FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT

Here we reveal our example for an ultimate Meta LaLiga team in the FUT mode of FIFA 21. The idea is to offer you a formation made up of the best cards of a specific championship. Be careful because here, the best cards do not always mean that the overall score is the highest at this position. On the contrary, the intention is to present a playable eleven in competition on FUT.

So here it is the opposite of a starter team, we see rather an almost perfect formation with the basic gold cards at the release of FIFA 21. For examples of a starter team, you can consult our dedicated guide.

Our Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT

Note that here, the composition does not often take into account the cards with the highest overall rating. We are looking more for a good combo of stats with, in particular, speed.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT
Our example of an ultimate team with LaLiga players.

Some possible changes

  • Up front, Benzema is a default pick against Suarez and Griezmann. It's the best BU in LaLiga but clearly not the best Meta level choice...
  • Yes we have put Mendy in place of Jordi Alba! The French player's card is simply amazing, but if you prefer Barca...
  • On the right, Navas is also very good but he lacks the physicality to win against slightly more powerful wingers.
  • Lenglet is a very good card but ideally Ramos is a bit more complete, for an ultimate team that made the difference for us.
  • In goalkeeping it's a matter of style, we prefer Oblak but the three goalkeeper options within LaLiga are solid.

So much for our example of a LaLiga Ultimate Team Meta for FIFA 21 FUT mode. Once again, our guide mainly offers examples and tips to help you design your own team. You can find all the news, guides and DCE solutions on our portal dedicated to FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Meta LaLiga for FUT
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