Change of name for the FIFA game next year?

Change of name for the FIFA game next year?

According to several sources (in English), EA is seeking to change the name of its FIFA game as soon as the next opus FIFA 23. It must be said that the renegotiation of the contract with FIFA, the organization managing the majority of the events of football around the world, seems to be at a standstill, which would force the studio to change the name of its iconic game.

Why this change from EA? What impact for the franchise? We discuss all this in our article.

UpdateA: Updated from Wednesday 23 February. According to VGC (in English), EA employees received an email from the group's CEO who mentioned a desire to change the name of the FIFA franchise, considering that the governing body of professional football would harm the evolution of the game.

Name change for the next FIFA game?

Present since 1993, the name of FIFA represents more than that of the football organization, it is also the name of one of the most popular games on the planet. The franchise has been present since 1993, offering an annual opus that sells several million copies. However, the international organization seems to have decided to renegotiate the next contract upwards with a sum mentioned (source in English) of one billion dollars over 10 years for the name of the license.

This contract allows EA to use the name of the organization for its game but also to be able to use many elements of the license such as European competitions but also the World Cup.

Note that this contract has nothing to do with the names of players and teams. Thus, EA has already re-signed a contract with the organization owning the rights to the names and photos of professional football players.

EA Sports FC, the new name of FIFA 23?

This is the rumor in vogue for a few days since EA has registered the EA Sports FC brand via a specialist firm based in London. This new trademark could concern the future name of the game or simply a game mode in the next installment of the franchise.

A name change for FIFA would certainly be a shake-up, but it wouldn't be the only football game to opt for a change since PES became eFootball this summer.

What impact for EA?

As mentioned above, the negotiation seems difficult since FIFA would claim 1 billion dollars for a ten-year contract. This rather impressive sum puts into perspective the importance of the income generated by the game.

However, with a model of lootboxes questioned in many countries, EA must be careful and such a sum could harm the profitability of the franchise.

However, the name FIFA is absolutely iconic and now synonymous with the game of football, even for non-gamers. A name change for such a franchise is not taken lightly and it is obvious that EA means a lot to the FIFA name.

It therefore remains to be seen how the situation will evolve in this negotiation, but EA should not let go of the FIFA name so easily. To be continued !

EA could therefore be forced to make a name change for the next edition of its FIFA football game. In the meantime, you can find all the news and our FIFA 22 guides on

Change of name for the FIFA game next year?
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