FIFA 22, a new online career mode

FIFA 22, a new online career mode

While EA should unveil the new features of FIFA 22 at its conference on July 22, a job offer published by the studio (source in English) evokes the presence of a new online career mode. If the FUT mode (FIFA Ultimate Team) remains the heart of FIFA, EA has regularly sought to add more content to its game. Thus, an online career mode evokes the idea of ​​potentially playing with several people in the same club, but in a still different way from Club pro.

An online career mode on FIFA 22?

The announcement, published a few days ago, therefore evokes the development of an online career mode, without further details. We therefore think of the recent success of pro clubs (multiple online mode) and also of the various attempts in terms of game mode.

EA job advert says they're hiring Online Software Engineers to work on a FIFA "online career mode"

New feature in FIFA 22? 👀

— FIFA 21 News (@UltimateTeamUK) June 3, 2021

Thus, after having tried several years in a row to offer a scripted career mode, EA had attempted a drastic change with Volta. Again, the success of these two game modes has been rather moderate, while the majority of players continue to play almost exclusively FUT.

A reveal of FIFA 22 soon?

For the moment, EA has only announced a conference, on the sidelines of E3 2021, on July 22. It is almost certain that FIFA 22 will be there, as well as Battlefield 2042 and the next Madden. However, we hope that the first new features will be announced before this date…

We are therefore awaiting more information concerning this possible future online career mode on the next FIFA 22.

FIFA 22, a new online career mode
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FIFA 22, a new online career mode
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