Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23

Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23

For once, due to the calendar, the World Cup will be present at the start of the season in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Here we reveal all the information, official and leaked (in preview) of this game mode as well as the different cards and rewards. Attention, we only cover the FIFA Ultimate Team part related to the World Cup.

The World Cup trailer.

Update : Updated from Friday, December 16 at 14 p.m. Leak of the new team, Team of the Tournament. Official list of the World Cup Phenomena team is published!

How the World Cup 2022 event on FUT will work

  • The World Cup will be a FUT mode event, using your current squads and cards
  • Temporary cards will be available (they will disappear at the end of the CDM on January 4)
  • Special Icons and FUT Heroes versions will be present
  • Players who pre-ordered FIFA 23 or have an EA Play Pro subscription will receive a free Marvel FUT Heroes card
  • Exchange tokens will be present during the event (from November 11)
  • Players will benefit from a system of improving certain cards via objectives and potentially the results of Nations
  • Uniforms and accessories dedicated to the different nations will be available to personalize your club and your stadium
  • Start of the event on Wednesday November 9 at 19 p.m. on the game, special cards from Friday November 11 on FUT

Evolution of World Cup Path To Glory special cards on FUT

  • Qualification after group stage +1
  • Victory in the round of 1 +XNUMX
  • Quarter-final victory 5-star weak foot improvement
  • Victory in the semi-finals 5-star improvement of skill moves
  • Victory in the final +1 and 3 new traits (characteristics)

FUT Rewards via FIFA World Cup Trading System

As leaked almost two months ago, the World Cup event will also include a token exchange system during and after the competition. Thus during the competition, you will be able to accumulate tokens via in-game objectives as well as DCE.

How the FUT FIFA World Cup Trading System Works

  • The exchange event starts on November 11
  • 50 Tokens to collect + several in store
  • Tokens in objectives and DCE + 2 in the shop
  • These tokens disappear at the end of the event
  • Rewards are listed below

List of World Cup tokens:

  • 1: A Token at login on FIFA 23 (before January 4)
  • 2: A Token at level 5 of Season Progression
  • 3: A Token at level 18 of Season Progression
  • 4: A Token via the FIFA World Cup 1 Exchanges objective
  • 5: A Token via the FIFA World Cup 1 Exchanges objective
  • 6: A Token via the FIFA World Cup 1 Exchanges objective
  • 14: Eight Tokens via FIFA World Cup Week 1 Exchanges objective
  • 18: Four Tokens via Swap Objective FIFA World Cup Week 2
  • 26: Eight Tokens via FIFA World Cup Week 2 Exchanges objective
  • 30: Four Tokens via Swap Objective FIFA World Cup Week 3
  • 31: A Token in the Boutique Pack
  • 32: A Token in the Boutique Pack
  • 40: Eight Tokens via FIFA World Cup Week 2 Exchanges objective
  • 44: Four Tokens via Swap Objective FIFA World Cup Week 4
  • 52: Eight Tokens via FIFA World Cup Week 2 Exchanges objective
  • 53: A Token in the Boutique Pack
  • 54: A Token in the Boutique Pack

List of World Cup token exchange rewards

  • An 82+ x20 Pack for 3 Tokens
  • An 84+ x20 Pack for 10 Tokens
  • Three Packs 84+ x20 for 20 Tokens
  • One Player Choice 1 of 5 Path to Glory for 20 Tokens
  • One Player Pick 1 of 4 FUT World Cup Heroes for 25 Tokens
  • One Player Choice 1 of 3 World Cup Icon for 35 Tokens
  • Kramaric, Hoffenheim for 5 Tokens
  • Guardado, Betis Seville against 5 Tokens
  • Kostic, Juventus for 6 Tokens
  • Christensen, FC Barcelona against 8 Tokens
  • Correa, Inter Milan against 8 Tokens
  • Pereira, PSG for 8 Tokens
  • Aké, Man City against 8 Tokens
  • Brandt, Borussia against 8 Tokens
  • Morata, Atlético Madrid against 8 Jetons
  • Mount, Chelsea for 10 Tokens
  • Fabinho, Liverpool against 15 Tokens
  • Hazard, Real Madrid for 15 Tokens
  • Coman, Bayern Munich for 15 Tokens
  • Cafu World Cup Icon for 30 Tokens
  • Vieira World Cup Icon for 40 Tokens

We generally recommend taking 84+ x20 packs with a view to completing DCEs as well as directly choosing players for Tokens. Player choice packs are generally not very good and getting a semi-fodder card for 20 or 25 chips is pretty bad compared to the potential of 60 84+ cards.

List of special cards for the World Cup

EA will offer several styles of special cards throughout the competition. First, Marvel FUT Heroes cards will replace certain FUT Heroes during the competition period (see list below). In addition, temporary cards will be usable by players but removed at the end of the competition. In addition, special versions, sometimes upgradable, will be available in packs every week. Finally, a few players should be available through DCE and objectives.

Official Team of the Tournament List, TOTT

29 days of competition have led to this moment. 🌍🏆

Meet the FIFA World Cup Team on #FIFA23! It celebrates the best players and performances that we won't forget!

The entire squad is available on #FUT now!

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) December 16, 2022

List of World Cup Phenomena cards

Prodigies grown up 💫🏟️

FIFA World Cup Phenomena are former Future Stars players who have taken to the world's biggest stage in record time. 💪

Learn more:

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) December 9, 2022

List of World Cup Stories cards

This is your FIFA World Cup Stories team!
Available in packs for a week!

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) December 2, 2022

Liste des cartes Road to the World Cup

Start Black Friday in style!

The Road to the FIFA World Cups are available and reward players and their triumphs to qualify for the biggest stage in the world. 🌎🏟️

Learn more:

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) November 25, 2022

These cards are not upgradable.

List of Path to Glory Cards

Team 2 Path to Glory (cartes évolutives)

Every step taken on the field is a step forward for your Ultimate Team🌎⚽️🙌

Path to Glory Team 2 Team 2 is here: even more Dynamic Elements that level up as the FIFA World Cup progresses📈

More details 👉

— EA FIFA France (@EA_FIFA_France) November 18, 2022

Team 1 Path to glory (cartes évolutives)

Mini-release of Sunday November 13

  • Zakaria, Chelsea
  • Osorio, Toronto
  • Kim Min Jae, Naples
Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23

A mini-release will take place on Sunday evening and a team 2 on Friday November 18 at 19 p.m.

List of Marvel FUT Heroes Cards

These cards will temporarily replace the basic versions of FUT Heroes players in the packs (your Nakata FUT Heroes will still be in your club but it will no longer be possible to loot him in a pack). Please note, only new players are affected. Thus, Ginola or Di Natale will not have Marvel FUT Heroes versions, their card will still be available in the packs.

Our squad is assembled. Here are the full ratings for your #FIFA23 FUT Heroes 📈

Pre-order FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition by August 21 to get your FIFA World Cup #FUTHero:


Note that players who pre-ordered FIFA 23 before August 21 (or who have an EA Play Pro subscription) will have a free Marvel FUT Heroes card during the event.

Leaks on World Cup cards

We present here a list of leaked cards for the World Cup event. As usual, it is possible that some of the cards listed are linked to an objective or a DCE.

Leaks of the World Cup Special Cards

There will be several types of cards during this FUT World Cup event. Upgradable cards, cards via a trading system and special cards in packs. In addition to these cards, there will be Marvel FUT Heroes.

Team of the Tournament (TOTT)

  • Lionel Messi, PSG
  • Kylian Mbappe, PSG
  • Theo Hernandez, AC Milan
  • Guardiol, RB Leipzig
  • Dumfries, Inter
  • Bounou, Sevilla FC
  • Harry Kane, Spurs
  • He loved Fiorentina
  • Casemiro, Manchester United
  • Dalot, Man United
  • Mac Allister, Brighton
  • Cody Steel, PSV
  • Phil Foden, Man City
  • Warrior, Dortmund
  • Perisic, Spurs
  • Gavi, FC Barcelona
  • Thiago Silva, Chelsea
  • Pavard, Bayern Munich (via Goals)

World Cup Phenomena Cards (not upgradable)

  • Saka, Arsenal FC
  • Lisandro Martinez, Man United
  • Tielemans, Leicester
  • Mikkel Damsgaard, Brentford
  • Daniel James, Fulham
  • Lautaro Martinez, Inter Milan
  • Guendouzi, OM
  • Hakimi, PSG
  • Koundé, FC Barcelona
  • Pedri, FC Barcelona
  • Kubo, Royal Society
  • Rafael Leao, AC Milan
  • Frimpong, Leverkusen
  • Rayna, Dortmund
  • Camavinga, Real Madrid
  • Rodrygo, Real Madrid
  • Eder Militao, Real Madrid
  • Jude Bellingham, Borussia Dortmund
  • Hwang Hee Chan, Wolves (via DCE)
  • Gonzalo Ramos, Benfica (via DCE)
  • Jonathan David, LOSC (via Goals)

These cards land on Friday, December 9 at 19 p.m. in the packs.

World Cup Stories cards (not upgradable)

  • Marcus Rashford, Man United
  • Laporte, Man City
  • Asensio, Real Madrid
  • Leroy Sané, Bayern Munich
  • Virgil Van Dyke, Liverpool
  • Kevin de Bruyne, Man City (his name is in the database but no card type info)

Road to World Cup (cartes non évolutives)

  • Kylian Mbappe, PSG
  • Sadio Mane, Bayern
  • Marquinhos, PSG
  • Luis Suarez
  • Son, Tottenham

Path to Glory evolving cards (evolve with their nation's results):

Team 1 Path to glory

  • Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid
  • De Jong, Barcelona FC
  • Araujo, FC Barcelona
  • Bernardo Silva, Man City
  • Gnabry, Bayern Munich
  • Koulibaly, Chelsea
  • Griezmann, Atlético Madrid
  • Carvajal, Real Madrid
  • Kim Min Jae, Naples
  • Owned, Juventus
  • Delaney, Sevilla FC
  • Osorio, Toronto
  • Plata, Valladolid
  • oviendo, liberators
  • Zakaria, Chelsea
  • Berghuis, Ajax (via DCE)
  • Palinha, Fulham (via DCE)
  • Chupo-Moting, Bayern Munich (via Objectifs)

Team 2 Path to glory

  • Skull, RB Leipzig
  • Gomez, Sevilla FC
  • Goretzka, Bayern Munich
  • Reus, Dortmund
  • Bruno Guimares, Newcastle
  • Carrasco, Atletico Madrid
  • Walker, Man City
  • Pulisic, Chelsea
  • Lozano, Naples
  • Milinkovic-Savic, Lazio
  • Inaki Williams, Athletic Club (via DCE)

DCE Showdown pendant the WC

Showdown team building challenges will be present during the competition. As a reminder, these DCEs oppose two players participating in a match of the World Cup. The winner will get a +2 boost to their card, while a draw will give +1 to both cards.

  • Diallot RB Leipzig vs Klaassen Ajax
  • Carvalho Betis vs Gimmenez, Atlético Madrid

DCE Icône World Cup Moments

  • Robin Van Persie
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger

FUT Marvel/World cup heroes in addition to the official list

  • Robbie Keane, Premier League (via DCE)
  • Fernando Morientes, La Liga (via DCE)

World Cup Swap Cards (purchasable with Tokens):

  • Correa, Inter Milan
  • Guardado, Betis Seville
  • Brandt, Borussia
  • Morata, Atletico Madrid
  • Kramaric, Hoffenheim
  • Fabinho, Liverpool
  • Christensen, FC Barcelona
  • Kostic, Juventus
  • What, Man City
  • Mount, Chelsea
  • Hazard, Real Madrid
  • Pereira, PSG
  • Coman, Bayern Munich

How to win free World Cup Player Cards?

Via the World Cup prediction game, any participating player will receive three World Cup player cards for free. You don't need your predictions to be right, as long as you've filled out the entire table and logged in to validate it. These cards will be available during the World Cup period only and will be removed from the game on January 4.

How to do ?

  • Go to this page (official EA, in French)
  • Click on “connect and predict”
  • Be careful to log in with your credentials linked to your FIFA account
  • Complete all predictions
  • Validate your prediction

You should receive your three World Cup Player Cards from Friday, November 11 at 19 p.m. These cards will normally be evolutions of Gold cards, linked to players participating in the competition.

That's it for the details about the start date and the list of players for the World Cup event for the FIFA 23 FUT mode. You can find all the news and our FIFA 23 guides on

Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23
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Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23
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Date and list of players for the FUT World Cup event on FIFA 23
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