Daily activities to do in Genshin Impact

Daily activities to do in Genshin Impact

After completing the main adventure, there are still many things to do in the game. But once the Anemoculus and Geoculus are harvested and the quests completed, what remains to be done? Many daily activities are present in Genshin Impact. Often repetitive they are necessary to improve your weapons and characters. However, there are a number of them, sometimes making it difficult to know which one to favor.

1. Use the original Resin

Primordial Resin is a limited resource that recharges at the rate of one point every 8 minutes. It is necessary to obtain loot in different types of activities in Genshin Impact and therefore it is important to spend it quickly so as not to waste time on recharging. You can easily use it entirely twice a day.

To use it always favor dungeons or bosses holding resources for the elevation of your characters. The Wolf of the North and the Lair of Stormterror are also the first two things to do during the weekly reset. Then come the Hypostases, Trees and the Water Spirit in addition to the material dungeons. As soon as you no longer need this, it is the dungeons containing the artifact sets that must be completed.

2. Do the daily missions

It might seem like a no-brainer, but daily missions are really, really important to do. In addition to being a regular contribution in adventure experience, it allows you to advance the Battle Pass. These missions are awfully simple to do and earn quite a few rewards. They must absolutely be done as regularly as possible, even every day if possible.

3. Secondary bosses and the material farm

We always need materials, and nothing better for that than to go around the world to kill all the owners of rare materials. By opening the Adventurer's Codex (F1 on PC) tab Combats allows you to see all the bosses still alive. Aim for those who don't need resin to get their rewards and chase them away.

4. A relaxing world tour

Once all of these activities have been completed, or given up for the secondary bosses, you can turn to something more relaxing. Take a trip around the world to unearth the different ores and unique resources to regions. In addition to being needed for character leveling or weapon crafting, these resources return every 24 hours on average.

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Daily activities to do in Genshin Impact
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