Boutique des Astres vanished, the materials to favor

Boutique des Astres vanished, the materials to favor

The milestone event of Patch 1.1 is live on Genshin Impact, packed with missions and rewards. But the Vanished Stars also offer a unique shop consisting of weapon and character ascension materials. But faced with such a choice, how do you know which ones to prioritize in purchases? We help you by guiding you on the most profitable materials to recover.

Analyze and take your time

Before jumping directly into the bath of materials to buy, it is necessary to study what is on offer. There are (blue) elevation stone fragments, experience materials, and Mora for supernova energy. The fragments you have to take therefore depend on your characters. The Mora are a safe bet, more neutral, just like the materials of experience. And it's exactly the same on the side of the Astral Essence Shop. It all depends on your characters.

Vanished Stars Shop, Supernova Essence

This part of the shop is the first available, and includes the most basic materials. However, these are not the most interesting since the experience materials are there. THE Lessons from the hero are effectively the top priority in this shop since they become a rare resource at a certain stage. The same goes for Mora, making buying the 250 stacks of 10 Mora very important as well.

Regarding the gemstone fragments, the version highlighted is obtained too easily to justify spending such a sum. It should therefore be taken only when the stocks of Mora and Lessons from the hero are exhausted. Then come the Adventurer's Tips, then the 500 Mora, which pale in comparison.

Boutique des Astres vanished, the materials to favor

Vanished Astral Shop, Astral Essence

On the astral essence side, the choice is much less present. there crown of wisdom is an extremely rare material, exclusive to events. So it is necessary to save to buy it first. Only once the stock is exhausted can you start buying the Philosophies you need for your characters, then the Guides.

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Boutique des Astres vanished, the materials to favor
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