FIFA 22 best defenders lists, Meta cards for FUT

FIFA 22 best defenders lists, Meta cards for FUT

Here we list the best defenders and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is to list the best cards, whatever the price, to evolve at the best level in the game of football. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (TOTW, POTM etc) will be present here.

The only exception is Icon cards which will have their own list of best cards for FIFA 22.

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Update : Updated from Tuesday July 26. The arrival of the FUTTIES Team 2 cards has been taken into account.

List of the best defensive players for FUT on FIFA 22

We list here complete cards, who know how to defend but who also have a good level of passing in order to restart the game. With tactics often placing pressure on the defense, a good level of passing is essential at a high level.

The left defenders

If at the start the Meta left defenders were few in number, the choice is now much greater with in particular several Meta cards for each major league.

Joao Cancelo TOTS or TOTY, Manchester City, Premier League

Already an excellent DG (top 2) in TOTY version, Joao Cancelo has the luxury of obtaining a better TOTS card than his Team of The Year. Thus, the Portuguese player retains his strengths: an incredible passing level, 5 weak foot stars, a physical presence and a good level of agility. Thus, Cancelo is clearly a card to use in defensive midfield or even in MC if you have the possibility of creating a hybrid formation. Note that his TOTY remains extremely close in terms of stats, to the point that we find that the price difference is not really justified.

The TOTS card by Joao Cancelo

Recommended Style: Basic or Anchor.

Marcelo FUT Captains, Real Madrid, La Liga

While waiting for the TOTS to arrive, the new Sherrif as GM was Marcelo FUT Captains. To simplify, the Brazilian player has all the values ​​to make him the absolute weapon in this position. But in our opinion, just like for Cancelo TOTS/TOTY or even Hakimi TOTY, the quality of this card lies in its ability to evolve into MC, MDC or even more offensive positions. So, with 5-5 in stars, it would be a shame to limit Marcelo to the left flank.

Recommended Style: Anchor

Theo Hernandez TOTS, AC Milan, Serie A

Since the launch of the game, Théo Hernandez has been an incredible card on FIFA 22. As expected from the first versions of this article, the French player obtained a well-deserved TOTS following an incredible season. Thus, his only real weak point (his agility) has been corrected, allowing him now to evolve at the top of the Meta both in DG and MDC. From then on, the only difference between him and the first place lies in the offensive game, a point still a little weak for Theo, with in particular a unique physique which sometimes makes him a little rigid with the ball at his feet.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

Alphonso Davies TOTS, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

As often with Alphonso Davies, we get a fast, agile card but also effective in attack. If the Canadian player does not really deserve a TOTS card following his half-season, he remains a pleasure to use on FUT. With a Meta that pushes to use a GM in MC/MDC or 5 defender formations, Davies is clearly a great option and one of the best defenders in FIFA 22. Also note, links to some of the best Meta cards defenders (or MDC) of FIFA 22 via his Bayern team-mates Süle FB and Kimmich TOTS.

Recommended Style: Hinge or Gunner in offensive mode.

Ricardo Pereira Metamorphosed, Leicester, Premier League

The famous DCE “to do if you don't have Cancelo”, Ricardo Pereira Metamorphosed is an excellent DG. Powerful, strong but relatively agile and a good passer, Pereira is more of an MDC than a DG. With a high/high output, the latter will be able to play defensive MC without any problem. If its size nevertheless limits use in solo MDC, the Portuguese player will bring a lot of flexibility to your formats. So, in a world without Cancelo, he would be the best winger in the Premier League.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Roberto Pereyra Metamorphoses, Udinese, Serie A

Coming out of nowhere, this Metamorphosed card is really an example of a card without hype but excellent. Agile (an ideal physical in-game), quick, complete and with a 5-4 all-star, Roberto Pereyra is clearly one of the best left defenders in FIFA 22 at the time of its release. While Theo Hernandez TOTS is amazing thanks to his unique physicality which makes him very powerful, Pereyra is honestly an equally interesting and potentially more enjoyable card to play on offense.

Recommended Style: Sentinel.

Marcel Schmelzer FDE, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

Typically the style of card that goes unnoticed by many, Marcel Schmelzer FDE is however one of the best left defenders in FIFA 22. While not as versatile as a Cancelo or Marcelo, Schmelzer is very strong defensively with almost perfect stats at this level (defense and physical) as well as a high performance in defense. Also, its links are very interesting with Haaland TOTS and Guerreira Metamorphosed in particular as interesting cards. However, we prefer a player like Davies TOTS in the Bundesliga. due to more limited agility and somewhat less interesting attacking play.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Nuno Mendes TOTS or FUT Birthday, PSG, Ligue 1

The prototype of the GM on FIFA 22 could look like Nuno Mendes TOTS: a fast player, fluid with the ball, good at passing and solid in defense. Although it does not have the 5 stars of technical gestures of the FUT Birthday version (still playable and honestly very solid), the TOTS gains a big boost allowing it to be an excellent DG for a rather decent price. While it's true that a Cancelo TOTS/TOTY will be better both offensively and defensively, Mendes is still a great choice if you want to save money on the wings.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

David Raum TOTS, Hoffenheim, Bundesliga

The epitome of the Meta card but which doesn't cost much due to a very high supply, David Raum is a very good GM for those looking for a cheap option. Fast and agile (despite a somewhat basic physique), the German player shines above all in terms of his super complete stats. On the other hand, while he is clearly very solid in DG, he will be quite limited in a MDC/MC role due to relatively limited offensive stats. A basic but effective card, underestimated by the community.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

Marcos Acuna TOTS, FC Seville, La Liga

While his Headliners had been listed here for many months before the arrival of the first TOTS, Marcos Acuna is back. The Argentinian player is illustrated by a very powerful physique in play, which makes him a much better MDC / MC than DG. Thus, we strongly recommend swapping him with an agile MC during the match in order to obtain an excellent midfielder, capable of defending and scoring (his power shots are incredible).

Recommended Style: Anchor (in DG/MDC), Eagle Eye (MC).

Alexis Claude-Maurice Metamorphosed, OGC Nice, Ligue 1

“Maurice Fraud” is back after haunting your packs during the FUT Versus period. The French player continues to bring an extremely agile physique and great presence on the pitch. But, its characteristic irregularity is also present. Thus, we played quite a bit with him in DG then in MC in order to test his versatility and the latter responded present in both cases. However, we will always regret those moments when his touch on the ball seems ultra rigid or when his passes always seem to be in the direction of an opponent... A card with incredible potential but which never seems to manage to end a long period without a small passage empty.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Hector Bellerin Metamorphosed, Real Bétis, La Liga

A bit like Marcel Schmelzer FDE, Hector Bellerin Metamorphosed is a very good card defensively but limited offensively. Indeed, the Spanish player will clearly not be a threat if he manages to make the difference on the wing, a detail for some but which is very important for us. This is all the more important since his yield is high/low, which is quite contradictory with his stats. However, his excellent physique in play and his stats make him a very good GM.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

Andrew Robertson RTTK, Liverpool, Premier league

While Robertson is generally limited on the game due to his speed and strength, this RTTK version is amazing since the boost is very important. Indeed, the double upgrade has made it an extremely strong card in DG, compensating for the majority of the weaknesses of its Gold version. However, the card will be less versatile than Cancelo TOTGS with only 2 weak foot stars and little strength to allow a switch in MDC in game for example. Note that his TOTW version is clearly below his RTTK, closer to the fodder than anything else...

Recommended style: Shadow or Anchor.

Emerson Showdown, Lyon, Ligue 1

A map that we rarely encountered during the weekend, Emerson Showdown will unfortunately not benefit from a boost following the defeat of Italy. However, the latter is an excellent DG, very close to a Nuno Mendes TOTS on many points. It is perhaps these similarities that led L1 players to avoid this DCE since on the pitch, Emerson is very, very solid, with a level of play similar to the TOTS currently available.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Honorable Mentions: Mauro Junior TOTS (Eredivisie), Yannick Gerhardt Metamorphosed (Bundesliga), Nicky Cadden TOTS (EFL 4), Marc Cucurella Metamorphosed (Premier League), Guilherme Siltya TOTS (Süper Lig), Tyrick Mitchell TOTS (Premier League), Thomas Delaine WW ( Ligue 1), Claudio Bravo TOTS (MLS), Oleksandr Zinchenko Showdown (Premier League), Owen Wijndal TOTS (Eredivisie), Kieran Gibbs Goals (MLS), Yuri Berchiche FUT Birthday (La Liga), Grimaldo TOTS (Liga NOS), Alex Telles RTTF (Premier League), Sergio Gomez TOTS (Pro League), Ezgjan Alioski TOTS (MBS), Leonardo Spinazzola Winter Wildcards (Serie A), Jerome Roussillon Fantasy FUT (Bundesliga), Alex Sandro Fantasy FUT (Serie A), Ivan Torres TOTGS (Conmebol), Christian Günther FUT Captains (Bundesliga), Guerrero TOTS (Switzerland), Cristian Ansaldi FUT Birthday (Serie A), Raphaël Guerreiro FUT Birthday (Bundesliga), Alex Moreno Winter Wildcards (La Liga), Ferland Mendy (La Liga ), Kieran Tierney Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Renan Lodi RTTK (La Liga), Kai Wagner Goals (MLS), Luke Shaw Player Moments (Premier League), Maxwell Cornet Rulebreakers (Premier League), Nico Schulz Versus (Bundesliga), Nicolas Tagliafico Versus (Eredivisie), Reguilon Numbersup (Premier League), Miranda Futures Stars (La Liga).

The rights defenders

On the right, the ultra Meta options remain a little more limited than on the left, although now the special cards are quite numerous on the big leagues.

Federico Valverde Metamorphosed, Real Madrid, La Liga

It took almost 6 months to find a better right defender than Achraft Hakimi TOTY. However, Metamorphosed Federico Valverde is not only the best DD in FIFA 22, but also one of the very best defenders in the game for years. The Real player is capable of playing in DD, MDC, MC or even DC (in a formation with three defenders) as his stats, his physique (unique in the game) and his performance are excellent. Omnipresent in defense, the latter turns into a real attacker on a 3-5-2 (on the wing). Note that his lack of balance was not felt, although that could be a slight problem with a bad connection.

Valverde's SS letter.

Recommended Style: Anchor, Hinge, Motor see Guardian

Achraf Hakimi TOTY, PSG, Ligue 1

Already considered since the start of FIFA 22 as the best right defender in the game, Hakimi should not be dethroned this season following the arrival of a TOTY version. Indeed, the PSG defender is now the prototype of the DD with speed, a solid level of passing, great mobility and exemplary defensive stats. In addition, his links are quite good with several TOTYs at PSG and overall many special cards on the Ligue 1 side. Note that his OTW and TOTW versions remain absolutely playable and among the best left defender cards in FIFA 22.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

Ivan Cordoba FUT Heroes Metamorphosed, Serie A

Although less effective offensively than a Dani Alves FB, we consider Ivan Cordoba FUT Heroes Shapeshifted to be a better card defensively speaking. Physical, agile and fast (an ideal combo in this position), the Colombian is a hybrid between a DC and a DD, making him the ideal card for a DC in 3-5-2. In addition, its links make it easier to integrate Meta cards like Chiellini FDE, Felipe Anderson Meta or Di Natale FUT Heroes. If Cuadrado TOTS is a better option for an offensive game, Cordoba is the ideal choice from a more classic perspective of a DD that stays behind in play.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Dani Alves FUT Birthday, FC Barcelona, ​​La Liga

Absent from the game before the arrival of the FUT Birthday promo, Dani Alves obtains there one of the best cards of right defenders in FIFA 22. With 5-5 in stars, complete and balanced stats, the FC Barcelona player is practically the ideal DD. If his in-game physique is a bit average, his agility and balance should make up for it. Note that in our opinion, Alves is a very good winger, therefore playable in MC or MD on 3-5-2 style formations. Finally, the icing on the cake, the links are excellent with Barça players like De Jong RTTK, Pedro FS and Torres FS but also Brazilian players such as Militao Adidas.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Metamorphosed Raphael Guerreiro, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

Typically the kind of card we like, Metamorphosed Raphael Guerreiro is an extremely complete DD. With a high/high performance, an agile physique, 5-4 in stars, outside of the foot and good stats, the Portuguese player is able to evolve in MC, MDC (in duo with a more physical player), even on the wings on a 3-5-2. A versatility that we appreciate a lot as much as the ball at his feet, his stats, his physique and his traits make him a card that could even be offensive if necessary. Note good links via the nation the club, Can Metamorphosés being earlier correct.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Danny Da Costa Showdown, Frankfurt, Bundesliga

What a monster! Following Frankfurt's victory in the final, Danny Da Costa is now one of the best DDs in FIFA 22 thanks to a combo of speed, defense and outstanding physicality. It is in particular this power in play that makes him an exceptional player since he can be played in MDC and DC if necessary (especially via his cursed formations such as 5-3-2). Note, however, offensive stats a little behind, which will limit players seeking to project themselves with their wingers. However, given its price, it is one of the best DCEs of the season.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Reece James FUTTIES, Chelsea, Premier League

FUTTIES cards are inherently (they come at the end of the FUT cycle) some of the best defender cards due to incredibly high stats. We are therefore generally on players who can do everything. However, our opinion on James FUTTIES is quite mixed. On the one hand, his stats allow him to evolve into DD, MD or even MDC. On the other hand, his lack of stamina, agility and his physical appearance somewhat limit his interest at high level. Thus, the Chelsea player would almost be a better DC (in 3-5-2) than a winger.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Juan Cuadrado TOTS, Juventus, Serie A

If he already had solid cards with his RTTK version in particular, Juan Cuadrado is now one of the very best right defenders in FIFA 22 via his TOTS. Fast, agile (an ideal physique in play) and relatively physical now, the Colombian player is also illustrated by his 5 stars of technical gestures, allowing him to make the difference in a duel. We therefore prefer him in a formation where he can climb, on a 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 for example. Note the links with excellent players of his team including Dybala TOTS and Chiellini FDE.

Recommended Style: Hinged.

James Tavernier TOTS, Rangers, Scotland

We are not going to cut corners, James Tavernier really only has two weaknesses: his 3-3 in stars and his league, limiting his interest at high level. Other than that, the England player is simply amazing both defensively and offensively. If we would have liked a high/high yield for the player in MC or even MDC, Tavernier is clearly an excellent option in DD and one of the best defender cards in FIFA 22 in June.

Recommended Style: Hinged or Basic.

Lucas Martinez Quarta Metamorphoses, Fiorentina, Serie A

A card very close to Cuadrado on many points, Lucas Martinez Quarta is concretely an equivalent version but with less good links than the Juventus player. In detail, the Argentinian has an extra star in low foot but his defensive performance is average (compared to high/high of Cuadrado), a difference that will be important depending on your style of play and your formation. Thus, Quarta Metamorphosed is very complete but a bit generic in game, the latter seeming to be a copy of the TOTS version of the Colombian DD.

Recommended Style: Anchor or Sentinel.

Trent Alexander-Arnold TOTS, Liverpool, Premier League

One of our favorite players on FIFA and in real life, Trent Alexander-Arnold has finally gotten a good special card from his Rulebreakers version. Thus, this TOTS is one of the best defender cards on FIFA 22 thanks in particular to its versatility. Reminiscent of his TOTY from last year, TAA is as good at DD as he is at MC/MDC via an excellent passing game. If his lack of strength is a slight weakness (especially if he is aligned alone in MDC), the English player should charm the aerial game specialists via his crosses. A very good card that also benefits from links with Salah TOTS, Gomez Flashback, Alli Flashback or Foden TOTS.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Jonathan Clauss ALL, RC Lens, Ligue 1

One of our favorites on FIFA 21 in TOTS version, Jonathan Clauss obtained a card in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season again this year. good stats, the RC Lens player has found a place of choice among the FUT formations of many players. However, his main weakness lies in his passing game, which remains a notch below the best options in this position. However, his nationality allows good links, as does his strong link with Fofana.

Recommended style: Sentinel or Hinge.

Kevin Mbabu FUTTIES, Wolfsburg, Bundesliga

After two Versus versions, Kevin Mbabu is back with a FUTTIES. As usual with the Swiss player, we are on an excellent defensive option for players who do not let their wingers up. It must be said that Mbabu is ideal for this: a large size, a high defensive performance and a combo of almost perfect defensive stats. So, Mbabu FUTTIES is one of the best right-back cards to use in a DC role on a three-man defense. Beyond that, the card is a bit limited for our taste, even Haidara will be better in a more offensive role.

Recommended Style: Hinged.

Jesus Navas ALL, FC Sevilla, La Liga

After an excellent RTTK version (extremely underrated by the community) at the beginning of the year, Jesus Navas obtained a TOTS via Objectives. The Spanish player retains the qualities of his first special card with a particularly pleasant feeling of ball-to-foot fluidity. Although lacking in strength and stars in weak footing to really challenge the best cards in this position, Navas TOTS has the advantage of very good links to justify its use.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Honorable Mentions: Sergino Dest Moments TOTY (La Liga), Amadou Haidara Metamorphosed (Bundesliga), Daniel James Metamorphosed (Premier league), Pedro Porro TOTS (Liga NOS), Youcef Atal Fantasy FUT (Ligue 1), Thiago Mendes Metamorphosed (Ligue 1), Jeremie Frimpong TOTS (Bundesliga), Noussair Mazraoui TOTS (Eredivisie), Tino Livramento TOTS (Premier League), Reece James Vedettes (Premier League), Giovanni Di Lorenzo FUT Birthday (Serie A), Onur Bulut TOTS (Süper Lig), Kyle Walker RTTF (Premier League), Daniel Munoz TOTS (Pro League), Joao Cancelo Vedettes (Premier League), Serge Aurier Showdown (La Liga), Djede Spence TOTS (EFL 2), Mattéo Darmian Showdown (Serie A), Leonardo Godoy TOTGS (Conmebol ), Stefan Lainer FUT Birthday (Bundesliga), Rasmus Kristensen TOTS (Austria), Seamus Coleman FUT Captains (Premier League), Takehiro Tomiyasu Future Stars (Premier League), Benjamin Pavard Showdown (Bundesliga), Odrizola Fantasy FUT (Serie A), Hamari Traoré RTTK (Ligue 1), Léo Dubois Captains FUT (Ligue 1), Jeremie Frimpong Futures Stars (Bundesliga), Brandon Bye TOTS (MLS), Youcef Atal Gross Recrues ou TOTW (Ligue 1), Issa Kabore Futures Stars (Ligue 1 ), Nelson Semedo Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Azpilicueta Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Ander Capa Rulebreakers (La Liga), Kieran Trippier Winter Wildcards (La Liga), Leeroy Owusu Foundation (Eredivisie), Kevin Mbabu Versus (Bundesliga), Joakim Maehle RTTK (Serie A).

Central defenders

Unlike last year, the options in central defenders are very numerous. Our list takes into account the stats of the cards but also the possibilities of linking players as easily as possible. So cards like Marquinhos or Varane will be at the top of the list although other players are noticeably superior in the game.

Giorgio Chiellini FDE, Juventus, Serie A

And three for Giorgio Chiellini who, after a Flashback and a FUT Captain, has just obtained a new End of an Era card. As much to say it immediately, this card is absolutely incredible as its physical presence is important. If he is not as mover as a Koulibaly or a VVD, Chiellini has the advantage of being a master key, like a Marquinhos. So whether you're playing with your DCs or autopiloting them via the AI, the Italian veteran will be effective. If the Meta links around him are more limited than a Marquinhos, Militao or Dias, Chiellini FDE is a must-have since he is, without a doubt, one of the best defender cards in FIFA 22. Note that the We prefer to use the Engine style, which we consider to be far superior to Shadow, especially if you play with your DCs.

Giorgio Chiellini's end of an era card.

Recommended Style: Engine or Catalyst

Kyle Walker Metamorphosed, Man City, Premier League

One of the best defender maps in FIFA 22? That's what we hoped for when we got Kyle Walker Metamorphosed. The English player had already had a TOTW in DC last year which had caused a lot of attackers to suffer. Thus, we expected a similar experience and we were not disappointed. Extremely fast in the field, Walker also has a rather strong defensive AI, making him a Varane card: always well placed even when he shouldn't. If his size could be a defect, he is nevertheless the ideal DC in a formation with three central defenders (3-5-2 or 5-3-2). Note very good links now with many Meta players from Man City.

Recommended Style: Hinged or Basic.

Marquinhos TOTS or TOTY, PSG, Ligue 1

A rain of special cards for Marquinhos this year! The Brazilian has earned Meta cards throughout the season including a TOTY who was considered the best defender in FIFA 22 since its release. While it's possible that another DC is better in your hands, the PSG captain has his easy-to-use and efficient side in all situations, which backs up our rankings. So its TOTS is a slight improvement over the TOTY, a complete board that can do it all. Everything, to the point that we even used Marquinhos in MDC in Elite and FUT Champion for weeks… In short, a real crack.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Eder Miliato TOTS, Real Madrid, La Liga

After an excellent Adidas Numbersup version, Eder Militao TOTS is one of the very best central defender cards in FIFA 22. Extremely fast, agile (via an ideal physical in-game) but also powerful, the Brazilian DC is very close to the best card in the game. play at his position, whatever your style of play (passive or played DCs). Also, the possible links are pretty good with Courtois and Alaba but also quite a few Brazilian Meta players across different leagues. Note that its Adidas version is still playable, although now overtaken by a lot of TOTS.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Anchor

Ivan Cordoba, FUT Heroes, Serie A

While we loved its FUT Heroes version at the start of the year, Cordoba is back at the top of the Meta with a FUT Heroes Captains version. Powerful, fast, agile, the Colombian player has everything to please except… his height. This point is extremely important since cards like Weghorst are currently very popular in the game, which could limit its usefulness. From our point of view, Cordoba is efficient despite his size, but he will need a big one at his side. Note that a switch in MDC is possible but its level at the pass will limit its effectiveness a little.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Pierre Kalulu Metamorphosed, AC Milan, Serie A

When certain players evoke Pierre Kalulu Metamorphosed only within the framework of a perfect link with Théo Hernandez and Mike Maignan, our heart stops. The French defender is so much more than a good link: he's one of the best DC cards in FIFA 22. Fast and agile, he reminds us of an Eder Militao TOTS since both players share the same type of physique. In the end, with ideal performance and incredible stats, he only needs a bigger size or an additional weak foot star to really be the absolute weapon in central defender.

Recommended style: Anchor.

If Gvardiol TOTS, RB Leipzig, Bundesliga

So there, watch out, Gvardiol TOTS is amazing! Powerful, fast, agile, the Croatian player is certainly one of the best central defender cards in FIFA 22 at this price point. With 4 weak foot stars, the latter is more easily usable in a duo, both with a more agile player and a taller DC. Therefore, only links can limit its use, an important point since only Klostermann Fantasy FUT and Nkunku can provide a strong link with him.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Anchor

Kalidou Koulibaly TOTS, Naples, Serie A

From his Gold card, we appreciated Koulibaly. The Napoli player has consistently earned some of the best defender cards in FIFA 22 including a POTM and All-Stars consistently placed in this ranking. No surprise therefore to find Koulibaly TOTS here. The defender retains his unique physique which makes him his strength but also makes him difficult for some to use. It must be said that his physique pushes him to be very aggressive in his interventions, a good thing if you like this style of defender but which could create spaces in your defense. Also noteworthy are ties that are difficult to achieve outside of Serie A, which limits its appeal.

Recommended Style: Engine

Raphaël Varane Flashback, Manchester United, Premier League

Initially, we wanted to just write “Varane TOTS FIFA 21” and leave it at that, but a lot of FIFA 22 players didn't play or play this map last year. Thus, we will explain why Varane is a top 3 DC in the game currently and why we highly recommend you to do the DCE. The French defender has a unique physique, very long, which allows him to move very quickly on the pitch. If his balance seems off, this type of physique totally makes up for it in play, as Varane is nimble, strong, and fast. In addition, he has a very specific way of tackling, allowing him to stop an attacker from behind (as if the legs were wrapping around the player), even if they were out of speed. In short, even in the Gold version, Varane remains a very difficult wall to pass and its Flashback version is a significant improvement...

Recommended Style: Shadow or Anchor

Ruben Dias TOTY or TOTS, Manchester City, Premier League

After buying Ruben Dias back in March over a ties issue, we had the opportunity to play with the Portuguese defender again. While we still consider Rudiger TOTY MH to be more comprehensive, our opinion on the map has changed a bit. Thus, his balancing of his stats limits the interest of the style well but for the rest, the defender of City is really incredible. Powerful, physical but fast enough, the latter is perfect in addition to a player who is a little more agile and fine. Also, his passing stats and 4 weak foot stars make him a very good raiser. Note his links which are excellent (especially with the other Man City cards but also via the nation), making him one of the very best defenders in the game. Update: his TOTS version is very close to the TOTY but the latter remains a notch higher. Thus, his TOTS would be a few positions below, behind a VVD or even Gomez FB.

Recommended Style: Ombre or Motor

Nordi Mukiele Metamorphoses, RB Leipzig, Bundesliga

A really cheap card when it was released, Nordi Mukiele Metamorphoses is nevertheless an incredible option and one of the best defender cards in FIFA 22. Relatively agile, fast and powerful, the French player is a very good compromise of power and ease of attack. use in the middle of cards like VVD, Dias, Süle or Koulibaly. Thus, we consider it a very good player if you need a versatile DC or are looking for a more maneuverable card than the players listed above. Note the excellent links via the nation and the league, making it very easy to use it in Hybrid formation.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Virgil Van Dijk TOTS, Liverpool, Premier League

VVD is quite an odd card on FIFA 22. Relatively slow via a lack of acceleration, the Liverpool defender is a great player if you learn how to use it well. So, if you don't play too much with your DCs, Van Dijk has a great AI, especially in the box. Conversely, its agility and speed could be problematic if you tend to play very aggressively. Besides, his lack of speed is also a problem on deep passes, especially if you play with your defensive line very high. Therefore, VVD needs a good way to play him but also, a pair that complements him: a player potentially smaller, agile and fast. Note that its Star version is also playable.

Recommended Style: Catalyst

Niklas Sule Flashback, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

The return of the German tank! After an excellent Showdown card, Süle finally obtained a Flashback card via objectives, making it one of the best defender cards in FIFA 22. Powerful and fast, the German player really shines in duels thanks to a very strong physique. While lacking in trigger, its size makes up for it a bit on aerial play, although that remains a limitation of this card. Overall, this is probably one of the best objective maps we've had this year.

Recommended Style: Ombre

Cristian Romero Showdown, Spurs, Premier League

Since the launch of FIFA 22, Romero has been one of the best cheap defender cards in the game, including a very interesting first TOTW. Although relatively average in game size, the Argentine DC is quite nimble and fluid, somewhat resembling a Koundé. Ideal for players who like to move their defenders manually, Romero will be able to pair effectively with the majority of Premier League DCs. Note: we used Romero before his boost, this part will be updated soon to reflect the evolution of the card following his +2.

Recommended style: Anchor.

Dante TOTS, OGC Nice, Ligue 1

A week after Süle, EA does it again with an incredible new card in objectives: Dante TOTS. Here again, we are on a very powerful DC in both stats and physics, an ideal card if you don't like to touch your DCs outside the box too much. Effective in aerial play due to its size, it is the ideal complement to a smaller defender. Note that as a bonus, the Brazilian player benefits from very good links to easily include himself in your formations.

Recommended Style: Ombre

Jules Koundé TOTS, Sevilla FC, La Liga

A card we've loved since the launch of FIFA 22, Jules Koundé is back among the best defenders in the game with his TOTS. Agile, fast but also relatively powerful with the Ancre style, the French player is truly excellent value for money among all major league TOTS. However, we note his tendency to lose aerial duels against BUs like Haaland or Ronaldo.

Recommended Style: Anchor

Kieran Tierney Metamorphosed, Arsenal, Premier League

Those who have played with his WW version in DG know that Tierney has a little something extra about FIFA this year! Agile and fast (despite a slightly average physical appearance), Metamorphosed Tierney is a rather interesting DC because of his stats since he is really closer to a winger than a central defender. Thus, it is a very good card in the perspective of a formation with 3 central defenders. On the other hand, in a more classic formation, its size risks being a weakness on the aerial game if you face fairly large and physical BUs...

Recommended style: Anchor.

Tiago Djalo FUTTIES, LOSC, Ligue 1

A free card via the FUTTIES event, Tiago Djalo is back after a very good card during the RTTK event. Fast, powerful and with an excellent yield (medium/high), he is the typical DC that we now see on FUT. However, he does not really stand out from the best TOTS cards of older defenders, due to a fairly common physique, lack of trait and good stats but nothing more. We are therefore on a good free option if you need links between Ligue 1 cards and players like Cancelo TOTS but otherwise, Djalo is rather generic.

Recommended style: Ombre.

Emre Can Metamorphosed, Borussia Dortmund, Bundesliga

While Can generally has a speed/acceleration misalignment, this Metamorphosed version is very balanced at this level. Besides, his stats are excellent and his sliding tackles trait is a plus, making him a rather interesting DC or even MDC on the current Meta. However, his physique makes him not very agile (but powerful) which could be an obstacle to his use in certain formations (it is preferable to use agile DCs in a 3-5-2 for example). Thus, it is an interesting and effective option but only in a combo with a more fluid player, such as Koundé TOTS, Militao TOTS or Kalulu SS.

Recommended style: Anchor or Shadow.

Honorable Mentions: Chris Wood Metamorphosed (Premier League), Antonio Rudiger TOTY MH (Premier League), Presnel Kimpembe RTTF (Ligue 1), Joe Gomez Flashback (Premier League), Mario Gomez Metamorphosed (Serie A), Kevin Volland Metamorphosed (Ligue 1), Aymeric Laporte TOTS (Premier League), Thomas Delaney Metamorphosed (La Liga), Sergio Ramos FUT Birthday (Ligue 1), Lukas Klostermann Fantasy FUT (Bundesliga), Jurrien Timber TOTS (Eredivisie), David Alaba TOTS (La Liga), William Saliba TOTS (Ligue 1), Marko Arnautovic Metamorphoses (Serie A), Senesi Showdown (Eredivisie), Milan Skriniar TOTS (Serie A), Maxence Lacroix Future Stars (Bundesliga), Nico Schlotterbeck TOTS (Bundesliga), Piero Hincapié Fantasy FUT (Bundesliga) , Maracas Objectifs (Liga NOS), Jean-Clair Todibo TOTS (Ligue 1), Araujo TOTS (La Liga), Nacho Fernandez Showdown (La Liga), Olivier Boscagli TOTS (Eredivisie), Jeong Ho Hong TOTS (Korea), Min Jae Kim TOTS (Süper Lig), Connor Goldson Showdown (SPFL), Lisandro Martinez RTTF (Eredivisie), Tyrone Mings FUT Captains (Premier League), Christian Burgess TOTS (Pro League), Gabriel Paulista Showdown (La Liga), John Stone Fantasy FUT (Premier League), Aymeric Laporte Showdown (Premier League), Stefan De Vrij FUT Birthday (Serie A), Bremer TOTS (Serie A), Jason Denayer RTTF (Ligue 1), Matias Catalan TOTGS (Conmebol), Sebastien Coates TOTS (Liga NOS), Kal Nainsmith TOTS (EFL 2), Jan Vertonghen Fantasy FUT (Liga NOS), Lucas Hernandez RTTF (Bundesliga), Gary Cahill Season Goals (EFL), José Gimenez Fantasy FUT (La Liga), Farouk Chafaï TOTS (MBS) , Conor Coady TOTS (Premier League), Walker Zimmerman TOTS (MLS), Jon Guthrie TOTS (EFL 4), Welsey Hoedt TOTS (Pro League), Bardakci TOTS (Süper Lig), Gerard Pique Showdown (La Liga), Eric Bailly Showdown (Premier League), Pepe FUT Captains (Liga NOS), Boyata FUT Captains (Bundesliga), Niklas Sûle Showdown (Bundesliga), Davidson Sanchez FUT Birthday (Premier League), Liam Cooper FUT Captains (Premier League), Tiago Djalo TOTGS (League 1), Ahmed Hegazi TOTS (MBS), Joe Gomez Versus (Premier League), Gomez Andrade TOTS (MLS), Juan Patino TOTS (Conmebol), José Fonté FUT Captains (Ligue 1), Ibrahima Konaté Future Stars (Premier League), Nicolas Cozza Winter Wildcards (Ligue 1), Roger Ibanez Future Stars (Serie A), Nnamdi Collins Winter Wildcards (Bundesliga), Ruben Vezo FUT Birthday (La Liga), Jordan Teze Winter Wildcards (Eredivisie), Arthur Theate Headliners (Serie A) , Evan Ndicka Future Stars (Bundesliga), Tyler Magloire Winter Wildcards (EFL), Alex Tuanzebe Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Simon Kjaer Moments Player (Serie A), Mohammed Salisu Future Stars (Premier League), Jeremiah St Juste TOTW (Mainz ), Dayot Upamecano OTW (Bundesliga), Chalobah Future Stars (Premier League), Çaglar Söyüncü Winter Wildcards (Premier League), Moussa Niakhate Winter Wildcards (Bundesliga), Giorgio Chellini Flashback (Serie A), Manuel Akanji TOTW (Bundesliga), Cristian Romero MOTM, Matthijs de Ligt RTTK (Serie A).

So much for our list of the best defenders and Meta cards for FIFA 22 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 22 best defenders lists, Meta cards for FUT
The list of all our solutions for active DCEs on FIFA 22.
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