Best Meta FUT Players List, FIFA 23 Goalie Cards

Best Meta FUT Players List, FIFA 23 Goalie Cards

Discover here our detailed list of the best FUT players and Meta cards for FIFA 23 goalkeepers. The idea is therefore to give you all the information to make a choice in the construction of your team. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that special cards (TOTW, POTM etc) will be present here. The list also has honorable mentions, again ranked from best to worst. The only exception is Icon cards which will have their own list of best cards for FIFA 23.

Update : Updated from Tuesday, May 23 at 18 p.m. The arrival of TOTS La Liga cards has been taken into account.

Do not hesitate to ask us questions in the comments, about a player, about a special version of a card or to have an opinion in order to improve your team.

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List of best goalkeepers for FUT on FIFA 23

Here we list the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23 by league. Indeed, unlike the other positions, the goalkeeper cards are generally selected with the basic criterion, the championship, for a question of collective.

The goalkeeper position is a sensitive subject in FIFA, with player performances sometimes being a bit mystical. Thus, it is difficult to rate goalkeepers because for some card A will be amazing while for others the worst keeper in the game.

Our top 5 in all leagues

Note that we consider Van Der Sar TOTY Icone as the best goalkeeper in FIFA 23 currently, all budgets combined.

The best Premier League goalkeepers

Alisson TOTS, Liverpool

While we had kept his Gold card in our top 4 until the arrival of Ramsdale TOTS, Alisson is already back at the top with this TOTS. As often with goalkeepers, the feeling is quite personal but for us, there should be no doubt that he is one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23. However, be careful because the Brazilian player is a fairly neutral option (not too aggressive , nor too passive) on the game, a strength for some but a weakness for others.

Ederson FUT Ballers, Man City

While the Gold version of Ederson was already very popular even in March, the Brazilian goalkeeper now has a special version. This FUT Ballers seems to us a good extension of this Gold card, with always this aggressiveness in the outings. Thus, this strength is also sometimes a weakness, if your opponent manages to take advantage of these fast movements.

Aaron Ramsdale TOTS, Arsenal

Even though Arsenal are on course to finish second in the Premier League, Aaron Ramsdale would have had a great season. The English player is now a particularly Meta option that reminds us a bit of Meslier Future Stars in his style with great interventions close to the post.

David De Gea ALL, Man United

While we had quite appreciated its Gold version at the start of the season, EA did not seem determined to give us a special card from the Spanish goalkeeper. Yet sometimes heroic with Man United, we had to wait for the TOTS for him to get his first special version of FIFA 23. We're going to be very frank, either you like, under you hate Gea since he tends to be very passive on aerial play. If you move your goalkeeper, especially on crosses, no problem. Otherwise, move on.

Illan Meslier Futures Stars, Leeds

One of the rare players that we still sometimes come across in the Gold version in Rivals even very high in the division, Illan Meslier now has a special card. The French goalkeeper isn't the most consistent but when he's fit, he's undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23.

Honorable mentions : Jerzy Dudek Heroes Trophy Titans. Nick Pope Show, Newcastle. Emiliano Martinez TOTY MH, Aston Villa. Kaylor Navas TOTW, N Forrest. Jack Butland WW, Crystal Palace. Danny Ward Show, Leicester.

The best goalkeepers in La Liga

Thibaut Courtois TOTY, Real Madrid

Already placed as one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23, Courtois received a particularly deserved TOTY card in view of his season. Although still a bit slow for our taste compared to other Meta goalkeepers, the Belgian goalkeeper is illustrated by an ability to pull off some pretty incredible saves on shots at the opposite post. Regular and efficient, Courtois also has very good links through his club, Real Madrid having several TOTYs and a legion of special cards.

Ter Stegen TOTS, FC Barcelona

Excellent last year in his Adidas Numbers Up version, Ter Stegen was less consistent in his Gold version this year. Here in TOTS, it's a great option, a bit off-road, but doesn't compete with Courtois' TOTY. Thus, for his price, he is a very good goalkeeper who also stands out for his nation, allowing links with TOTS in the Bundesliga.

Yassine Bounou TOTT, Sevilla FC

One of Morocco's World Cup heroes, Bounou TOTT brings good connections to Sevilla FC players as well as a solution for anyone looking to create a 100% Moroccan team. Besides the links, he is very consistent in his outings, although Courtois is preferred overall.

Jan Oblak, Atlético Madrid

A card that we didn't like at all last year, Jan Oblak is now a very good option, among the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23. We must admit that we don't really explain this change but it brings more variety in player training.

Honorable mentions : David Soria TOTW 3, Getafe. Jeremias Ledesma TOTW 2, Cadiz. Geronimo Rulli TOTW, Villarreal.

The best goalkeepers in Serie A

Andre Onana FUT Birthday, Inter Milan

Already quite efficient in the Gold version, although a bit generic, André Onana FUT Birthday is now a Meta option for Serie A. In our tests and against Onana, we noticed very good efficiency on crossfire and movement side. If the nation will not bring much, the club makes it easy to link it outside of a full Italian league.

Mike Maignan TOTY MH, Milan AC

We're going to be frank, at the start of the season on FIFA 23, no Serie A goalkeeper had really convinced us. At the time, only Maignan seemed correct to us despite some irregularities in its performance. However, this Honorable Mentions card is a notch higher than its Gold version, thus making it possible to give a Meta goalkeeper to a French or Serie A formation. It must be said that his links are excellent with the French nation but above all, AC Milan which has many options (including a perfect link with Theo Hernandez) in terms of special cards. Note that his MOTM map is clearly close in terms of level in play, so it's a playable option here.

Wojciech Szczesny Centurions, Juventus

A card we didn't like at all last season, Szczesny seemed much more believable during our test this year. After a correct Gold version (but much less regular than Maignan) and a rather solid TOTW, this Centurions card is placed almost at the same level as the French porter. Thus, the debate will be mainly on a question of links, with French nationality and AC Milan of Maignan against the special cards of Juventus for the Polish porter.

Vanja Milinkovic-Savic WW, Turin

Honestly, we expected much better performance with 99 speed and such a large size. For once, Maignan remains the best option in Serie A even if VMC is practical for certain specific links.

Honorable mentions : Michele Di Gregorio TOTW 2, Monza. Emilio Audero TOTW, Sampdoria. Samir Handanovic, Inter Milan. Mattia Perin TOTW, Juventus.

The best goalkeepers in Ligue 1

Alban Lafont FUT Birthday, FC Nantes

One of the best goalkeepers in Ligue 1 last year on FIFA 22, Alban Lafont is really back in the Meta! After a very solid TOTW, the doorman of FC Nantes is now a great option via this FUT Birthday version. If the French cards are now very numerous, Lafont FUT Birthday is clearly a very good goalkeeper on FUT.

Gianluigi Donnarumma TOTW 2, PSG

We were very surprised by Donnarumma at the start of the season on FUT as his special cards (in particular his TOTY) were catastrophic at the end of the year on FIFA 22. The Italian goalkeeper is even better thanks to his second TOTW which we consider to be the one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23 thanks to a large size and very effective animations. Note that no significant difference was felt between the TOTW 1 and TOTW 2.

Keylor Navas, PSG

A card that has often been preferred to Donnarumma, Navas continues to be a solid option within Ligue 1. Less potential but more consistent perhaps than his team-mate at PSG, the veteran also benefits from good links at the club but not for the nation. He is now in the Premier League but you may have kept his Gold version from the start of the season.

Honorable mentions : Kasper Schmeichel TOTW 2, OGC Nice. Steve Mandanda TOTW, Rennes. Anthony Lopes Centurions, Lyons.

The best goalkeepers in the Bundesliga

Gregor Kobel TOTS, Borussia Dortmund

While we liked his second TOTW card of the season, Kobel finally got a TOTS. The Swiss goalkeeper is now the best option within the German league and one of the best goalkeepers in FIFA 23. It must be said that the latter combines a large size in addition to traits that make him quite aggressive in his decisions. However, we regret that it is not faster for better manual use.

Kevin Trapp TOTW 3, Frankfurt

The Bundesliga often comes with special cards around goalkeepers, with EA loving to reward goalkeepers in that league with TOTW. This year, Kevin Trapp has already benefited from three special versions after just three months of play. With good responsiveness and a very solid aerial game, he is in our opinion the best option for German and Bundesliga links.

Peter Gulacsi Centurions, RB Leipzig

Generally, Gulacsi is a very solid goalkeeper in FIFA. Here, this Centurions version obtained through objectives continues this tradition with a rather good card without being ultra Meta. If the links are correct via the club, the nation will not bring anything interesting.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich

So there we are on a bone… Manuel Neuer has been unplayable for us for two FIFA games now. Excellent on FIFA 21 (in Gold version), the latter has since become our pet peeve. It looks like a unique animation causes him to drop to one knee, limiting his effectiveness on mid-height balls. However, it could be effective for some and its links are excellent, but on our side it is a definite no.

Honorable mentions : Koen Casteels, Wolfsburg. Yann Sommer, Bayern Munich.

So much for our list of the best goalkeepers and Meta cards for the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our FIFA portal to discover all the solutions of the DCE as well as advice for investing, our opinion on the players but also to follow the news and game TOTWs.

Best Meta FUT Players List, FIFA 23 Goalie Cards
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Best Meta FUT Players List, FIFA 23 Goalie Cards
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Best Meta FUT Players List, FIFA 23 Goalie Cards
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