FIFA 21 how to start well on FUT

FIFA 21 how to start well on FUT

Whether you are new to the FIFA franchise or are a regular at FUT mode, here is our guide and advice for getting started on FUT when FIFA 21 is released. Also, we will present the main choices to be made, the DCEs to be made as well as the methods to earn credits quickly from the first days. So the goal is to start building your team, earning credits, and getting started for the year ahead.

It should be noted that the author of this guide has around 1200 hours of play on FIFA 20, having mopped up the DCEs of the FUT mode all year.

Which nation to choose to start your FUT season on FIFA 21?

The first major choice to be made in FUT mode will be to choose the nation for your starter pack. Indeed, EA offers you a fairly large pack including your first cards of the season. However, you must choose the main nationality making up this pack. Thus, you will have the choice between nearly a dozen nations to compose your very first team on FUT 21.

Our advice : Ignore the small nations and focus on England, Germany, Brazil or even Spain and France.

The advantage of these nations lies in the fact that they have many players in the different major leagues, but also that these nations are often useful in the first DCE (Team Creation Challenge) of FUT.

Also note that Brazil and France allow you to create formations with many different leagues, which will give you more freedom and flexibility to develop your first FUT formation.

A wrong choice here could well slow down your progress on FUT. Conversely, a good choice will allow you to start your season on FUT well and to better enjoy FIFA 21.

Content of the first packs: what to keep and sell quickly

So the main starter packs will be tied to the chosen nation and give you a lot of different cards. You will therefore have to choose and sort your cards in order to see your options for earning credits (see the following chapters).

Some tips :

  • Don't throw away any cards, even the ones you can't trade
  • At the start, keep your cards to make the first available DCEs (see below)
  • As soon as the first DCEs are completed, sell your unusable player cards from major leagues and nations (including England, Germany and Brazil)
  • If you have a lot of luck and get a great card in the first few days (86+), wait a good week for prices to start rising to sell it. On the first day, no one will have money to buy it from you
  • You can always use FutBin's database to compare prices

Overall, depending on the quality of the cards, you will have a few techniques to remember. Indeed, the Bronze cards are selling very well, put them on sale as soon as you can. Do not hesitate to consult the following paragraphs to find out how to earn FUT coins on FIFA 21.

How to identify a good card at the start of FIFA 21?

Identifying a good map and what makes a map Meta will be the subject of another article on our site, but we'll cover the basics here. Overall, a Gold card will increase in value if it is playable. So, players usually favor stats like speed and physics to quickly determine if the card is usable in game or not.

Therefore, here are some examples of value to identify to know if a Gold player can be used in game in a starter team.

  • For a Scorer (BU): speed (overall), shooting, physique and to a lesser extent dribbling
  • For a Central Defender (CD): speed, defense and physicality

Thus, an attacker at 77 but who has a good level of speed (86+), a shooting value greater than 80 and a physique of 75 or + will be more interesting (and therefore expensive at the start of the game) than a another attacker with better passing, defending and dribbling skills but weaker on the three values ​​listed above.

FIFA 21 how to start well on FUT
Mendy was a monster on FIFA 20 despite his 80 rating.

Sometimes, some cards with 80 overall rating can see their price soar if the values ​​are placed optimally. Thus, Mendy's card remained for almost two months above 40 credits (source in English). Apart from his nationality and his club (France and Real Madrid) allowing the card to be easily linked on different FUT formations, the overall stats of the card made him an excellent player on FIFA 000. Moreover, with 20 in skill moves and 4 in low foot, the card is simply incredible at just 5 overall rating.

Therefore, several factors must be taken into account when assessing the value of a card:

  • The combination of its stats: favor values ​​according to the Meta of the game (especially speed)
  • Nationality and league: the more major nations and leagues you run, the higher the price will be
  • The number of stars in technical gestures and weak foot: although secondary at the beginning, these elements will make the cards particularly attractive in key positions, especially in attack

Complete the first Basic and Advanced DCEs

These DCEs (team building challenges) are present from the start on the FUT mode and will allow you to obtain credits as well as packs for cheap. The idea is to use your uninteresting cards to complete them at the lowest price. In addition, completing them will allow you to advance in your basic FIFA 21 objectives, again giving you access to additional packs.

Therefore, learn to do them at a lower cost, using as many non-exchangeable cards as possible, from minor leagues (apart from the major championships) and if possible, from fairly weak nations.

Basic DCEs really don't require any thought, as long as you use the less interesting cards in your stash. However, you will then need to complete the Advanced DCEs. The latter are already more complex, since they include more criteria to complete them.

However, avoid spending credits as much as possible to achieve them.. You will find solutions and example solutions on, allowing you to reproduce a cheap solution.

Also note that it is important to open the packs obtained, because you will quickly run out of cards if you plan to store packs from the first days of play.

You can find all the solutions to FIFA 21 DCEs on our article grouping all the Live Team Building Challenges.

Install the FUT App to earn coins

In addition to the possibility of playing on the transfer market (see the following paragraph), the FIFA App allows you to regularly win gifts. Indeed, EA will reward you if you log in every day. So make a habit of logging in at 19:00 p.m. every evening (before going to to discover the new DCE solution) to potentially get a gift.

But it's also an opportunity to discover the daily objectives, which again can bring bonuses and exp for the FUT Season. Some Daily Challenges can be as simple as buying a player, often earning you more than you spent on a Bronze card.

How to earn credits on trading in the early days

It will be necessary to spend a lot of time on the app or on the transfer market of the game in order to learn the value of the cards and seize the good opportunities. During the first few days, these techniques will take time and it is necessary to take your time. Also keep in mind that FIFA imposes a tax of 5% of the value of the card when sold. Pay attention to the prices so as not to lose money on resale. If you can get off to a good start on this aspect of FUT, your FIFA 21 season should really be off to a good start.

Here are our tips and strategies based on card quality:

Fullerenes bronze cards Rare can be quite expensive if they allow you to complete team building challenges. The technique will therefore be to get your hands on Bronze cards at 150-200 credits, useful for the first DCEs of the season. Buy these cards at the minimum price to resell them for around 350-500 credits.

Fullerenes Silver cards only have value if they come from big leagues/nations. However, you can keep these cards to make DCEs, especially the Big Posters. Thus, everything depends on whether you can get your hands on cheap cards (below 400 credits) that will be used by other players to complete challenges. Mainly favor the cards of the 5 major championships and the main nations (France, Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or even Argentina).

As regards the common gold cards, some have an interest if the values ​​are good. So if a full-back from a major league is fast, players are likely to seek him out for the first games of the season. Learn the value of these cards to snipe players at low cost to resell them for a little more. Be careful though, these probably the most risky technique.

As mentioned above, the cartes Or Rare and big cards should be saved for the early days of FIFA 21. Wait until prices start to rise nicely to put them on sale. Conversely, we do not recommend that you bet on high cards at the start. It is more interesting and less risky to bet 10 credits on 000 cards than 10 on one card.

Here are our main tips for getting off to a good start in the FUT mode of FIFA 21. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also keeping up with the news. and in-game TOTWs.

FIFA 21 how to start well on FUT
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FIFA 21 how to start well on FUT
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