FIFA 21 Best Defenders For FUT

FIFA 21 Best Defenders For FUT

Here we list the best defenders for FIFA 21 FUT mode. Be careful because the idea is not to list the players with the best ratings but more to present you with the best cards at different price levels. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game, with in particular a lot of speed but also a good combo of physics and defense if possible.

Note that you can find our lists on the different positions as well as our lists according to price levels on our article containing all our guides on FIFA 21.

The best defenders for FUT on FIFA 21

We will start our list with player cards with an overall rating of less than 80, ideal for starter teams. Then, the list will pass on players of high standing, generally the type of card that one wishes before after one or two months of play, in order to evolve on a formation with an 85-88 overall rating.

The best defenders below 80 overall rating

These cards will have a lot of value during the first weeks of FIFA 21 before necessarily decreasing over time. We are therefore here on cards that are not too expensive, ideal for beginners.

Clerc, DG, Levante, LaLiga

Info: 76 overall rating, 86 speed and good stats on the side for a card of this level, ideal for troubleshooting in a small team at the start.

DeAndre Yeldin, DD, Newcastle, Premier League

Info: 76 overall score, the card can be summed up overall by its 92 speed, but at this level of overall score, that's already a lot! Still prefer cards that are a little more balanced.

Bruno Peres, DD, Roma, Serie A

Info: 77 overall rating, 88 speed and a 70+ defense and physical combo for the Brazilian player card.

Masuaku, DG, West Ham, Premier league

Info: 77 overall rating for an excellent starter team card in the Premier League with good speed but a somewhat limited level of defense and physics (70-70).

Jeison Murillo, DC, Sampdoria, Serie A

Info: 77 overall rating, a very good starter card in Serie A via a combo of speed, defense and physicality (74-76-79).

Van Aanholt, DG, Crystal Palace, Premier League

Info: 77 overall rating, another highly coveted card at the launch of FIFA 21, Van Aanholt is the prototype GM for a starter team.

Abdou Diallo, DC, PSG, Ligue1

Info: 78 overall rating, again a solid card with five values ​​above 70

Kevin Malcuit, DD, Naples, Serie A

Info: 78 overall score, although not as good as last year, the Malcuit menu remains a solid choice for a starter team.

Hassane Kamara, DG, Nice, Ligue 1

Info: 77 overall rating, a pretty solid card although a lot of its value comes from its speed (88).

Christian Günter, DG, Fribourg, Bundesliga

Info: 78 overall rating, an excellent combo of speed and physics (84-82) for a very solid starter team card.

Tierney, DG, Arsenal, Premier League

Info: 78 overall rating, the Scottish player should be highly coveted in the first weeks of FIFA 21 thanks to his combo of speed (86), passing (72) dribbling (75), defense (72) and physicality (80) .

Jason Denayer, DC, Lyon, Ligue 1

Info: 79 overall rating, a good DC card for Ligue 1 with good speed (75) and an excellent defense and physical combo (79-80).

Junior Firpo, DG, FC Barcelona, ​​LaLiga

Info: 79 overall rating, a very complete map for a starter team that could become incredible with one or two TOTWs.

Dayot Upamecano, DC, Leipzig, Bundesliga

Info: 79 overall rating, a very Meta card, both via the attributes (77 speed, 79 def and 81 physics) and its nationality which allows it to be used easily as a starter.

Eric Bailly, DC, Manchester United, Premier League

Info: 79 overall score, a less complete menu than Nathan Aké but which will nevertheless be highly sought after during the first weeks of the season.

Youcef Atal, DD, Nice, Ligue 1

Info: 79 overall rating, 91 speed and all ratings above 70, what more could you ask for?

Nathan Aké, DC, Manchester City, Premier League

Info: 79 overall rating for one of the most sought-after DCs when FIFA 21 was released for starter teams… At least 70 values ​​on 5 attributes including 74 in speed and 81 in defence.

Jules Koundé, DC, Sevilla, LaLiga

Info: 79 overall rating, a good French DC card, with 77 speed and 81 defense for a very good starter card.

Ibrahima Konaté, DC, Leipzig, Bundesliga

Info: 78 overall score, one of the good French DCs in the German league, good values ​​with 80 in defense in particular.

Kevin Mbabu, DD, Wolfsburg, Bundesliga

Info: 79 overall rating, a combo of speed and physics incomparable at this level of card (89-81), the absolute card for a starter in the Bundesliga.

The best defenders above 80 overall rating

Listed here are the best FIFA 21 Meta defender cards across the five major leagues only. The idea is to present truly Meta players, playable at high level on FUT. Be careful though, we avoid quoting all the cards and also those really high in overall score (nothing above 86).

The list is ordered in ascending order of overall player ratings.

Theo Hernandez, DG, Milan, Serie A

Info: 80 overall rating, Theo's card is very strong for only 80 overall rating, including 92 speed and almost all attributes above 70... A future monster with one or two TOTW selections.

Eder Miliato, DC, Real Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 80 overall rating but an excellent combo of speed (78) defense (81) and physicality (81) for a very good card on a Brazilian player. Watch the prices!

Bellerin, DD, Arsenal, Premier League

Info: 80 in overall rating, Arsenal's DD is also a serious candidate for a starter team, notably with 87 in speed.

Lukas Klostermann, DC, Leipzig, Bundesliga

Info: 80 overall rating, an excellent card, very Meta, with 84 speed and 82 defense, which should make Klostermann one of the best DCs in FIFA at launch.

Juan Cuadrado, DD, Juventus, Serie A

Info: 81 overall rating, the best full-back card in Serie A at the moment, a good card but difficult to use outside of Italy…

Alphonso Davies, DG, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

Info: 81 overall rating, what about this card? 96 speed, 4-4 stars and pretty good values ​​that will make him a hot player all year round.

Davinson Sanchez, DC, Tottenham, Premier League

Info: 81 overall rating, a perfect combo of speed, defense and physics (74-82-81) for a very good starter team card.

Capa, DD, Athletic Club, LaLiga

Info: 81 overall score, an excellent card for a starter team, very complete with 88 in particular in physical form.

Lucas Hernandez, DC, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

Info: 82 overall rating, good speed with 77 and 5 attributes above 70 for a very solid and easy to use card.

Daconam, DC, Getafe, LaLiga

Info: 82 overall rating for a DC often underestimated by FUT players because it is difficult to link outside of LaLiga.

Reguilon, DG, Tottenham, Premier League

Info: 82 overall rating, a very good card due to good speed (85) and good ratings overall. Watch out for the price, which will skyrocket from the first day…

Ferland Mendy, DG, Real Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 83 overall rating, what about Mendy? This is one of the best defender maps in FIFA 21… Quite simply.

Alessio Romagnoli, DC, Milan, Serie A

Info: 83 overall rating, fairly decent speed but above all 85 defense which makes it a very good card fairly early in the game.

Diego Carlos, DC, Seville, LaLiga

Info: 83 overall rating for an incredible central defender card with 77 speed, 82 defense and 83 physicality. A must have especially as the Brazilian nationality makes the card very easy to use.

Joe Gomez, DC, Liverpool, Premier League

Info: 83 overall rating, the second best DC in the English league behind VVD, only his passing level somewhat limits his use at very high level.

Wan-Bissaka, DD, Manchester United, Premier League

Info: 83 overall rating, a very good card with 80+ on three attributes (speed, dribbling and defense) despite a two-star weak foot.

Kostas Manolas, DC, Naples, Serie A

Info: 83 overall rating, a very solid card at this level, with a combo of speed (82) and defense (85) almost incomparable for an 83 card.

Nelson Semedo, DD, Wolverhampton, Premier League

Info: 83 overall rating, an excellent card for Semedo with 92 speed although the level of dribbling would have been better affected in defense or physicality.

Navas, DD, Seville, LaLiga

Info: 84 overall rating, very good combo of speed, passing and defense (87-79-80) but very weak in physicality.

Matthijs de Ligt, DC, Juventus, Serie A

Info: 85 overall rating, decent speed (72) but 85 defense and 84 physics for a very solid high-level card.

Clement Lenglet, DC, FC Barcelona, ​​LaLiga

Info: 85 in overall rating, quite mobile with 74 in speed but above all 87 in defense for an easily usable card outside the Spanish league. The perfect bond with Varane.

Kyle Walker, DD, Manchester City, Premier League

Info: 85 overall rating, one of the best defender cards in FUT on FIFA 21 (and the best DD in the game) at the moment since EA decided to slaughter Trent-Arnold…

Raphaël Varane, DC, Real Madrid, LaLiga

Info: 86 overall rating, the best DC in the game before VVD, especially since it's easy to use with other French defenders... Ideal!

So much for our list of the best defenders and Meta cards for FIFA 21 FUT mode. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

FIFA 21 Best Defenders For FUT
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FIFA 21 Best Defenders For FUT
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