EA Sports FC, the future name of FIFA 24

EA Sports FC, the future name of FIFA 24

If we have known for some time that the partnership between EA and FIFA would soon end, the American studio has officially announced the future name of its football game replacing FIFA 24: EA Sports FC. Thus, Electronic Arts wishes to be able to find there a revival in its franchise, leaving the framework imposed by FIFA, in order to give more options and content to players.

Up to date : February 28 update.

EA Sports FC, the future name of FIFA from July 2023

The rag had been burning for a few months between EA and FIFA, with the football federation asking for a lot more money to renew its contract with the studio. If one could think that EA was a bit of a prisoner of this situation, the American giant seems to have turned this showdown to its advantage.

Thus, EA announces loud and clear that the partnership was a brake on its creativity and the content it could offer to players. The developers even announce that the next titles will be more complete but also that they will invest more in the football community than before. A way of saying that the FIFA license was too expensive for their taste…

No more FIFA but still the licenses?

So this is the main point that many players and fans misunderstood in EA's first announcements: the loss of the FIFA license will not have an impact on the names of the players and clubs in game. These are linked to contracts made individually with leagues or even with clubs (which explains why eFootball has exclusivities in Serie A for example).

Thus, EA Sports FC will continue to offer the major leagues, with real players as well as real clubs. On the other hand, the game will not offer the 2026 World Cup (at least, officially) and potentially, the national selections could be lost.

FUT and Volta modes still in the game

In the same way, the main game modes (including FIFA Ultimate Team, FUT) will always be present. While the FUT mode will certainly change its name, its content and essence will remain intact. On the other hand, the loss of the FIFA license should allow EA to sign partnerships with other brands, in order to offer Adidas Numbersup style promo events on a more regular basis.

As a reminder, if EA's future FIFA games will bear the name EA Sports FC following the end of the partnership between FIFA and the American studio, the next game will be FIFA 23. While waiting for the release of the new football game from EA, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on w88s.vip.

EA Sports FC, the future name of FIFA 24
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