines speed and agility. If this card is a good upgrade to his FUT Captain, the feeling in game is very good thanks to a gain in speed and on the passing game. Thus, this boost makes it possible to use the Hunter style in order to increase its versatility, although it remains a real MDC which should not see the nets shake too much. Note however that the Brazilian player is a fairly small MDC, who needs a more powerful card (Vieira, Tchouaméni, Fofana or Essien) to really shine, like a Kanté or Verratti. On the other hand, know that the gap between him and Kanté TOTY is still wide.

Recommended Style: Hunter.

JĂĽrgen Kohler FUT Heroes Makeover, Bundesliga

What ? JĂĽrgen Kohler FUT Heroes Makeover is one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 22? Yes I know it might surprise given its price but we are convinced. Fast (with Shadow), powerful but above all agile, Kohler is a kind of improved version of Joshua Kimmich TOTS. Those who had the opportunity to play with his first FUT Heroes version will know that the German player is still well placed defensively speaking. With the sliding tackle trait as well as impressive power given his agility, JĂĽrgen Kohler is one of the most underrated cards of this early summer.

Recommended style: Ombre.

Sandro Tonali TOTS, Milan AC, Serie A

After an excellent RTTK card at the start of the year and then an incredible Fantasy FUT in March, Tonali is back with a simply brilliant TOTS. As always, the AC Milan player is agile, complete and pleasant to play with the ball. If offensively his stats are a bit limited, the Italian player is an ideal defensive midfielder on FIFA 22 with a perfect performance (medium/high). His only weakness lies in his unbalanced stats since the Italian player lacks acceleration, making the choice of style quite difficult.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Shadow.

Joshua Kimmich TOTS/Headliners, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

While we loved his Star version, Joshua Kimmich now has an absolutely incredible TOTS. Agile, fast (despite his speed stats) but above all very complete, the German is a kind of hybrid between an MDC and an MC, like a KDB or a de Jong. Note that his lack of strength did not bother us in play but that we recommend a solid midfielder to play him in defense, via a combination of two MDCs or a trio on a 41212 formation (2). However, we prefer to use the Anchor style if he has to be lined up in solo MDC while his passing game and his performance allow us to take Chasseur to make him play more in MC which is rising.

Recommended Style: Anchor in MDC, Hunter in MC.

Aurélien Tchouaméni TOTS, AS Monaco, Ligue 1

Without the TOTY version of Kanté, this card would probably have been the best defensive midfielder in FIFA 22 when it was released. That's what we thought about his Future Stars and our conclusion remains the same after the release of this TOTS. With his “baby Vieira” physique, Tchouaméni is a powerful and tall MDC, who wins in duels. Although still limited by his 3-star weak foot, the French player has now become an attacking threat, which also allows him to be played in MC. However, his strength lies in his defensive game where his long legs seem to block all shots. Note that its Future Stars version remains absolutely playable.

Recommended style: Ombre.

Franck Yannick Kessié Flashback, Milan AC, Serie A

Throughout the year, we found Kessié very interesting to play, both in MC and MDC. Powerful but relatively agile, a good passer and omnipresent on the pitch, the AC Milan player was clearly a great card for us. It's therefore no surprise that his Flashback version is one of the best midfielders in FIFA 22 thanks to an excellent combo of speed, power and defense. Also, his ball-to-foot game is pretty decent for the position, which also makes him a very good box-to-box.

Recommended Style: Ombre

Seko Fofana ALL, RC Lens, Ligue 1

Definitely the most talked about decision, Seko Fofana TOTS is almost at the top of our FIFA 22 best midfielders ranking at the time of its release. It must be said that no MDC has impressed us so much with its presence in recent weeks. The RC Lens player is everywhere in defense and his interventions are generally decisive. So, if he is less agile than a Kimmich or less complete than a Fabinho, this attitude on the pitch is a real plus. Note however the limit linked to the collective, since only Clauss (and Medina although a little outdated now) will allow a strong link for Fofana.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Engine (in MC)

Fabinho Showdown, Liverpool, Premier League

A card you must have been looking to face since his arrival, Fabinho Showdown is one of the very best midfielders in FIFA 22. Despite a failed boost following the Liverpool defeat, the Brazilian is extremely complete and powerful in CDM. This power is explained in particular by his unique physique, which makes him really difficult to duel. Also, his finishing in front of goal is quite decent, as is his maneuverability for a more defensive player, making him a good MC.

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Marco Verratti Flashback, PSG, Ligue 1

A card that is not unanimous among players, Marco Verratti Flashback is, in our opinion, one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA 22. The reason? His agility via a unique in-game physical, which makes him ultra fluid with and without the ball. This allows him in particular to easily intercept the ball but also to quickly restart the game in front. If he remains small for the position, it is ultimately an advantage because he will create an excellent duo with a bigger player, like Tchouaméni or Vieira for example. Note the possible links between Ligue 1 and Serie A, a definite advantage.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Matthijs de Ligt Metamorphosed, Juventus, Serie A

The future Bayern player will therefore benefit from one last card in Serie A with this Metamorphosed. Generally aligned in DC, De Ligt was a real surprise in MDC: his height is an advantage in duels while his position is a real strong point. Therefore, we are here on a fairly versatile card because it can evolve in MDC but also in DC, in particular on a formation with three defenders in a 3-5-2 way. A real good pick, especially since his unique physique compensates for his lack of agility.

Recommended style: Ombre.

Niklas Dorsch TOTS, Augsburg, Bundesliga

A DCE gone unnoticed, Niklas Dorsch is however a small Kimmich TOTS. Agile, fast and omnipresent, the German player is a real diamond in defense. Although he does not have an optimal yield (medium/medium), Dorsch is clearly an excellent MDC without even taking into account the price of his DCE. Also note the strong link to Caliguiri Fantasy FUT, one of the best (in-game) defensive midfielders in FIFA 22.

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Andrew Robertson Metamorphosed, Liverpool, Premier League

An excellent GM on FIFA, Robertson got an MDC version with the Metamorphosed event. In fact, it is considered that his card is probably a better DG than MDC but in both cases, the Scottish player is very efficient. His unique physique gives him a good combo of agility and strength, while his excellent passing skills will make him a very good MDC in a formation with two defensive midfielders on FIFA 22. Thus, he will be the perfect complement to a Vieira or Kante.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Honorable mentions : Thomas Delaine Metamorphosed (Ligue 1), Allan FUT Birthday (Premier League), Tomas Holes TOTS (R Czech), Fred TOTS (Premier League), Daley Blind Metamorphosed (Eredivisie), Sergio Busquets FUT Captains (La Liga), Jordan Henderson FUT Captains (Premier League), MattĂ©o Guendouzi TOTS (Ligue 1), Valverde Versus (Real Madrid), Ivan Rossi Goals (Liga NOS), Maxence Caqueret TOTS (Ligue 1), Felipe Metamorphoses (La Liga), Fabien Lemoine FUT Captain ( Ligue 1), Jack Price TOTS (MLS), Frenkie de Jong RTTK (La Liga), Maxime Lopez TOTS (Serie A), Declan Rice TOTS/FUT Birthday (Premier League), Ibrahim SangarĂ© TOTS (Eredivisie), John McGinn TOTS ( Premier League), Lucas Torreira FUT Birthday (Serie A), Ainsley Maitland-Niles RTTF (Serie A), Rodri TOTS (Premier League), Konrad Laimer FUT Birthday (Bundesliga), Daniel Barlaser TOTS (Ang 3), Vinicius Souza TOTS ( Pro League), Edson Alvarez Fantasy FUT (Eredivisie), Denis Zakaria Headliners (Serie A), Jonas Hector FUT Captains (Bundesliga), Moussa Sissoko Fantasy FUT (Premier League), Thiago Mendes Showdown (Ligue 1), Federico Lertora TOTGS (Conmebol ), Boubarcar Kamara RTTF (Ligue 1), Oghenekaro Etebo WW (Premier League), Tyker Adams Future Stars (Bundesliga), Wilfred Ndidi FUT Birthday (Premier League), Fred RTTK (Premier League), Dominik Kohr Fantasy FUT (Bundesliga), Djibril Sow Winter Wildcards (Bundesliga), Eljif Elmas Future Stars (Serie A), Naby Keita Showdown (Premier League), Emre Can RTTF (Bundesliga), Geoffrey Kondogbia Showdown (La Liga), Thomas Delaney OTW (La Liga), Frank Onyeka Rulebreakers (Premier League), Chalobah Future Stars (Premier League), Josh Laurent Foundation (EFL).

Box-to-Box Central Midfielders

So be careful, because the difference between an MC, an MDC or even an MOC is sometimes quite limited, especially depending on the game patterns adopted. Thus, for us, a box-to-box MC is a player who knows how to both project forward and come back in defense. Concretely, he can represent a threat in front of the goal even if the latter will never be the main option of a team. Level stats, physique and defense is a notch below the players listed previously.

In our view, the primary function of a B2B MC will be to pass to build play after a recovery rather than attempt a finesse shot from 25 yards. The second situation will concern the following category.

Trent Alexander Arnold Metamorphosed, Liverpool, Premier League

We didn't know where to place TAA Metamorphosed as it is so versatile: MC? CDM? DD? The English player knows how to do everything and it's no surprise that this SS version is ultra Meta. A good passer, omnipresent on the pitch, quick and agile (despite stats to the contrary), Trent Alexander Arnold is truly one of the best midfielders in this edition of FIFA 22. If he seems less physical than Bellingham or less agile than an Atal, his ball game is a real pleasure, hence a box-to-box MC perspective (understand, an MC that rises). Also, his links are excellent with a long list of Meta players at Liverpool, a big plus for such a card.

The Metamorphosed card by Trent-Alexander Arnold.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Motor.

Rafinha FUTTIES, PSG, Ligue 1

If we love Paqueta TOTS in an all-purpose MC register (more defensive than offensive), Rafinha is a sort of “offensive” version of this Swiss army knife. Fast, agile (ideal physique in play), good defender, Rafinha FUTTIES has everything to please especially as he has the outer line of his foot to score from afar. Better still, he is also a good defender although his physical appearance will limit his potential in duels. But it's his passing game that should seduce you with, in particular, the new Passes Intuitives trait. Between the links Ligue 1, PSG and the nation, it is difficult to ignore such a good card. A real treat !

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Lucas Paqueta TOTS, Lyon, Ligue 1

After extremely strong Player Moments cards and FUT Birthday, Paqueta now has a TOTS. The OL player is simply incredible. Incredible ball at the foot, incredible defensively, incredible in front of goal... In short, you have understood we loved playing with Paqueta TOTS who is for us, at the time of his release, the best midfielder in FIFA 22. Note that we prefers to use it as an ascending MC rather than MDC, although it will also be playable in a more defensive role. Also, its links are great via league and nation making it easier to use compared to Bellingham TOTS or Gravenberch TOTS.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Lynx Eye

Jude Bellingham TOTS, Dortmund, Bundesliga

If Jude Bellingham's Future Stars card was already the ideal box-to-box MC on FIFA 22 due to an excellent combo of physics, speed, agility and defense, this TOTS card is simply ultimate. If some prefer to spend their credits on a Gullit Moments, know that Bellingham seems to us far superior in every way on an MC role. In addition, his physique allows him to move around the field, from DC to MOC. In the end, its only limit lies in the links, since few English cards are truly endgame. Note that its Future Stars version is still monstrous for the month of May.

Recommended Style: Basic

Rodrygo De Paul FUTTIES, Atletico Madrid, La Liga

If we had appreciated De Paul on FIFA (last year in particular), this is the first time that we find his card really strong and Meta. The reason is simple: his stats are so complete that they make up for everything. An average physical in game? No problem the agility is there. No outer line of the foot? No worries, a Lynx Eye style will turn it into a MOC! Honestly, it's the best "generic" card we've tested this year.

Recommended Style: Eagle Eye, Basic, or Anchor.

Pedri TOTS, FC Barcelona, ​​La Liga

After an excellent Future Stars card, Pedri continues his exceptional year on FIFA 22 with an undeserved TOTS version. But never mind, in-game the young Spaniard is incredible: with 5-4 stars, high/high yield, comprehensive stats and ideal in-game physique, few cards can compete. So much like his FS version, finding the right role for Pedri can be difficult for some. We have tried everything and he is good everywhere (both in BU and MDC) but we consider once again that MC or even MOC is his best position.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Lynx Eye

Best position: We prefer Pedri in a rising MC, not necessarily a MOC but a hybrid position. Typically, in a 41212(2) with the “up” instruction or in a 4-2-3-1 in the center MOC position.

Metamorphosed Guerreiro, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

Also existing in DD, Guerreiro Metamorphosed is a complete MC, capable of playing in all positions. Thanks to his 5-4 in stars and his very agile physique in play, the Portuguese player has all the assets to win in MOC, MC or even MDC. However, it is in a rising MC role that we prefer him (like a Paqueta), since he will be able to make the difference through his dribbling while his small size will not be too much of a limit. defensively speaking. Note that its versatility also allows it to be used in DG/DD or even on the wings depending on your formations, a huge plus for the most experienced players.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Jesus Corona Metamorphosed, Sevilla FC, La Liga

Generally a more offensive player (located on the wing or in MOC or even BU), the Metamorphosed Jesus Corona card is much more interesting here in a rising MC role or even MOC. With a 5-5 star rating, high/high yield and good stats, the Mexican player will shine both offensively and defensively. However, what we prefer about him, his ability to avoid an opponent via a dribble, allowing him to have the option of shooting at the entrance to the surface or looking for a teammate in the box. From then on, both the Anchor and Lynx Eye styles are viable, depending on your style of play. Note, however, that his somewhat average physics in game limits his maneuverability, our tests in BU were rather disappointing.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Lynx Eye.

Youcef Atal Metamorphosed, OGC Nice, Ligue 1

Which map ! To be honest, we love Atal when he gets MC/BU cards on FIFA. If generally we consider that his cards in DD are often over-hyped (lack of physics, endurance, poor performance), this Metamorphosed in MC card is absolutely brilliant. Effective offensively and defensively, Atal is illustrated by his position in play: lose the ball and he will come back in defense, spin the ball and you will see him stand out. Also, his shooting really surprised us, as did his passing game. Overall, he knows how to do everything, although his physique limits him a bit compared to a Bellingham for example.

Recommended Style: Basic or Anchor.

Mason Mount FUTTIES, Chelsea, Premier League

What a difference between Mount and Havertz FUTTIES! During our test, the two players were aligned in the same team and clearly, the young British completely made people forget which card was free! Although lacking in balance, Mount compensates with a unique in-game physique, making him rather nimble. Thus, with 4-5 in stars, shooting finesse but above all good defensive stats, Mount FUTTIES finds himself to be one of the very best box-to-box midfielders in FIFA 22. Better still, his versatility will allow him to evolve a everywhere depending on your training.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Basic.

Tim Cahill FUT Heroes Makeover, Premier League

A card we hate to face but didn't really enjoy playing, Tim Cahill FUT Heroes Transformed ranks quite high in our rankings of the best midfield cards in FIFA 22 due to his success with our teams. It might sound strange, but its high/medium yield seemed to us to be a real obstacle to its effectiveness in our game patterns, often leaving it in a bad place. As far as we are concerned, his sliding tackles trait and his excellent stats have regularly proved his interest.

Recommended style: Basic.

Leonardo Spinazzola Metamorphoses, AS Roma, Serie A

It was difficult to place Leonardo Spinazzola Metamorphosed in this ranking as the Italian is effective in MDC. Despite a high/medium performance, the AS Roma player is very effective defensively, generally placing himself very well. Agile, fast and complete, Spinazzola is however more interesting in MC box-to-box, in order to take advantage of his 5 stars of technical gestures. Thus, this versatility explains why we place it so high in our ranking, because it will allow you to easily change formations in game.

Recommended Style: Hinge or Gladiator.

Ryan Gravenberch Future Stars, Ajax, Eredivisie

A few weeks after a great Future Stars release, Gravenberch got an otherworldly card. If the Eredivisie experts are not necessarily satisfied with the overall score (deemed too high compared to his results), the young Dutch player is on FIFA 22 one of the very best box-to-box midfielders. Fast and powerful, he also has enough agility and offensive stats to play anywhere on the field. In addition to the links, which are not necessarily easy despite good Eredivisie cards, we will only regret its average/average performance given its price.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Luka Modric ALL, Real Madrid, La Liga

Although quite a few players opt for an MDC placement, we consider Modric's natural TOTS position to be in MC. Indeed, in addition to its stats, its average/average performance is clearly not ideal for an MDC of this caliber. Thus, Modric is really better on the ball, in a role of creator or finisher, although his defensive stats allow him to be able to cover his lane. So prefer a formation with an MC that rises a little, without being an MOC (although it is playable in this position), in order to take advantage of its touch of the ball on shots as on passes.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Renato Sanches RTTF, LOSC, Premier League

Well, as much as there was perhaps a debate (for some) between Bellingham, Jorginho and Pedri, everyone will quickly agree: Renato Sanches RTTF is the best midfielder in FIFA 22 when it comes out. While his Big Recruits card was already incredible, this new boost improves all the strong points of the LOSC player: fast, powerful, agile, good shooter, physical, omnipresent... Thus, Sanches will be everywhere on the field, a good point but that might be difficult for some to grasp, which is why it's always recommended to have a solid MDC with Sanches.

Recommended style: Ombre.

Marcos Llorente RTTF, Atletico Madrid, La Liga

Relegated a week ago to our list of honorable mentions (for its Big Recruits version), Llorente is back in the top! The strengths of the Spanish player are always the same: an ideal physique in play which makes him extremely agile (and which compensates for his lack of agility) and fast, good stats and a 4-4 in stars. While his high/average performance sometimes limits his impact in defence, Atlético's victory over United completely transformed Llorente into a midfield monster.

Style: Anchor.

Axel Witsel Flashback, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

Axel Witsel's traditional special card via DCE has arrived! The Belgian player obtained here his third Challenge card in three years and this one is in the same line as that of FIFA 20 (a hero club for us). However, if we usually prefer Witsel in MDC, we consider that this year the Borussia player is a better MC. Although playable more defensively, Witsel seemed more interesting to us with the ball, thanks to a very good passing game and fairly decent shots. So, the Hunter style makes it one of the best full midfielders in FIFA 22.

Style: Hunter.

Jorginho TOTY, Chelsea, Premier League

A novelty among the TOTY cards, Jorginho ends his incredible year 2021 with a Team Of The Year card. For once, during its first use we had trouble hanging on completely with this TOTY version. However, the more time passes, the more we consider that there is something special in this card. Thus, both in attack and in defense, Jorginho has established himself as one of the very best midfielders in FIFA 22, even one of the best cards in the game. However, his Average/Average performance will sooner or later be a weakness in MC box-to-box and depending on your style of play, the latter could have difficulty finding its place in your squad.

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Toni Kroos FUT Birthday, Real Madrid, La Liga

Toni Kroos FUT Birthday is a very interesting card that falls somewhat into the same situation as Jorginho: a complete version but whose certain stats will limit the potential in the hands of some players. Thus, on paper, Kroos is very complete in both MC and MOC. However, his level in physics and agility will force a choice on the style of the map between Shadow, Engine and Anchor. For us, Kroos is a passing genius, perfect for a rising MC role, in a three-midfield formation on FIFA 22. Besides, his finesse shots should also be a big plus.

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Marcelo Brozovic ALL, Inter, Serie A

Considered by some to be an inferior card to SMS TOTS, Brozovic's Team of the Season is yet a player who is widely preferred over rivals Lazio due to better in-game physicality and better stats. Agile (notably due to his physique in play), pleasant with the ball but also physical, Brozovic brings a lot of versatility to a team. If his performance is not ideal (medium/medium), his finesse shot and sliding tackle traits are undeniable assets in play. A good card therefore, but which suffers from its difficult links.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Bruno Fernandes TOTS, Manchester United, Premier League

We will thank EA for giving us Bruno TOTS in a player choice pack, otherwise we would surely have put this card aside as the first feedback seemed negative. For us, Bruno Fernandes TOTS remains an excellent MC despite his 4-3 star rating. Indeed, his stats, his unique physical in-game and the exterior line of the foot largely compensate for this weak point, making him an excellent MC. A good passer and capable of shooting from distance, the Man United player is clearly in our list of underrated cards (for a TOTS).

Recommended style: Shadow, Hunter or even Anchor or Motor

Honorable mentions : Lorenzo Pellegrini TOTS (Serie A), Emerson MĂ©tamorphosĂ©s (Premier League), Thiago RTTF (Premier League), Mark Noble FUT Capitaines (Premier League), Clint Dempsey Capitaines Heros FUT (MLS), Thomas Lemar TOTS (La Liga), Nicola Barella Headliners (Serie A), Hans Vanaken TOTS (Pro League), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic TOTS (Serie A), Taji Savanier TOTS (Ligue 1), Hakan Calhanoglu TOTS (Serie A), Mateus Uribe TOTS (Liga NOS), Weston McKennie Show (Serie A), Cesc Fabregas FDE (Ligue 1), Paul Pogba WW (Premier League), Leon Goretzka TOTY MH (Bundesliga), Orkun Kökçü TOTS (Eredivisie), Sebastian Rodriguez TOTGS (Conmebol), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain RTTF (Premier League), Ander Herrera Flashback (Ligue 1), Camavinga Fantasy FUT (La Liga), Matheus Nunes Futures Stars (Liga NOS), Canales Showdown (La Liga), Pedrinho TOTS (Liga NOS), Daniel Parejo TOTS (La Liga ), Suat Serdar Showdown (Bundesliga), Curtis Jones Showdown (Premier League), Koke FUT Capitaines (La Liga), Merino Fantasy FUT (La Liga), James Ward-Prowse FUT Capitaine (Premier League), Giovanni Lo Celso Fantasy FUT ( La Liga), Mark Noble FUT Capitaines (Premier League), Joao Mario Objectifs Saison (Liga NOS), Rodrigo De Paul Showdown (La Liga), Branco Van der Boomen TOTS (Ligue 2), Vitor Ferreira TOTS (Liga NOS), Barry Bannan TOTS (Ang 3), Donny Van De Beek Fantasy FUT (Premier League), Miha Zajc TOTS (SĂĽper Lig), Corentin Tolisso RTTF (Bundesliga), Xavier Mercier TOTS (Pro League), Vitaly Buyalskyi TOTS (Ukraine), Conor Gallagher Futures Stars (Premier League), Ilkay GĂĽndogan Moments (Premier League), Mateus Uribe Foundation (Liga NOS), Joao Paulo TOTS (MLS), Mateo Kovacic Showdown (Premier League), Teji Savanier Vedettes (Ligue 1), Arturo Vidal RTTK ( Serie A), Adel Taarabt Winter Wildcards (Liga NOS), Alexis Claude-Maurice Versus (Ligue 1), Kevin-Prince Boateng Moments Joueur (Bundesliga), Roberto Peyrera Versus (Serie A).

The best attacking midfielders CAM

Be careful here because it is always possible to assign an attacker to the MOC position. Therefore, we will only list midfielders at this position on FIFA 22. In our guide to the best attackers, we will discuss which card is worth playing in the MOC via custom tactics.

Eden Hazard Metamorphoses, Real Madrid, La Liga

After a solid WW in December, Eden Hazard is back at the top of the Meta with his Metamorphosed version. With near max stats, 5-4 stars and the three best attacking traits, Hazard has one of the best midfield cards in FIFA 22. to be an optimal BU, the Real Madrid player is perfect in MOC. In addition, his finesse shots are incredible, a real plus when your opponent places half of his team in the box.

Eden Hazard's incredible card.

Style: Gunner

Best position: MOC or BU

Marcus Rashford Metamorphosed, Manchester United, Premier League

Honestly, we were almost disappointed to find this new version of Rashford rather than a bolder choice of a Varane or Maguire in BU! It must be said that Rashford already has an endgame card with his FUT Fantasy. And that's the whole problem with this card: its qualities and defects are the same as FUT Fantasy. If you like the peculiar physique of the English player, then this card is for you. Otherwise, even with Engine or Finisher, its slightly rigid side will make it not very pleasant to play, like a Carrasco.

Style: Engine or Paver.

Best position: BU

Christopher Nkunku TOTS, RB Leipzig, Bundesliga

We announced it from our first edition of this list, Nkunku will have a TOTS! The French player therefore obtained a well-deserved Team of the Season card after dominating the German league. In-game, Nkunku TOTS is considered to be the most versatile card in FIFA 22 along with Cancelo TOTS/TOTY since they can simply play anywhere. So if we consider that Nkunku is too small to play in DC, his agility makes him an excellent BU, MOC, MC and DD/DG. While many will prefer to place him in MC for his versatility, we love Nkunku in a more offensive role, in MOC. Note that his POTM 92 remains playable despite 3-3 stars.

Style: Lynx Eye (MOC), Anchor (MC)

Best Position: MOC/MC

Joe Cole FUT Transforming Heroes, League 1

While we loved his Captain FUT version, the return of Joe Cole is a real success with this SS card. Fast, agile and precise, the English player has all the necessary elements to be a MOC Meta: 5-4 in stars, a responsive physique in play and the exterior trait of the foot. Thus, we really enjoyed playing with him, both in MOC and BU, although better BU maps are available within the French league. Overall a very solid choice which will also allow some interesting links with the Premier League.

Style: Lynx eye

Best position: MOC or BU

Phillipe Coutinho Fantasy FUT, Aston Villa, Premier League

Where to start ? Coutinho Fantasy FUT is a very strange card since in game, the details of his card seem not to match: he is very agile while his physique is average, he is very fast despite a not really optimal stat gap and his shots with finesse are excellent without the line. Coutinho is a real pleasure for us and the feeling in play has nothing to do with his WW. If we regret his lack of physicality, double boost has really made him an awesome card and one of the best attacking midfielders in FIFA 22.

Style: Eagle Eye, Hunter or Gunner.

Best position: BU or MOC

Jack Grealish Metamorphosed, Manchester City, Premier League

A bit forgotten this year on FIFA 22, Jack Grealish got a rather interesting Metamorphosed version. With 5-4 stars and excellent stats, the English player is a very good MOC or even BU. If his reaction level is a little low for our taste, his unique physique compensates slightly, allowing him to use the Eagle eye style. With this style, Grealish turns into a very good ranged shooter and a good finisher in the box, despite his lack of stroke. A good card in the end, although a bit generic due to stats that we tend to find more and more on the MOC / MC / BU of FIFA 22.

Style: Lynx eye

Best position: MOC or BU

Kevin de Bruyne TOTS/TOTY, Manchester City, Premier League

KDB is probably one of the most interesting cards in FIFA 22, right from its Gold version. With 4-5 in stars and excellent stats, the latter is playable almost everywhere on the field (apart from defense ) and each special card reinforces its interest. If his TOTY was an excellent MOC and MC, his TOTS is clearly more offensive. Thus, we recommend KDB in MOC on his TOTS (even BU if you like a little heavy and powerful players) and his TOTY in MC or even in MDC which goes up on a formation with two MDCs. Also note that his shots from distance are clearly a strong point but his passing game is one of the very best in the game, Icons included.

Style: Hunter or even Shadow (in MC)

Best position: MOC but playable in MC or even MDC

Houssem Aouar Fantasy FUT, Lyon, Ligue 1

After a WW card via DCE, Houssem Aouar is already back with this time, an evolving Fantasy FUT card. The French midfielder receives a relatively interesting but not without consequence boost of stats: a yield now in high/low rather than high/medium. However, if we were afraid that he had lost his ability to evolve into a MC, the latter continues to be usable in this position. However, his incredible finesse shots and ball-to-foot agility make him an excellent MOC. Overall, this is one of our favorite midfield cards on FIFA 22 before the arrival of TOTS.

Style: Motor, Anchor or even Eye of the Lynx

Best position: MOC, MC but playable in BU

Metamorphosed FUT Heroes Morientes, La Liga

Ok this sounds weird but after a few matches we were already convinced that Morientes FUT Heroes Metamorphosed was one of the best attacking midfielders in FIFA 22 at the time of the map release. Indeed, the Spanish player has a je ne sais quoi which makes him an extremely effective card with the ball at his feet. At the start BU, he found himself in pivot mode in our training, distilling passes on both BUs. So of course, we used the Motor style, in order to improve his agility, his balance but also his passing game. But even with that, his shots were effective in the box. A real surprise for a card whose price is ridiculous.

Recommended style: Engine.

Best position: MOC or even BU in pivot

Matheus Cunha FUTTIES, Atlético Madrid, La Liga

A card that took a long time to shine for us, Matheus Cunha FUTTIES finally turned out to be a very interesting player. Tested in BU and MOC (and sometimes on the wings), the Brazilian player distinguished himself by a good sense of goal in hot moments. Although his agility and feeling aren't quite there, Cunha FUTTIES is a complete option that will allow for some cool links with La Liga Meta cards. However, we would have liked more precision in passing. If you take him for links, use the Maestro style, so he can act as a passing MOC capable of taking a few shots from a distance.

Style: Gunner or Maestro.

Best Position: MOC

Kai Havertz FUTTIES, Chelsea, Premier League

We stop you right away, we love Havertz on FIFA and we appreciate the player in real life. However, it was difficult for us to properly evaluate this FUTTIES version since honestly, the map seemed very average to us during the first games. However, after 10 bars on finesse shots and five style changes, Havertz FUTTIES started to shine. So, with the right way of playing, he is an excellent midfielder, capable of scoring from afar. Without, you will be a little disgusted to have put your fodders in a map that is a little "rigid" and so irregular.

Recommended style: Engine or even Finisher.

Isco FlashbackReal MadridLa Liga

Historically a hard-to-meta card, Isco Flashback breaks away from previous special releases by offering a very cool option to play. If he has a decent level of defense, the Spanish player is a pure MOC due to poor defensive performance. Thus, even in MC which goes up, it is considered that this point will make its interest limited. On the other hand, towards the front of the attack, Isco proves to be a very good distributor and finisher, with good shots from distance and agility in the box really pleasant.

Recommended style: Lynx eye.

Diego Milito Metamorphoses, Series A

Like Yannick Carrasco's SS card, Diego Milito got a new special version via a relatively expensive DCE. If on paper this challenge seemed only expensive, on the ground, the Argentine player was not really there. Thus, without being a bad MOC, Milito was rather average during our tests. The 4-4 in stars and the average physics make the map relatively generic and sometimes not very agile despite good stats. We therefore had to switch to the Basic style to really take advantage of the map, which could be suitable for those who appreciate more physical players.

Style: Basic.

Best position: MOC but playable in BU

Yannick Carrasco Metamorphosed, Atlético Madrid, La Liga

Obtained in a DCE of your choice between two versions, Metamorphosed Yannick Carrasco is a rather interesting card because its stats allow it to be played in several positions. Indeed, with 5-4 in stars and very good stats in agility, speed and strength, the Belgian player should be able to be interesting in BU, MOC and on the wings. However, his in-game physique bothers us, as Carrasco tends to be a little rigid with his height. Thus, for some, he will be an extremely complete and versatile player, but for others, his physique will be a real blocker.

Style: Eye of the lynx, Gunner even Finisher.

Best position: MOC, AD but playable in BU

Oscar TOTS, Shanghai, CSL

We generally tend not to appreciate Brazilian cards from obscure leagues because three times out of four, these are generic as desired. However, it sometimes happens that a player shines a little more and this was the case with Oscar. The Chinese league player has the famous 4-4 combo, outside of the foot, ideal physical play, perfect agility and complete stats. Although he lacks speed, we consider Oscar to be an ideal (almost) MOC because he adapts quite easily to different playstyles depending on the style used. For us, Canonnier seemed the most effective, made him a very skilful player with the ball while being very strong from a distance.

Recommended Style: Gunner or Basic.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, FUT Heroes Makeover, Premier League

You should know by now, the AG version of this card is much better and more cost effective (DCE is overall expensive). However, OGS Metamorphosed is a fairly solid BU/MOC, although a little rigid in game. This is explained by a somewhat average physique and the absence of 5 stars in technical gestures to compensate. So, the old Mancunian is the type of card that is quite powerful but sometimes difficult to use if the gameplay is not good. Considering the price, the other version is much more interesting because it is a little more agile thanks to the difference in style.

Recommended Style: Hunter.

Bernardo Silva TOTS, Manchester City, Premier League

Having a very good RTTK version at the start of the FUT season, Bernardo Silva finally obtained an excellent TOTS card. Although a little slow and physically limited on paper, Silva proves to be a joy to play with the ball. Extremely nimble with the left stick due to near-full dribbling stats and an ideal in-game physique, the Portuguese player also has a secret weapon: a devastating outside foot shot. In the end, he would have only needed a bigger boost to be the best attacking midfielder in the Premier League when he left. Note that it is playable in MC in a formation with 3 or 4 midfielders, therefore in MC which is projected towards the attack.

Recommended style: Hunter or Eagle Eye.

Freddie Ljungberg FUT Heroes Makeover, MLS

If it had been from the Premier League, the latter would surely be 5 times more expensive… What a card and what a surprise for Freddie Ljungberg FUT Heroes Metamorphosed which turns into an excellent MOC. Although a little stiff, the latter is very nice to use with the ball and he confirms a little more why we liked his FUT Heroes Captain version: a sense of goal (both in shooting and passing) really incomparable at this price point. Note that we struggled at first to find a good style for it, but in the end Basic works best for us. Also, its performance is not a problem if you leave it in front, even in MOC.

Recommended style: Basic.

Phil Foden TOTS, Man City, Premier League

While its TOTY MH version was clearly a great surprise and a cheap alternative to KDB TOTY, this DCE was a real disappointment on our end. Not that the card is bad, since Foden remains a player we love to use on FIFA. But its price and the presence of equally good or more complete alternatives for less has totally put us off. Indeed, a Bernardo Silva will be just as good in the majority of teams, for half the price. Also, the lack of strength prevents him from playing effectively in both the BU and MC positions. Thus, with a plethora of options within the English league, Foden TOTS suffers from a somewhat limited boost from EA…

Style: Eye of the lynx even Hunter.

Best Position: MOC

Florian Wirtz TOTS, Leverkusen, Bundesliga

After a very solid Future Stars card, Wirtz returns with a TOTS version which seems to be a simple upgrade. Indeed, the gap between the two cards is relatively limited and for once, we regret that EA did not try to add a star to the German player's 4-4. Although his physical form in play is not ideal (average type), Wirtz is very pleasant with the ball thanks to an excellent level of agility. However, its lack of strength limits it in its use, since the latter is clearly a MOC and not a BU. Note that it is possible to foresee a situation where he would play as a rising MC, via a rather correct level of defense.

Style: Eye of the lynx, Gunner even Hunter

Best Position: MOC

Nabil Fekir TOTS, Betis, La Liga

We're going to be frank, Nabil Fekir TOTS disappointed us, just as much as his FUT Birthday. Although statistically solid during our test, the French player remains a bit unwieldy due to his physique. So, it's all or nothing: either you push back two defenders with each touch of the ball en route to the goal, or his control is missed. However, his shots (especially in finesse) really remain a strong point, which will be enough for some to take the plunge. On our side, we remain a little unsatisfied, especially given the supply available at this position.

Style: Hunter or Lynx Eye

Best position: MOC, even BU

Honorable mentions : Martin Odegaard FUT Birthday (Premier League), Carles Gil TOTS (MLS), Nani Fantasy (Serie A), Emile Smith Rowe Future Stars (Premier League), Maxi Morales TOTS (MLS), Juan Mata FDE (Premier League), Lucas Moura WW (Premier League), Lucas Zelarayan TOTS (MLS), Mattheus Cunha Future Stars (La Liga), Christian Eriksen FUT Fantasy (Premier League), Thomas MĂĽller TOTS (Bundesliga), Alexandru Maxim TOTS (SĂĽper Lig), Arianit Ferati Objectifs (Eredivisie), Abebi PelĂ© FUT Heroes (Ligue 1), Brahim Diaz Future Stars (Serie A), Luri Medeiros Showdown (Liga NOS), Dimitry Payet FUT Capitaines (Ligue 1), Jean-Paul BoĂ«tius FUT Birthday (Bundesliga), Mesut Ă–zil Moments (SĂĽper Lig), Andreas Weimann TOTS (EFL), Genki Haraguchi Showdown (Bundesliga), Muniain FUT Capitaines (La Liga), Maurice Cova TOTGS (Conmebol), John Swift TOTS (EFL), Fabio Carvalho Showdown (EFL), Morgan Gibbs-White TOTS (EFL), Andryi Yarmolenko Showdown (Premier League), Will Keane TOTS (Ang 3), Mario Götze Showdown (Eredivisie), Lars Stindl FUT Capitaines (Bundesliga), Alejandro Gomez RTTF (La Liga), Kai Havertz RTTF (Premier League), Marco Reus RTTK (Bundesliga), SaĂŻd Benrahma Vedettes (Premier League), Hakim Ziyech Moments Joueur (Premier Leaguel), Daichi Kamada FUT Birthday (Bundesliga), Dominik Szoboszlai RTTF (Bundesliga), Riccardo Orsolini Winter Wildcards ( Serie A), Jason Berthomier Objectifs (Ligue 1), Julian Draxler Moments Joueur (Ligue 1), Fabinho Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Junior Messias Winter Wildcards (Serie A), Shunsuke Nakamura Moment Joueurs (Japan).

Important: Dybala, Messi or even Benzema are not present here even if we consider that they are rather to be placed in MOC. They are present in our list of best forwards in FIFA 22 FUT mode.

Note here that we do not list Sadio Mané TOTW in MOC since the latter is more of a scorer or even a player on the wing in play, despite an IF card from MOC.

So much for our list of the best backgrounds and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 Best Midfield Lists, Meta Cards For FUT
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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