FIFA 21 FUT Investment Tips

FIFA 21 FUT Investment Tips

Since earning credits on FUT is an obligation in order to have a good team, here we give you our investment advice for the week on FIFA 21. The idea is therefore to list you potential investments to make over the next few days in order to to buy cheap cards to resell them and thus make a profit. Note that this article will be updated every week to follow the evolution of the market but also the various DCEs and upcoming events on FIFA and its FUT mode.

Update : Updated from Monday, May 10.

General FUT Investment Tips

We will talk here about investment advice on movements to follow in order to earn credits on FUT.

When to sell? Sell ​​your cards between 16 and 20 p.m. on weekdays, you have in particular Thursday which is always a hot spot with the release of the DCE Big Posters. In addition, think of the Champions League matches to put on sale between 18 p.m. and 22 p.m., cards of the clubs playing that evening.

Tips for the week of May 10

For event-related investments, read the next chapter on Big Posters and UEFA.

Icon DCEs will continue to drop, favor investments on inexpensive high-level cards: Tony Kroos, Chiellini, Modric, 86-88+ players outside Meta (and outside the Premier League) but also Goalkeepers (again outside the Premier League ). Stocking up on cards like this is always important, especially mid-week since Icon DCEs now seem to drop on Fridays, along with Players of the Month.

Keep betting and store some TOTW 84+ cards for future DCEs. The TOTW cards will necessarily leave at a good price in connection with the release of important DCEs. You can already bet on 85+ Team of the Week cards linked to DCEs linked to Player of the Month in the Premier League, LaLiga and Bundesliga.

Regarding TOTW cards, it is important to identify missing areas in advance : if several weeks in a row, there are few or no 83 cards in Team of the Week, the old 83 should increase slightly. Conversely, if several weeks are filled with 83 cards usable in DCE, the set of 83 TOTW cards will drop.

It is interesting toinvesting on Meta icon charts, used regularly in player formations in Rivals and Fut Champ, before Thursday. Players usually sell their teams at the end of the weekend before buying back a team according to their rewards. Thus, the icon cards are used to create links in their formations after obtaining Gold, Elite and + rewards. Watch the prices of the cards over several days before determining which ones could recover in value on Thursday morning.

Investments in DCEs of the week

Investments around real events are profitable and the arrival of the Champions League should be the perfect opportunity to earn credits. So follow our tips for profitable investments to earn FUT Coins on FIFA 21.

Investing in the UEFA Champions League DCE

The Champions League matches are back, so the DCEs will be present on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on EA's choice.

  • No Champions League this week

Investing in DCE Big Posters

As usual, EA will offer the DCE Big Posters on Thursday. These DCEs are highly profitable and highly sought after.

  • Leipzig v Wolfsburg
  • Manchester United vs Arsenal
  • Roma vs. Lazio
  • Benfica v Sporting

Remember to put your cards on sale around 18 p.m. on Thursday evening, in order to be right on time when players are looking to complete these DCEs.

Like every year, the DCE Big Posters is one of the best ways to earn credits easily by predicting future posters. You can also consult our cheap solutions for the DCE Big Posters of the week.

Investments related to DCE Players of the month

The FIFA 21 Player of the Month POTM DCEs are excellent investment opportunities and a good source of income if you manage to anticipate the selections a little through our advice. The idea is therefore to be able to predict which player will be selected in order to buy cards that will be necessary to complete these future DCEs.

Investments in the Premier League

The Premier League is the king league on FUT. Thus, the DCEs around this competition are very popular and quite expensive. There is therefore always a way to earn credits by taking advantage of this monthly DCE.

As anticipated last week, Kelechi Iheanacho won the trophy in March. You can find our cheap DCE solution Premier League.

The favorites for the April player of the month award are:

Cards to watch:

One of the basics of HDM DCEs includes the nationality of the player as well as their club. That's why it's important to select cards based on favorites now.

As often here, favor players like Silva, alderweireld, Patrick, Jorginho, Bernardo Silva or even Jordan Henderson are good investments to make a week (at least) before the release of the card. Also note that a TOTW card like Chidwell is an excellent investment in this regard.

Investments in Ligue 1

For its part, Ligue 1 is a much less sought-after championship on FUT. However, the French championship is very interesting at the starter team level, a good card not too expensive could help a lot of players at the start of the season on FIFA 21.

Regarding the month of February, it was finally Kylian Mbappé who was elected player of the month.

Favorites for the month of April:

Few stars for the moment on the Ligue 1 side, we note the good months of attackers Hwang Ui Jo (Bordeaux), David (Lille) and Muani (Nantes) for the moment…

Cards to watch:

For Ligue 1 DCEs, goalkeeper cards like Navas can be interesting, just like Icardi which is generally cheap for an 85 card.

Investments for LaLiga

The Spanish championship seems to be increasingly shunned by FUT players, especially with the departure of some stars and the lack of content by EA for two or three editions. However, it is regular to see excellent HDM cards for LaLiga, making the Spanish league a good source of investment.

As announced here in the past weeks, it is Karim Benzema who won the title of player of the month for March in LaLiga.

Favorites for the month of April:

Cards to watch:

A good rule within LaLiga is to invest in a player like David Silva. The Spanish veteran is inexpensive and easily integrated into a DCE with an 84+ overall team rating. The various goalkeepers in the Spanish league are also interesting investment targets, especially the trio Oblak, Courteous et Have Stegen.

Investments in the Bundesliga

An in-between between the best championships and Ligue 1, the Bundesliga is a bit apart since the league has some great interesting teams on FUT. Thus, DCE POTMs have interest when they are around these players.

As expected, it was Jadon Sancho who won the Bundesliga player of the month award for February. You can find our solution to its DCE on our site.

The favorites for the player of the month award for March are:

Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich

The Polish star continues to dominate in the Bundesliga with seven goals in three games!!

Erling Haaland, Borussia Dortmund

Already a winner earlier in the year, Haaland had a very good month of March with four goals in three games.

Filip Kostic, Frankfurt

With a great March for the club, Kostic could be a prime underdog for the Bundesliga Player of the Month trophy. Also, his card would make him a perfect left-back to follow the Meta 3-5-2.

Cards to watch:

If we compare with the previous DCEs on FIFA 20, the cheapest solutions focused on cards outside the Bundesliga as the prices tend to explode on the day of the release.

Investments linked to our TOTW predictions

If the cards of the players selected in the Team of the week are often good sources of investment, it is also possible to earn credits via the TOTW. Indeed, there are several methods to speculate on the market.

So, the easiest and regular way is to bet on the normal Gold cards of the current TOTW players. These are not present in the packs during the week, limiting the quantity of cards. If a player is looking to use these cards for DCEs or for their team, the prices can spike a lot. So buy the cards in anticipation of this rise, speculating on TOTW's predictions.

In addition, another method is to analyze future good TOTW cards and thus speculate on the cards related to them. For example, if Haaland receives a Team of the Week card, it's likely players will be looking to incorporate him into their FUT roster. Thus, they will also seek to link this new card with other Bundesliga players, Dortmund players or even Norwegian players in order to create the best possible links. It is therefore possible to invest in cards allowing perfect links, just before the release of the new Team of the week.

Note that these two strategies require good anticipation of the market, but also finding the right timing. Often the cards to buy go up quickly, so you need to plan ahead who to buy. Also, this bull run won't last long, so it's necessary to play for a few days and quickly sell your cards.

You can find our TOTW player predictions every Monday on our FIFA 21 portal.

So much for our investment advice on FUT to earn coins on FIFA 21. This guide will be updated every Monday to give you ways to buy cheap players and resell them during the week or month, at a better price. . Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the DCE solutions as well as advice for investing, creating your starter team but also following the news and TOTWs of the game.

FIFA 21 FUT Investment Tips
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FIFA 21 FUT Investment Tips
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