Best La Liga FUT Meta Team on FIFA 23

Best La Liga FUT Meta Team on FIFA 23

Find here our formation for the best Meta team for the La Liga championship on the FUT mode of FIFA 23. The idea is to offer you a formation made up only of the best players of the Spanish championship, while obtaining the best eleven possible. We will therefore only select Meta cards, the strongest according to the current patch and the most effective way to play to win.

Note that this training will be updated according to the patches and also the arrival of new cards. It is an ultimate training in the sense that we are not limited in credits.

Update : This team is current as of Wednesday, October 19. We will continue to update this article in the weeks and months to come.

Important : If you need help with your training, you can always put a comment with your questions, your needs and your request for advice. We will take the time to analyze your team to suggest several areas for improvement.

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The best Meta team in La Liga on FIFA 23

Note that the formation used here is only used to evoke more or less the role of each card in your team. Use your usual in-game tactics. This team is created via Futbin's team builder.

Our ultimate La Liga team.

In terms of styles:

  • Architect: Valverde, Mendy (or Anchor/Shadow)
  • Hunter: Forlan, Correa
  • Engine: Fekir (or Hunter)
  • Pillar: Mendy, Alaba, Navas
  • Ombre: Rudiger, De Jong, Kessié
  • Basic: Courteous

Possible replacements:

So the first element that is likely to shock concerns the attack. We opted for BUs that don't have Lengthy for several reasons: first of all, Lewandowski and Benzema are playable but honestly not always pleasant to play. Then, Correa and Forlan have much stronger offensive AI, allowing more versatility in your style of play. However, no problem to use Benzema or Lewandowski OTW if you prefer to have one or two pivots in front. In addition, Danjuma Flashback, Falcao Flashback, Morientes FUT Heroes (more like a MOC), Depay or Sorloth TOTW are playable in BU.

An alternative would be to play with Vinicius Jr and Raphina RTTK on the wings, to use them in MOC. It works smoothly but we prefer the versatility of our formation. Note that some cards like Lemar RTTK, Forlan FUT Heroes, Valverde TOTW, Correa TOTW, Danjuma Flashback or Dembélé can evolve on the wings for collective or game issues.

At the attacking midfield level, Fekir Rulebreakers (also playable in points if necessary) can be replaced by Thomas Lemar RTTK, Morientes FUT Heroes, Mostovoi FUT Heroes or even MCs who are quite good at passing like Modric TOTW or De Jong.

In terms of box-to-box and MDC MCs, La Liga is particularly well endowed. Thus, the choice will depend on your links but above all, on your training and your style of play. Modric TOTW, Llorente, De Jong, Lemar RTTK, Tchouaméni OTW, Mascherano FUT Heroes, Robertone Rulebreakers, Marquez FUT Heroes, Pedri TOTW and n Any version of Valverde will be playable at these positions.

Defensively speaking, the wings are quite weak outside of the two selected maps (Mendy and Navas). Note, however, a few options like Alex Telles Flashback and Capdevila FUT Heroes on the left. On the right side, Llorente is playable (although more of a box-to-box MC) as is De Marcos TOTW. On the other hand, in the position of central defender, the Spanish championship has many Meta options with Piqué Rulebreakers, Militao, Koundé and Araujo but also Mascherano FUT Heroes and Marquez FUT Heroes (playable in MDC as in DC).

Note that for goalkeepers, Courtois is one of the very best in FIFA 23 but Ter Stegen, Oblak and Ledesma TOTW are also viable.

Strengths and weaknesses of La Liga Meta level

For once, the strengths of the Spanish championship are mainly in the midfield and the DC position for the moment on FIFA 23. In addition, the presence of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona seems to ensure a regular supply of special cards. Finally, many DCEs have been released for La Liga since the game launched, a big plus compared to other leagues.

However, a few positions are still very weak outside our initial choice, making them very expensive. This is the case of Mendy but also of Fekir Rulebreakers. Also, FUT Heroes are not really interesting except for Forlan and Capdevila. Finally, the concentration of talent around two major clubs limits links outside of them (the case of Falcao Flashback for example).

Therefore, La Liga is a moderately premium league, particularly Meta but allowing to evolve there with a slightly smaller budget than in a Premier League formation. A good choice whatever your playing style and budget.

How to build good links?

Here you will probably need to focus on a few clubs and nations since the links are sometimes difficult outside of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Note that Capdevila FUT Heroes has a real interest here but he would take the place of Mendy, a much better DG.

Morality, if you plan to achieve a hybrid formation, focus on the Meta cards of the two big clubs.

So much for our best La Liga Meta team in the FUT mode of FIFA 23. Do not hesitate to consult our various guides as well as our solutions to DCE on our FIFA portal.

Best La Liga FUT Meta Team on FIFA 23
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Best La Liga FUT Meta Team on FIFA 23
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Best La Liga FUT Meta Team on FIFA 23
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