EA unveils EA Sports FC, the replacement for FIFA

EA unveils EA Sports FC, the replacement for FIFA

After a small war between two football giants, Electronic Arts and FIFA failed to agree on a new partnership around the FIFA franchise. Thus, after nearly 3 decades of collaboration, the two entities have separated, placing EA in an unprecedented situation: its next football game will bear a name other than FIFA 24. Today, the studio officially unveiled (source in English ) the future name of his franchise: EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC, the replacement for FIFA 24

Without a partnership with FIFA, EA therefore had to change the name of its famous football game. The studio therefore opted for a rather generic name of EA Sports FC. This means that on the side of FIFA, the international organization will be able to offer a competing game, under the name of FIFA 24. But the latter will have nothing to do in terms of content and gameplay compared to EA Sports FC.

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Note that level rebranding, EA explained that the choice of a triangular logo was made to pay homage to the cursor located above the players when you play the game.

The name changes, but not the content

It must therefore be understood that EA Sports FC will be the direct replacement for FIFA 24 for EA: the FUT mode will still be there, as will the majority of the licenses currently present on FIFA 23. EA therefore lists the main international professional championships such as the Premier League, the Bundesliga or Ligue 1, but also major European competitions such as the Champions League.

So even without collaboration with FIFA, EA's next soccer game will feature players, clubs and major competitions. Better, EA Sports FC will offer even more partnerships than FIFA 23, especially in women's football.

A release date for EA Sports FC?

In this first presentation of its new game (and its rebranding) EA has made an appointment in July to dive directly into EA Sports FC. This means that the game will probably not be available at this time but rather that the studio wants to be able to present its new title in detail. Given the timing, a fairly classic release in September therefore seems more likely.

However, nothing has been announced regarding the platforms on which the game will be available. We are still counting on continuity here with next-gen (PS5, Xbox Series and PC) and current-gen (PS4 and Xbox One).

So much for the first information about EA Sports FC, the official name of the FIFA 23 replacement for EA. In the meantime, you can find all our guides and FIFA 23 news on our FIFA portal.

EA unveils EA Sports FC, the replacement for FIFA
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