FIFA 20: LaLiga cheap OP team

FIFA 20: LaLiga cheap OP team

Looking to create an OP and cheap team with LaLiga players for the new FIFA 20 FUT mode? Do not search anymore !

Like every year, the Spanish league (LaLiga Santander) is one of the best endowed in terms of superstars. However, the Spanish championship also reserves many very interesting talents to start well on FUT. Indeed, although the prizes can often be significant, it is entirely possible to create a starter team with La Liga players.

Note that what we are looking for here is generally:

  • Players at less than 1500 credits (prices may fluctuate)
  • Good speed (especially on the wings)
  • The ability to bond with players from different leagues

Note that we opt here for a 4-4-2 to easily change players if you get new cards.

FIFA 20: LaLiga cheap OP team
Our OP and cheap team (starter team) LaLiga for FIFA 20.

The formation was created via Futbin's team editor.

Some info on our OP and cheap LaLiga team

Most cards above 80 in overall rating will exceed 1-2k credits, which is why we limit ourselves to an overall team rating of 79. Chemistry value is 97 without boost (coach, card or loyalty). ).

A few additional maps that might be of interest

In attack, Williams, Morales or Gameiro are arrows that should not cost too much. In the midfield position you can go for Kongdogbia, Muniain or Wass. In defense, Hermoso and Paulista (although surely a bit expensive at the start).

So much for our OP and cheap LaLiga team for FIFA 20 FUT mode. You can also check out our different formations for the other major European leagues (starter team and dream team) as well as our list of OP and not players expensive to get started on FIFA 20 FUT mode.  

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