FIFA 21, the new features of FUT mode

FIFA 21, the new features of FUT mode

Discover here the first new features for the FUT mode of FIFA 21. The most popular mode of EA's football franchise will obviously be back with some rather important new features. As a reminder, the new opus of the football franchise will succeed FIFA 20 on October 9 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

What's New in FIFA 21 FUT Mode

Obviously, who says FIFA says the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, more commonly known as FUT. Like every year for a decade now, the FUT mode will be back on FIFA 21. If players will mainly talk about new cards and packs that are still as random as ever, EA wanted to unveil some new features. Note that this article will be updated according to the studio's various announcements.

The main new features of FUT mode

First of all, the main novelty seems to be the arrival of a Co-op FUT mode specific. Thus, the game emphasizes multiplayer and will allow you to play with a friend, on FUT, to unlock content for this new game mode. Better still, it will be possible to play in Team Battles and in Rivals in co-op and obtain rewards specific to this Co-op mode.

team events, represents player, team or competition specific events where FUT fans can compete for unique bonuses. Thus, during a Champions League evening, EA will offer players unique challenges and matches, allowing fans to defend their colors.

Community events, challenges and challenges to be carried out as a group, or even for all FUT mode players, allowing everyone to unlock gifts if the players manage to complete the events before a specific date.

Rivals Rewards should also push players to surpass themselves. Thus, you will get more packs and FUT credits by going up in division. In addition, it will be possible to assess your level of play and thus place yourself via Team Battles.

It's here end of Form elements for your players! EA has decided to remove Form Cards and temporary stat boosts. The idea is to make the game less restrictive in the menus while adding more complexity on other points.

Furthermore, with the arrival of new generation consoles, the transfer market will be a little more cross-platform. If for the moment EA has only indicated that it will be possible to transfer its club and its players from the PS4 and PS5 or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, the studio has also confirmed that the console markets will be linked. From then on, PS4 and PS5 players will use the same transfer market, the same for the Microsoft console. This is a first step towards a common market, which could ultimately favor players because the supply of cards would be much greater, especially for those playing on PC.

New Icon Cards: FUT 100

Finally, although it's not really a "novelty" in itself, the arrival of Eric Cantona as an Icon card could indicate new changes on these special cards. It must be said that EA has already transformed its system quite a bit with Icon cards via FIFA 20 (more DCE but a slightly less random system via objectives and swap), so we could see many more new cards and potentially other novelties to come.

The list of 11 new cards for FUT 21: Cantona, Eto'o, Puskas, Šuker, Cole, Cech, Torres, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Vidic and Xavi.

More customization is on the program, especially at your stadium. Thus, it will be possible to add intro music, pyrotechnics during goals or to change the colors of the stadium. In addition, the stadium can be modified in its shape, allowing you to create the enclosure of your dreams yourself!

That's it for our summary of the main new features of the FUT mode for the new FIFA 21. This article will be updated according to future announcements made by EA.

FIFA 21, the new features of FUT mode
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FIFA 21, the new features of FUT mode
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