FIFA 21, new game servers in Europe

FIFA 21, new game servers in Europe

While players often complain about the quality of game servers, EA has confirmed that FIFA 21 will have three new game servers in Europe. Thus, fans can expect better quality for online games, especially in Rivals mode.

As a reminder, the new opus of the football franchise will succeed FIFA 20 on October 9 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Note that the game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

New servers for FIFA 21

As mentioned above, the quality of the servers on FIFA has often been a point much criticized by players. Thus, it was not uncommon to play with a lot of ping or even to be disconnected in the middle of a meeting. EA therefore reviewed its copy this year by adding three new servers in Europe for the release of FIFA 21 (source in English).

FIFA 21, new game servers in Europe

These three new European servers should significantly improve the quality of play for FUT fans. Regarding French players, if a center was already present in Paris, adding servers in neighboring countries could also improve the gaming experience.

Indeed, Spanish, British and Italian players will be less often connected to French servers, thus limiting traffic.

Fewer connection and disconnection problems on FIFA 21?

This announcement of the addition of new servers in Europe for FIFA 21 is therefore excellent news since it should significantly reduce the nuisance associated with online games.

However, some issues directly related to the game will also need to be corrected to fully reassure fans. On our side, the online game problems are one of the major points to be settled on the side of EA. We listed these issues in particular in our preview of FIFA 21.

We therefore hope that the installation of these new game servers in Europe will bring a significant improvement in the quality of FIFA 21 online play. While waiting to play the new FIFA, you can find all the news, solutions to DCE and our advice on the FIFA portal of

FIFA 21, new game servers in Europe
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FIFA 21, new game servers in Europe
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