Candace, info and release date on Genshin Impact

Candace, info and release date on Genshin Impact

While patch 3.1 is about to arrive with its summer festivities, the characters of the next version are revealed a little more. We go a little deeper into Sumeru, and this time leaning on the desert. It is towards the village of Aaru that the Traveler leans in Genshin Impact, leading him to meet Candace.

All about Candace in Genshin Impact

A descendant of King Deshret, Candace affirms her heritage with her odd eyes. The left, amber color, is the sign of this incredible lineage. But the girl is not the type to rely on this to do nothing, on the contrary. She is the protector of the village of Aaru, her native village, located in the heart of the desert. Yet she shows great indulgence when visitors unknowingly commit offenses.

As for those who knowingly do so, she does not hesitate to use her weapons. Equipped with a Hydro Divine Eye and a polearm, the young girl knows how to defend herself, especially with her shield. Her Liturgy: Heron Sanctuary allows him to wield it to rush his enemies. She can also use it to block her opponents' attacks. Finally, with the Liturgy: Tide of the wagtail, she hits in the zone and gives her group a divine blessing.

Banner and character release date

Candace is slated for Genshin Impact's next patch, version 3.1 which expands the Sumeru region. She is not a headliner, but will be present on the first banners of the update with increased chances of appearance. She will be present alongside Cyno and Venti.

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Candace, info and release date on Genshin Impact
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