An exclusive trailer for Tenet in Fortnite

An exclusive trailer for Tenet in Fortnite

After the concerts during the month of April, it's time for Epic Games to go back to the cinema. Tonight, the night of May 21 to 22, an exclusive Tenet trailer is coming to Fortnite! Christopher Nolan's next film will therefore infiltrate the game, to unveil new images...

The new trailer has finally arrived, previewing on Fortnite, before being made available on YouTube. But another announcement has slipped in, one of the director's films will also be broadcast in full on the game during the summer… We don't know which one yet, but everyone can enjoy it for free!

How to watch the trailer in Fortnite?

As always, a dedicated game mode will allow players to participate in the event. No death, no weapon, just a moment of contemplation! From 2h00 (French time), and at each new hour, the trailer will be visible on the giant screen of Risky Reels. Tenet is the first film to be entitled to the broadcast of its trailer on Fortnite, Star Wars having revealed a few minutes of the scenario.

If the trailer is currently scheduled to air once an hour starting at 2:00 a.m., the end time has not yet been communicated. It therefore does not seem serious to miss the premieres, and wait for the morning to discover the images.

Tenet, what is it?

This is the title of the next feature film by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Interstellar…) scheduled to be released July 22 in Francee. This is the story of a secret agent on whom all hopes rest to avoid the Third World War. For this, he will have to travel in time, and face many adventures.

An exclusive trailer for Tenet in Fortnite
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