A Christopher Nolan film will air on Fortnite this summer

A Christopher Nolan film will air on Fortnite this summer

During the exclusive preview of a new trailer for Tenet, an amazing announcement was made. An iconic film from director Christopher Nolan will be streamed in its entirety on Fortnite in the summer ! If we do not yet know which film it is, there is no doubt that the event is not to be missed.

Just announced during the Tenet trailer premiere – Christopher Nolan is bringing one of his iconic films to @FortniteGame this summer for a full length free screening for fans! pic.twitter.com/ZzmqvhYlpW

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) May 22, 2020

Which Christopher Nolan movie will be shown?

The answer to this question is currently unknown, but it is possible to determine which are the most likely. When we think of an iconic film from Nolan's repertoire, we easily think of la trilogie The Dark Knight of the Batman. This also makes sense, since DC Comics and Epic Games have already established a partnership for this hero. But we must not forget that the director has another trick up his sleeve...

Released July 21, 2010, Inception will celebrate its 10th anniversary this summer 2020. So there is a chance that this film is the one chosen by Christopher Nolan to be broadcast on Fortnite. It is also a film that made an impression, in addition to being very personal for the author. Unfortunately, nothing allows us to ensure this for the moment, and we will have to wait to be sure.

For a few months already, Epic Games seems to be doing more and more cultural events on its flagship game. Between the promotion of Travis Scott's new album, or even Star Wars, the collaborations continue to multiply.

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