FIFA 21 Best Midfielders For FUT

FIFA 21 Best Midfielders For FUT

Here we list the best backgrounds for FIFA 21 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is not to list the players with the best ratings but more to present you with the best cards at different price levels. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game, with in particular a lot of speed but also a good combo of physics and defense if possible.

Note that you can find our lists on the different positions as well as our lists according to price levels on our article containing all our guides on FIFA 21.

The best midfielders for FUT on FIFA 21

We will start our list with player cards with an overall rating of less than 80, ideal for starter teams. Then, the list will pass on players of high standing, generally the type of card that one wishes before after one or two months of play, in order to evolve on a formation with an 85-88 overall rating.

Note that the MG and MD modes have been listed in the group of attackers since the majority of them often evolve into 4-3-3 in attack.

Best midfielders below 80 overall rating

These cards will have a lot of value during the first weeks of FIFA 21 before necessarily decreasing over time. We are therefore here on cards that are not too expensive, ideal for beginners.

Sandro Tonali, MDC, Milan, Serie A

Info: 77 overall rating, one of the best cards for a starter team in Serie A, to play rather in MC to take advantage of its good speed and versatility.

Franck Kessie, MC, Milan, Serie A

Info: 77 overall rating, a bit the opposite of Tonali since it is better to play it in MDC to take advantage of its 87 in physics.

Matheus CunhaMOCHertha BerlinBundesliga

Info: 78 in overall rating, Cunha was a very nice surprise on FIFA 20 last year and his card could be very interesting thanks to very good offensive stats with 79 in speed and passing in addition to 83 in dribbling, all with 4 -4 in stars.

JP Gbamin, MDC, Everton, Premier League

Info: 78 overall rating for an excellent midfield card for a starter team with good speed (78) and fairly balanced stats.

Renato Sanchez, MC, Lille, Ligue 1

Info: 79 overall rating, Sanchez is an ideal prototype to start the season on FUT with all stats above 71, Mini Gullit gang!

Moussa Sissoko, MC, Tottenham, Premier League

Info: 79 overall rating, a monster in MDC on FIFA 20, Sissoko should once again be one of the best cards at this position when the game launches. Watch out for the prices though...

Morgan Sanson, MC, OM, Ligue 1

Info: 79 overall rating, again a nice starter team card with 72+ in each attribute although the speed is quite low (73) compared to the best options in Ligue 1.

Alexandr Golovin, MC, AS Monaco, Ligue 1

Info: 79 overall rating, a very good MC card to start a Ligue 1 team on FIFA 21 despite fairly weak defense and physical stats (67-68).

The best midfielders above 80 overall score

We list here the best Meta cards of the game on the five major championships only. The idea is to present truly Meta players, playable at high level on FUT. Be careful though, we avoid quoting all the cards and also those really high in overall score (nothing above 85).

The list is ordered in ascending order of overall player ratings.

Francis Coquelin, MC, Villarreal, LaLiga

Info: 80 overall rating, a very good starter due to good stats (especially defensive) but also French nationality which allows the card to be used very easily.

Christopher Nkunku, MC, Leipzig, Bundesliga

Info: 80 overall rating, Nkunku is one of the best midfielders in a starter team on FIFA 21 because of his stats but also his nationality, allowing him to be easily linked to several championships.

Nicolo Barella, MC, Inter, Serie A

Info: 80 overall rating, a card that goes a little unnoticed but which integrates very easily and cheaply into a starter team in MC.

Thomas Delaney, MDC, Dortmund, Bundesliga

Info: 81 overall rating, although less powerful than last year, Delaney's card remains a solid option in MDC despite a price that will surely be too high given its potential.

Houssem Aouar, MC, Lyon, Ligue 1

Info: 81 overall rating, Aouar is a somewhat technical card whose best stats are in passing and dribbling. Thus, it is not the prototype of the Meta FUT card but it remains interesting as a starter.

Konrad Laimer, MDC, Leipzig, Bundesliga

Info: 82 overall rating, a card similar to Zakaria, with a little more speed but a player who probably deserves to be switched to MC at the start of the season.

Marcos Llorente, MC, Atl Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 82 overall rating, Llorente is a great option in midfield, both attacking and defensive with 84 speed but also 78 defense and 82 physicality. A perfect card to start with.

Emre Can, MC, Dortmund, Bundesliga

Info: 82 overall rating, a good card for an MC, solid without being flashy, who should be in almost every Bundesliga starter if prices don't explode.

Allan, MC, Everton, Premier League

Info: 83 overall, the arrival of Allan changes the landscape of Premier League circles a lot, the latter being the ideal candidate for an MDC position in a starter team.

Denis Zakaria, MDC, Moenchengladbach, Bundesliga

Info: 83 overall rating, one of the very best “natural” MDCs in FIFA 21 with 83 speed, 81 defense and 85 physics.

Federico Valverde, MC, Real Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 83 in overall rating, one of the best midfield cards in FIFA 21 thanks to a range of excellent values ​​including 86 in speed, perfect in MC but playable in other positions.

Radja Nainggolan, MOC, Inter, Serie A

Info: 83 overall rating, a player well known to FUT players, the card is fantastic with 5 attributes at 80+ and decent speed for a card to pass in MDC.

Thomas Partay, MC, Atl Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 84 overall rating, Partay is still one of those MCs to place in MDC to get a great player capable of doing everything well at the start of FIFA 21.

Kai Havertz, MOC, Chelsea, Premier League

Info: 85 overall rating, a good attacking midfielder card with 84 in speed, 81 in shooting and 85 in dribbling for a player capable of also evolving in BU if necessary.

So much for our list of the best backgrounds and Meta cards for FIFA 21 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 21 Best Midfielders For FUT
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FIFA 21 Best Midfielders For FUT
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