FIFA 21, servers down, unable to connect to FUT

FIFA 21, servers down, unable to connect to FUT

Despite the years, server problems still exist on the Origin and EA side, making it impossible for players to connect to FUT or even FIFA 21. You will be notified here whenever the servers are unavailable and if there are sometimes a solution.

Update : Updated from October 24 at 03:34. Finally, EA has just announced that its services have been restored. The duration of the Weekend League will be extended by 24 hours.

Match creation has been re-enabled, thanks for your patience while we worked through this. The Weekend League has been extended by 24 hours.

— FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) October 24, 2020

Update : Updated from October 24 at 02:21. A priori players are starting to be able to connect to FUT mode again (this is our case on PC). However, it is still not possible to start a game, even in Team Clash.

Update : Updated October 24 at 00:37: EA confirms that its teams were still working to find a solution to its connection problems. For the moment, no return to normal schedule has been mentioned…

Hey gamers! Checking in to let you know that we are still working on getting our online services back up and running. We appreciate your continued patience and will be keeping you updated along the way!

— EA Help (@EAHelp) October 23, 2020

Update : Updated from October 23 at 23:21 p.m. EA's FIFA servers are still down, the developers have not given a date for a return to normal.

We have temporarily disabled match creation in all active FIFA titles while we investigate reports of connectivity issues. We'll provide an update in this thread when one becomes available.

— FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) October 23, 2020

Friday October 23 at 19 a.m. : With the launch of the Rulebreakers event and the second week of FUT Champions, EA's servers experienced a technical problem. It is now impossible for players from different platforms to log into FUT.

Servers down, unable to connect to FUT

It happens quite regularly that a connection problem is present on EA's servers. Thus, the message "EA servers are not available at the moment" appears when trying to connect. It is also sometimes possible to be connected to FUT but without being able to start a game.

The first reflex is to check if you can connect to another tool, like PlayStation Store, or Steam depending on your platforms. If the connection is impossible, then the problem lies with EA.

Regularly check the messages on this article as well as the tweets from the official EA FIFA Direct account (in English) or even EA Help.

So much for our article listing the periods when it is impossible to connect to FUT and down servers on FIFA 21. In the meantime, do not hesitate to consult all of our FUT guides. You can also find the complete list of the different live DCEs for the FUT mode of FIFA 21 on our list of active Squad Building Challenges (DCE).

FIFA 21, servers down, unable to connect to FUT
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FIFA 21, servers down, unable to connect to FUT
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FIFA 21, servers down, unable to connect to FUT
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